View Full Version : Mexican/Canadian Coke Syrup?

09-30-2004, 08:04 PM

My wife and I love the taste of the Coke with sugar. We ran out of our stash of Kosher Coke a few weeks ago, and are limping by on the expensive (but good) stock of Mexican Coke bottles that we can pick up at our local grocery stores.

We're such big fans of the taste of Mexican Coke (and to a lesser extent, Mexican Pepsi, Mexican Mountain Dew, etc.), that we'd consider purchasing a small soda fountain setup if we could figure out a way to import the syrup, either from Mexico or Canada.

Has anyone ever had any success in importing Coke or Pepsi syrup from Mexico or Canada? Does either country have the cardboard box with the rubberized bladder of syrup like we have in the US? (This to me would be the best method of import, as the metal canisters would be a big pain)