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06-27-2003, 10:14 PM
I'll have more to add to this once I unpack the car and remember everything I bought.

I started in Delaware, then on to Maryland. I know these territories, so I didn't stop anywhere. Then I headed towards Pittsburgh.

I stopped at a Giant Eagle, and Pepsi owned the place. They had displays everywhere. I think this was Somerset PA. Anyway, Coke had Seagram's and Canada Dry.. weird. Also saw Pink Lemonade in 16.9 for the first time.

Then I hit Pittsburgh. Found Citra in 12 packs, with 2004 dates on them. Also saw the new NHRA powerade (I forgot the name). Was suprised to see 24oz 6 packs from Richmond had been trucked up to this area. Most of the other product was coming from Twinsburg.

Next it was on to Akron Ohio. I was really suprised to see belly-banded 12oz 12 packs of Pepsi PET products.. really weird looking package.

On a tip from the board, I stopped at West Point Market. Lots of longnecks.. Even some stuff from Danny smile.gif I also found longneck Vernor's (turns out it's produced by A&W in Everett WA.. code EV).

Then I headed for Jungle Jim's. That place is beyond description. I easily blew $60, and could have spent twice that. Lots of longnecks, and tons of imported stuff as well.

The Cincinnati is full of Mello Yello Cherry. . I had no problem finding it anywhere. No Melon or Afterglow, though. Coke has Schweppes, saw 1 liters coming from LX and ET(?).

G&J Pepsi in this area still has 7-Up, and they have these odd looking round-cornered cubes.

I loaded up on Ale-8-1 in Kentucky.. I even saw one of their trucks delivering.. Pretty cool.

Stopped at a Super Target in Knoxville TN, bought some apple soda..batch something or another.

Then it was on to Cleveland TN.. I drove past the production facility, that place is huge. Mello Yello is all over the place.. regular, diet, cherry, melon, afterglow.

in Marietta, I found that Coke still heavily pushes 6 pack cans. They're dead almost everywhere else you go, I was suprised to see so many of them there. Also saw 6 packs of PET fruitopia 12oz...

Then I headed up through the Carolinas, via I-85. I didn't make any of the stops Dr Pepperman made, since I was futher inland. I couldn't belive how much Sundrop I saw.. In Gastonia, Choice Beverages is a 3rd tier bottler.. They have their own brand of soda, plus they do Sundrop, cheerwine, etc. I saw a lot of 16oz 6 packs... Pepsi Bottling Ventures also had these 16oz 6 packs.. no 24oz anywhere. I was hoping to see some CCBCC 12oz PET Coke fridge packs.. but no go.

Some 3rd/4th tiers also produced 16.9 6 packs, like Crush, Cheerwine, 7up, a&w, etc.

I detoured slightly to go into Durham to survey the situation there. Durham is similar to Middlesboro.. They only run a bottle line. They make 2 liter, 16.9, 10oz glass.. cans come from CCBCC. Mello Yello 20oz had 89 cent caps on all flavors (reg, diet, cherry). I think Pepsi had nugrape in this area.. maybe sunkist, too.
Durham Coke has Pepper.. and Schweppes for their ale. So no ale in cans for them, since they buy their cans from CCBCC, who has Seagram's.

Next on to Richmond, which is the southern end of CCE Mid-Atlantic. Only saw 2 liter Northern Neck in one store, coming from Montross. I guess CCE gave up on producing it. I was really suprised to see that they were buying 12oz Dasani fridge packs from CCBCC.

Since I had failed to find any NN in cans, I had to go to the source.. to Montross. NN Coke buys their cans from Mid-Atlantic, so they've switched to fridge packs. NN also was redesigned, so the 12 packs are a deep green color. very sharp. They've also abandoned 16.9 6 packs for 24oz 6 packs, from Richmond.

That's about all I remember. I was happy to find Cherry RC, from All American bottling.. they also produce Diet RC. i also noticed that in a lot of areas where Coke had Schweppes, Pepsi had no ale. Pepsi Atlanta also still produced 7-up for some territories as well.

I'll post more when I have more energy and I can take an inventory of my new stash.

06-27-2003, 10:25 PM
Somerset/Cambria County Pepsi does own that area, ABC practically is as big as Coke. It appears CCE can't make up their minds on a ginger ale. In Indiana County, they have chosen Seagram's. In Cambria county and Somerset County, they have both and can't make up their mind. In the Altoona area, they've made it clear they're keeping Canada Dry. Pepsi owns that entire region, but Coke holds it own in Altoona/Blair County.

06-29-2003, 10:15 PM
Ok, a few additions. I also stopped by Shawn's place.. Very cool. I left a gift (a longneck Vernors!). I also found the Vernors when I hit Jungle Jim's.

I found products from a ton of different production facilities, so I'll have to compile a list and add it to the other thread.

I was suprised at how good Cherry Sundrop tastes. I bought a 16oz 6 pack, wish I had grabbed more.

Wink was also widely available in 2 liters around the Charlotte area. Gastonia Sundrop/Choice Beverages produces it as well.. and even makes 3 liter Sundrop! wow.

06-29-2003, 10:24 PM
Fusion, Sundrop is really strong in North Carolina
as you saw. Through consolidated Sundrop is produced in almost every package we have. It is also available in four flavors: regular, diet, cherry lemon and cf sundrop.

06-30-2003, 03:07 AM
When I see a name like Cherry Lemon Sun Drop, and knowing regular Sun Drop. My question is what does it taste like? I see cherry and I think Mountain Dew Code Red and Mello Yello Cherry, then Lemon, and I think like Cherry 7up. Or is it just totally original? I'd like to try some, but regular Sun Drop isn't easy to find. Winchester doesn't produce it, the very little I saw was bought from American Bottling. We get all our third-tier product from Winchester, except some comes from ABC like 1/2 liters, and the Diet Rite flavors in 2L. I think our Squirt and Diet Cherry 7Up come from ABC as well. We have rounded corner 12 packs in those 2, and the other ones are in square boxes now, and this just changed in the past week or two.

06-30-2003, 08:02 PM
It is a great drink. Very mild cherry taste. I drank one warm, so I'll have to chill one to give an accurate review. Maybe one of our other posters can give a accurate review.