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09-04-2003, 02:15 PM
Well recently I have been getting back into Mello Yello, and also finding myself with the opportunity to try the various flavors.

I can find Mello Yello rather easily in central IL when I visit my alma mater (U of I, Champaign), and also have found a store down there that stocks Mello Yello Cherry 12 packs.

And I ordered Afterglow via Pwclub.com (40 20oz bottles!)

Anyways, heres my quick takes:

Mello Yello - tasty as always, smoother, dryer taste than Mountain Dew.. very tasty, everyone should be able to enjoy this and know its flavor

Mello Yello Cherry - obvious competitor to Code Red, not as good IMO, but all together a different taste. I enjoy it and buy 12 packs of it regularly over Code Red just to have a different flavor/taste than the Code Red I've dranken so many times.

Mello Yello Afterglow - Am drinking my first 20oz bottle right now, and its got obvious peach/orange accents.. I really enjoy the drink so far, and will see what its like later when I drink one that is colder (Drinking this one over ice).. Is it something that many people would like? I dunno. I think the lack of clarification on the packaging "a natural flavor" and the unusual peach flavor might turn people away.. but will i enjoy my 40 bottles of the stuff, YES!

Still hoping to try Mello Yello Melon sometime, but havent gotten anyone to ship any out to me yet, nor find a place online that has it.

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