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01-16-2006, 07:21 PM
Hello everybody!

I've just returned from Vegas, such an awesome place!, me and my family visited the hotels, the casinos, the malls, the outlet centers, we had breakfast at Denny's, man that fruit fulfilled pancakes are awesome!, I visited four times the everything Coca-Cola store and I bought a lot of stuff there!, and of course, I drinked a lot of soda, here's the sodas I drinked in my visit:

Coca-Cola Classic
Coca-Cola Zero
Coca-Cola Black Cherry Vanilla
Diet Coke with Splenda
Dasani Strawberry
Nestea Raspberry
Sprite Aruba Jam
Pepsi Vanilla
Mountain Dew
Mountain Dew Code Red
Mello Yello

And I picked up some for home:
Coca-Cola Classic(5 bottles)
Diet Coke Splenda
Coca-Cola Zero (3 bottles)
Coca-Cola Black Cherry Vanilla (3 bottles)
Vanilla Coke
Mountain Dew
Mountain Dew Code Red
Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper
Nestea Cool

Some highlights in Vegas:

-Coca-Cola C2 is still available there, I saw it in the fountain bar and the vending machine of the Coke store and in some other stores.
-Pepsi One is still available in some stores
-Vanilla Coke is still available in some stores
-Fanta has the new splash bottles there (like the ones that wonkapete took a picture) but the new label has not been released yet...
-Cherry Coke haven't changed the label yet too...
-No Powerade Option there...
-No Nestea Ice there...
-And this one is sad... no Vault yet... :(

My opinion about:

-DC Splenda: Tastes funny when you start to drink it, but anyway, the taste is good.
-Coke Zero: tastes more like Coke and less like Diet Coke or Coca-Cola light, I like it!
-Coca-Cola BCV: I tried it and tastes good, although the cherry flavor is more noticeable than the vanilla flavor, it's a little bit creamy, that's why I picked up 3 for home.
-Nestea Raspberry: awesome flavor, I tried it in a Carl's Jr. and I liked so much that I refilled it 3 times!
-Sprite Aruba Jam: It was quite good, but to be honest Tropical and Berryclear were better.
-Mello Yello: I tried it in the fountain bar of the Coke store and was really good, Man! it reminded me so much the flavor of the mexican BEAT!

But most of all, me and my family enjoyed the great treatment of all the people who works in the restaurants and hotels from Vegas, such a nice people all of them, honestly... U.S. is the best place to visit!

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01-16-2006, 10:08 PM
Another thing... I haven't found Diet Coke vanilla and Diet Coke cherry anywhere...

01-17-2006, 12:05 PM
Oh, and I couldn't find Fresca in any of their versions in Vegas... the Coke bottler distributes Squirt there...

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the saint
01-17-2006, 12:42 PM
Welcome back. I almost missed your constant ramblings of coke :D

Mr Zabe
01-17-2006, 12:52 PM
Did you find any Coke products in Circus Circus?
I enjoyed reading your post about your soda pop finds. smile.gif

01-17-2006, 01:07 PM
Hi saint, Hi MrZ!, actually guys you were right, only Pepsi products in Circus Circus... and the sodas in the hotels are really expensive: $2.25!, I only bought a Mt. Dew Code Red in the store of the hotel... and tallflip was right, Vegas is Pepsi town: most of the hotels have only Pepsi in their stores, specially New York New York that has also retro neon signs of Pepsi, also the Fashion Show Mall had Pepsi and even they showed in big screens the "Spartacus" commercial... anyway, I bought a Mt. Dew there...

But like tallflip said, I've found a 7-11 near the hotel, a Walgreens like saint said, and also a CVS next to Monte Carlo, I've bought a lot of Coke there! But I have a doubt, sodas increased their price nationwide or they're expensive in Vegas only :confused: , because I remember that in Texas, sodas were around one buck and 1.25, and in Vegas sodas were around 1.50 and 2.25, the cheapest soda that I've bought there was a Coke in a vending machine outside Wal-Mart!

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Mr Zabe
01-17-2006, 01:20 PM
I would guess that most things sold on the strip would be more expensive. After all those stores probably pay more for rent as well the tourist market will bare the higher costs.

I bet a C note that the strip stores have less than 2% of sales from the local townies.

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01-17-2006, 01:28 PM
Ramon, I'm so glad you enjoyed your trip! It sounds like you got to try a lot of great sodas out there.

Sorry that there wasn't any Vault! I wish you would have had the opportunity to try it but it should be around the next time you visit ;)

01-17-2006, 02:00 PM
Thanks!... at least I tried Mello Yello in the fountain of the Coke store...GREAT TASTE :D

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