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02-12-2005, 01:31 AM
Sorry, but I have been in Belgium for the last two
weeks. I am glad so many of you responded.

I have heard of some co-packers mentioned but nothing about their ability to formulate and handle specific ingredients. I am not interested in Packaging. I am interested in the solubility of certain substances under normal bottling environments.

Our product would be a non caffiene; non Guarana
cross somewhere between Red Bull and Izze. More health than energy. More smart than speed.

We want to use certain neutraceuticals that may or may not be regulated by the FDA. Actually, they are certainly more Smart Drinks rather than basic speed oriented Energy Drinks and some of the
supplements are are borderline medicines (i.e. if you have ever heard of the term Orphan Drugs), which are non-regulated neutraceuticals often commonly used in Europe but are not regulated here in the States as drugs. Many can be bought at your loacal health food store.

We do not know if our ingredients would pass FDA
scrutiny, but they would be a totally new direction for this highly fragmented and quickly decreasing value beverage category which unbelievably is reaching maturity faster than anyone ever projected.

Coke and the likes of "Full Throttle" are completely focused on destroying the price point and Value of the Energy Drink Category and this year we expect to see a fall in the average unit selling price by 20% or greater. They are true market spoilers.

This is why newer, more defensible, products are
necessary. Coke will not dare touch neutraceuticals. Or anything in the fringe of supplements outside of Ginko, Ginseng and the usual suspects.

We are suggesting compounds that are not in anyone's formulary but are highly potent in effect and availalble as nutritional supplements in the Health and Wellness distribution channel.

We obviously have a lot more research to do. I need help so, I am going to repost this message on the general board, we are so far away from deciding on any packaging material, what we need is a legal and formulator knowledge with an understanding of the legal limits (re: Andro) and
GMP and a high level of secrecy.

I have found a few packaging suppliers willing to help but not any food scientists or legal professionals who monitor this board. We will need clearances of the substances we have identified as being able to blow away the typical caffiene, taurine, Ginseng blends.

None of these drinks currenly on the market have high enough concentration of any of the herbal extracts of the supplements to have any therepeutic value. It's a waste of time and money to put 50 mgs of ginseng extract in a 16 or 20 ounce drink. Your metabolisim would passs that level through before any adaptogenic propertied could be beneficisl. So faster acting substances are needed.

For example, Ginseng, om a daily basus, is only therepeutic is doses of 200 to 500 milligraams of standardized extract. Most Energy drinks have a average of 50 miligrams. No effect is possible at this level.

What Future Shock Beverage is all about is something you never thought of before. It will open your mind in a non-depleting, nourishing way.

Caffiene is not good for you and the FDA is currently considring establishing a Recommended Daility Allowance of Caffiene intake on a 24 hour basis. Our products contain no caffiene.

The limits the FDA is proposing is less than 1000 miligrams (ten cups of coffee) a day and a warning lable will be required for the heart sensitive.

In closing, Anybody with a Healthy Futristic mind-set is encouraged to reply. "Me-too's" are not in our category. We believe that daily limits will ultimately be placed on Caffiene and Guarana. It is time to find a "no-crash" alternative.

Think about it, The Future is almost here.....

Best Regards,

Karl Mueller

03-18-2005, 08:31 PM
Hey Karl:
As someone who's worked in a Vitamin Shoppe for the past couple years and as a food scientist, I couldn't agree more with what you said. I think with a few exceptions, however, that what you intend to do will be extremely difficult for two major reasons:

1) Most neutracuticals will contribute an off flavor at effective dosages. For instance, 500 mg of Ginseng will well... taste like 500 mg of Ginseng.

2) The cost of many of the "smart" neutracuticals will make these products difficult to market. For instance, will someone pay over $3 for a drink that has 500 mg of acetyl-l-carnitine in it when they can drop $2.00 and get Coke or Pepsi's energy drink of the minute? You'd have to properly time your product with some major neutracutical research or have a hell of a marketing campaign.

I'm working on my own energy drink (hence, Wikked Soda) along the same lines and have encountered the afore mentioned problems. If you'd like to schmooze on the subject, drop me a line at TheChumlies@hotmail.com. Best of luck to you!

- Owen Rehrauer