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04-28-2005, 11:42 AM
Newbie to the board...hello all. Found this board while doing research on the energy drink market. While on spring break last month I was introduced to a new (i guess) energy drink mix called Energy Fizz...comes in a test tube and mixes mainly with water....but it worked well in my vodka. They had the Fizz Bus in Panama City handing out samples.....I loved the stuff. Got back to school and start looking around for it....couldn't find it anywhere.....so I thought about contacting the company to see about becoming a distributor....but can't find the company....anyone know of this drink or the company that makes it?



06-10-2005, 09:23 PM
any chance you are talking about ZipFizz its a energy drink mix comes in tudes and has a citrus tast? ifso www.zipfizz.com (http://www.zipfizz.com) and they do have an on-line store.

06-13-2005, 01:13 PM
I found Energy Fizz at http://www.energy-fizz.com Tried some a few weeks ago and it is good stuff. Not the greatest taste in the world but it is decent enough stuff.

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09-12-2005, 02:27 PM
Energy fizz can be found on-line also at www.getyourfizzon.com (http://www.getyourfizzon.com) and starting September 15th you can purchase it at Walmart's and some Sam's Clubs. I am an employee for the manufacturers of Energy Fizz and I can tell you it works! Great for hangovers, headaches, the Monday morning blahs, and on Saturdays when you just can't seem to get that housework done, or any type of sports needing some get up and go. Coming soon with new flavors too. My advice is to make sure and pour it in at least 16-20 ozs. of water and leave a little room "for the fizz". Enjoy!!!!!!!! I do.

08-18-2008, 03:10 PM
To order, go to my site I'm a distributor of energyfizz. It is great stuff.