View Full Version : Help finding the name of beverage - orange fruit punch.. jungle juice?!

04-27-2005, 07:29 PM
Hi there.. 2 years ago, i remember seeing a drink sold at 7-11's and various other gas stations around the US.. and i can't remember what the name of it was.. thought it was "Jungle Juice," but while looking on the net, i've found nothing..

It was a fairly cheap juice drink.. sold in a plastic bottle, orange cap.. had the apperance of a "bargin" beverage, but was sold everywhere.. it wasn't carbonated like a soda.. it was juice.. like a bad Hawaiian Punch ripoff, but flavored orange. i believe there was an illustration of tiger or a lion on the label, as well as a guy with a safari outfit, but i could be mistaken.. the drink itself was way too sweet, gave me an instant headache whenever i drank it, and was pretty cheap. I believe it came in other flavors too, like fruit punch.. it was definitly part of a kiddie juice line. the plastic bottle was sort of like the small Sunny Delight bottles.

anyway, i'd greatly appreciate it if anyone here can tell me what the name of this awful drink was.. i'm trying to get some for a filmschool project.. i originally thought it was called "Jungle Juice" or "Safari Punch" but have had no luck finding anything about it. like i said, it wasn't a soda, but it was sold at 7-11's and other gas station chains (around the Dallas area) thanks for the help!

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04-27-2005, 09:00 PM
Lots of times that stuff is 7-11 exclusive, through the McLane warehouse (their grocery distributor).

I think I remember seeing that stuff as well. Not that I was remotely interested in trying it!

04-28-2005, 08:32 AM
I believe I've gotten something similar to that for my daughters. Very small containers with pull spouts. I believe they were called bug juice or something to that affect. My girls loved em. I'll have to see if I see them around still.

04-28-2005, 07:08 PM
hmm, could be.. i'm not sure it was 7-11 exclusive, since I also spotted the mystery "Jungle Juice" at various Mobil & Texaco gas stations.. they could have the same distributioin, but i'm not quite sure.

heh, no.. it wasn't Bug Juice.. i know that stuff.. the bottle was shaped like a small Sunny Delight bottle, or a Schepps half pint milk bottle. i checked 10 different stores around the Dallas area yesterday, some of which used to stock it and found nothing. and no one knew what i was talking about, haha.. so i'm just assuming that it's been discontinued. which is probably better that way, since the juice was terrible!