08-25-2006, 06:33 AM
Am just finishing a European holiday and wish to report the following

1. Saw several adds for coke zero in Germany and actually saw one service area on the autobahn that had a 500 ml bottle priced 0,20€ higher than diet coke...

2. In Italy, many of the diet oops coke light cans and bottles had the word nuovo on them which from my limited (very limited) knowledge of Italian means new...any word on changes to coke light in Italy?

3. Coke zero has proliferated all over London and was pretty authentic to me (which means it tasted like the US variety)...

DJ HawaiianShirt
08-25-2006, 07:47 AM
Now are we sure that European Coke Zero is the same formula and/or sweeteners that it is in the US?

08-25-2006, 12:35 PM
According to the Wikipedia entry on Coke Zero, the German and Spanish versions contain sodium cyclamate, a sweetener which is illegal to use in the USA. Based on my experience with cyclamate-sweetened drinks, I'm guessing that those versions are even better than the US version.

The UK and Australian versions seem to be largely identical to the US version, except that they use slightly different preservatives. The Canadian version appears to be completely identical.

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08-25-2006, 06:58 PM
I live in uk and Coke zero is selling real well.
I have a can of spanish coke zero, might open it to see if its the same as the UK.

08-27-2006, 07:02 AM
coke zero is a smashing success all over the world... except the US.

not that it isn't a hit here, but... coke doesn't seem to be pushing it as hard in the US as the rest of the world.

consider australia... in under a year, coke zero overtook diet coke to become the #1 diet soda in that region. amazing.