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06-15-2003, 04:29 PM
Well, I went on a little SURGE hunt to Chambersburg and Shippensburg (looking for fountains of course) and came up empty. Also failed to find Citra. But, for those interested, here's some more info:

Pibb Xtra was in both the Shippensburg K-Mart and Chambersburg Wal Mart. Both had fridge packs. Chambersburg also had 2 liters.

Mello Yello was available in the Shippensburg K-Mart vending machine outside the store, but not inside. Chambersburg Wal Mart had one lonely fridge pack left.

Orange & Strawberry Crush is available in 12oz. longnecks at the Chambersburg Wal Mart. At least, I think it was strawberry, it was a reddish color. I didn't get a chance to look too hard because they were stocking the shelves. I picked up a 6pack of orange bottles.

Everything Coke had in these two places were in fridge packs. Other than what I stated above, there was just the normal selection (Coke Classic, CF Classic, Barq's root beer, Fresca, Sprite, Sprite Remix, Vanilla Coke, Diet Coke, CF Diet Coke). Crush was the only DPSU product I hadn't seen in awhile, it was bottled by Motts. Pepsi looked standard, but I didn't look at their stuff too much.

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06-15-2003, 07:48 PM
Should have also been MM Valencia, Barq's Red Creme, Seagram's, Diet Seagram's, Cherry Coke, Diet Cherry Coke, MM Lemonade, MM Light Lemonade, and MM Pink Lemonade in Fridge Packs.

There are also 12 oz. Crush grape longnecks as well. They have these at Wal-Mart here, but now they are down to just the orange ones for 2.50 each.

Pepsi is standard there, they have the Pepsi 9 (Pepsi, CF Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, CF Diet Pepsi, Pepsi One, Pepsi Twist, Diet Pepsi Twist, Wild Cherry Pepsi, Pepsi Blue), Mountain Dew, and Sierra Mist. They also have Mug, Slice Orange, and Schweppes. It's PBG there. Do they have Mr. Green in that region? Here they can't, as PBG got Dr Pepper rights in the Cumberland area, but Hagerstown/Frederick/Chambersburg and the areas to the south are under DPSU control.

Coke is Central, figured all those products are available up there, as Central has all those in Fridge Packs out here in Cumberland, in addition to what you mentioned.

That bottling arrangement in Chambersburg and Shippensburg is the same for Hagerstown and Frederick as well. When you continue down I-81 into West Virginia, the only difference is Mountain Dew falls under the control of RC Winchester. I've seen Tahitian Treat down there as well in 20 oz. at the Martinsburg Super Wally. I've also found Hires in 20 oz. at the Winchester Super Wally, so they bottle about everything in Winchester I think. Down there Pepsi is near dead, and third-tier is almost #1 down there.

Central ditched Citra when MAC changed to Fridge Packs. We only ever had Citra in 12 packs, and 20 oz. but never in displays, only in the new style vending machines. Surge was in every size, and was phased out in 2000 or 2001 for Mello Yello. Every day it seems Mello Yello's presence dwindles, it's went from a primary product at its release here, to now being maybe 1 or 2 rows of fridge packs at the store.

06-16-2003, 09:38 AM
To be honest, I was mostly looking for SURGE/Citra so I didn't look as hard at the other products as I should have! Just noticed some of the stuff we don't have in my area. I did look for Barq's Red Creme but couldn't find anything.

Crush in glass bottles rules!

06-18-2003, 12:32 AM
You should have found the Red Creme.. Central buys their cans from Mid-Atlantic Canners..

Check the Food Lion in Shippensburg, they should have it there (not sure if it is chainwide, but a $1.99 12 pack ad is starting the 25th in the Food Lions in our area).

06-23-2003, 03:31 PM
Can't find Red Creme? Come out to Cumberland, Central has Fridge Packs everywhere, at least a dozen per grocery store.