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07-28-2004, 05:13 PM
Here is why I can't do like sodasommelier
suggested and buy a truck container and start a store of my own out east. I'm a lover of soda sold in glass.I would be willing to manage a store in my area of this type however I'm in no shape to come up with 20000 to throw down on any business.I'm still in college and aside from a healthy ebay business and odd jobs I'm lucky my young family has what we need until I earn my degree. It's not that i'm a slacker either I cared for my sick mother full time til i was 21 and she died in 2000 at 51 years old.I'm 27 now and a late bloomer because of it. I would give 150 % to any store that started up here in my area and would be happy making the 700-800 per week any other convience store Mgr makes.But selling a product(Glass soda and other bev) I love and support would be a dream job to me.So yes someone please open the store in upstate ny who has this kind of capital.When you decide it's time to do that or if sodasommelier wants to and break down and open the store here in the valley with the overhead of a shop as cheap as it is here in the Mohawk valley and have it managed by someone else so he and the other owners can stay in the warm west message me for my contact information and lets do this!!!!! you know it can work here cause lets face it outside of marcy beverage outlet who only stocks in glass 8 ounce coke and sprite and walmart who gets crush there is NOTHING i'm sure out west these type of stores are a dine a dosen but it is dry here and im smart enough to see this but poor enough to do nothing about it.So this is for any of you who want to take a shot at the east come on down and open up.Stay a month and see it grow it's legs and teach me all you value about the business that you are doing out west.The upside to not having this type of store here is. I have no bad habits to break.Doing what you proved has worked would be what I would want to do here in ny since the long term staying power of this type of store would be the goal and you know what your customers want to see to keep them coming back again.Thanks the bottom line to where I stand about this issue and I truly hope some one west of here takes this as a challenge to really see if this concept can work here and I hear from one of the prople who has this going elsewhere saying lets do this.E-mail me whith feedback on this either way. StorminaBottle@yahoo.com

Soda Favorites Dot Com
07-29-2004, 10:24 PM
The age old soda question- Why?

Why dont our beloved beverages come in glass bottles that are easily accesible and affordable?

As the owner of Soda Favorites- I get emails every day for soda in glass bottles. (Shame not every soda is available in glass, no matter how hard you look)
I have been toying around with the idea of opening Soda Favorites as an actual retail store here in NJ.
I have discussed leasing options with the Historic Shoppes of Smithville & Village Green outside Atlantic City NJ. I am considering installing a huge bar and counter and sell old fashioned soda flaots to fit into the theme of the center as well as rare and regional sodas like I do now.

I envion row after row of glass bottles and rare sodas lining the shelves, mixed with licensed beverage merchandise, in front of the huge soda bar.

It benefits people by becoming a destination stop before heading to Atlantic City and saves a bundle on shipping.
It becomes a question- If I build it- Will you come?

Only time will tell

07-30-2004, 05:00 PM
Hey, how bout really doing the nostalgia thing and putting some nice 50's and 60's soda machines in instead of coolers. People could open the doors and pull themselves out a nice cold one.

Soda Favorites Dot Com
07-31-2004, 02:06 PM
Thats a really great idea.
Id like to follow this all the way through and really do it to the max!

08-01-2004, 12:35 AM
Soda favorites you have the right idea when you plan to continue to sell pepsi.Cheers.The problem you have is this.The other online shoppes offer $1.49 per bottle plus shipping which is a bit of money but a dollar and change you would pay in any store you walk in so that workable.Then i saw your price....then I added shipping then tax and oh boy! Total Purchases 3.99
Shipping 7.90
Tax 0.24
Total for Soda Favorites $12.13

we are talking about one 16.9 ounce bottle!?! thats a bit off the charts :confused: I know you need to make some money but I would end up talkin to myself it I paid 12.00 us for a single serve pepsi in 2004.To be honest I feel bad about it cause I on principle support your product line being avilable to the public.how can you compete once the rest of the online bev world is back on board? I must assume either you stock less then them and either pay there selling price to buy your product or damn close or you are really trying to make a killing quick.care to fill us in? Have a blessed day

Soda Favorites Dot Com
08-01-2004, 03:29 AM
Easy to explain- The shipping calculator is supposed to automatically calculate shipping but its adding $5 to the shiiping costs. I havent fixed the bug yet. Even if you ordered, it would have showed up on your credit bill $5 less than what the actual total stated because the cards get approved but we dont charge them until the product is shipped since we have to make adjustments if a product becomes out of stock.
As for $3.99 a bottle- I dont strive to be the cheapest, I strive to be the best!