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06-29-2003, 06:10 PM
I was in a couple of markets and supercenters in the eastern suburbs of Pittsburgh, so checked the soda scene there, and it appears Citra is gone. I didn't see any of it. However, I saw something I've never seen there before...Mello Yello. Also saw Fresca. More Seagram's than I've ever seen in my life...some in bolt bottles finally. Also the angle bottle has taken on a little style change itself, 3 little lines now separate the label from the rest of the bottle, saw this on Seagram's and Dr Pepper 1/2 liters. Here's some other interesting notes:

*Lots of Diet Vanilla Coke and Diet Cherry Coke, CCE pushes these more than Central.
*Mello Yello now appears in 12 packs.
*Billboards were around for 24 oz. bottles of Coke, didn't see a one, tons of 16.9 however.
*Fresca in 12 packs and 2 liters.
*heavy pushing of Sprite Remix
*large availability of Minute Maid Valencia Orange and Grape Medley
*Lots of Barq's Red Creme Soda, the package here is much more pink than what is sold in Central, which is actually red.
*Saw Diet Barq's, a non-Central carried product, but very little regular Barq's. Most stores were out of it.
*Lots of Dr Pepper. In displays, it's been positioned between Vanilla Coke and Sprite.
*Traces of Fanta Orange and Grape, only in 2 liters in the Uniontown Super Kmart, but fading, as both Minute Maid Orange and Grape are there taking over.
*Saw signs for Fridge Packs, but no Fridge Packs. It appears anyday now Eastern Great Lakes is making the switch.
*Saw 10 oz. glass of Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew from Pepsi, in the short fat little bottles.
*Saw Diet Schweppes, never seen it before, in 12 packs at a Giant Eagle
*Saw Diet Slice in 12 packs, here it's only in 2L.
*Saw Mug in 24 packs. Disgraceful. Schweppes was in them as well.
*Saw Mr. Green in 2L Sat. night at the Uniontown Super Kmart. When I returned Sunday morning, Mr. Green was gone, Schweppes taking its place. This sighting Sat. night was the only Mr. Green I saw.
*Saw Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi for the first time ever. Found it in 12 packs, 2L, even 24 oz.
*Hawaiian Punch still under Pepsi control here.
*RC and 7Up have apparently joined and are one and the same in Pittsburgh as they are everywhere else.
*Tahitian Treat found in 12 packs.
*Tons of A&W in all varieties, including Cream Soda in 12 packs, which are very hard to find back home.
*Also found Cherikee Red, Cotton Club 50/50 in 12 packs. The fringes of the Pittsburgh metro area were much easier to find Squirt in, I didn't see much when entering closer to Pittsburgh.
*Canada Dry and Vernor's both getting shelf space (more for Canada Dry however)
*Big Red only in 12 packs and 1/2 liter 6 packs.
*Sun Drop in 12 packs.

Saw some different stuff in Pittsburgh that I'm not used to, sadly it appears Citra may be on its way out, as I saw a good bit of Mello Yello. Ginger ale is a big business there, saw tons of all 3 major US brands. One question: Is it corporate Pepsi in Pittsburgh?

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06-29-2003, 09:00 PM
Yes, PBG is in control of Pittsburgh. I saw a press release where PBG was awarded pouring rights for the Pirates.

I spotted Citra at a Shop N Save on McKnight Road (going north away from the center of Pittsburgh) when I was up there last Saturday.

I was suprised at American Bottling's presence in this market as well.

06-30-2003, 02:01 AM
PBG has rights at PNC Park. Coke has them at Heinz Field and Mellon Arena. It's pretty even there between Coke and Pepsi I'd say. American's doing pretty well, considering on the fringes, they didn't have 7Up (Westmoreland/Fayette counties). I think 7Up and RC have been united now, they weren't before, because I remember finding some wacko stuff in Pittsburgh like the Cotton Club stuff, Nehi, Dad's and others, and all that stuff has vanished. Did you see Mello Yello? Greensburg and Uniontown had a lot of it around, and no Citra. Before this, I never saw Mello Yello in the Pittsburgh area.

06-30-2003, 10:45 AM
There goes my roadtrip :( I guess we can add one more area of the northeast where Mello Yello is introduced and doesn't sell.

06-30-2003, 11:42 PM
It still may be in Allegheny County...these are the adjacent counties to the east and south I was in. Hope it is....I've never had Citra, and would like to try it.

03-24-2004, 12:23 AM
we still have a bit of CITRA in mami