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07-19-2006, 10:18 AM
BevNet I have to ask you why there is 575 post for "Who else hates the Jones Company" but after 50 post of BevNet unfair! its locked and all has been said?

I posted it in the section of complaints but I guess you can complain about other companies 575 times but against BevNet about 50.

It is your site! :cool:

07-19-2006, 11:35 AM
Because your statement of "BevNET is unfair" is predicated on your gross misunderstanding of what the reviews cover.

It's time for you to just let it go...

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I tried to post a complaint once but it backfired on me too so good luck! ;)

07-20-2006, 02:27 PM
Below is the criteria that BevNet uses to critigue a beverage. Notice packaging is one such are as well as consumer/reviewer willing to make the purchase at the store.
I think that is where your review went downhill. I don't think many consumers want to buy a drink called SumPoosie.
You knew that you would have to face the music when you sent in your samples for review, the music you hear now is not what you like and now you are comnplaining about it.
I don't recall if you have or have not said exactly why you think BevNet is UNFAIR. I have noticed that you are mad as hell because they gave you review "NOT" based on your idea that it is made with pure cane sugar, comes in a 16oz can, the chicks love it, etc.

PACKAGING How does the packaging look? Originality and eye appeal are key.
AROMA How does it smell? Is it pleasant?
FLAVOR The most subjective, and critical, part of our review. How does it taste? Is it good or painful to drink?
FINISH What sort of taste does it leave in your mouth? Aftertaste can make all the difference. Especially key when using diet sweeteners.
INGREDIENTS May or may not be used. Depends on the type of product and country of origin. In general, excessive use of artificial ingredients / colors is a negative, but again, product type is key.
QUALITY Quality of overall product as judged by the reviewer.
UNIQUENESS Is this product an innovator or a "me-too" product? The more original, the better.
SWEETNESS How is the level of sweetness in this product? This category varies depending on the type of product.
THIRST QUENCHING Does this product quench our thirst? How we rate this category also depends on the type of product. For example, this is much more important for a sports beverage than an iced coffee.
LIKELIHOOD TO PURCHASE Would we drink this product if we had to pay for it? Would we pick this product from the cooler? This category summarizes packaging, taste, and SRP (if available).

07-20-2006, 04:40 PM
TTB - Let me make it simple. You can have the best tasting e-drink in the whole world...

BUT, a consumer has to get past the name and packaging BEFORE they ever have the opportunity to judge the taste. The name and packaging of SP will prevent many from wanting to try it...which BevNet pointed out in the last thread. Hence the 2 star rating.

Big deal...Red Bull got a horrible review on BevNet and they sell billions of cans every year. Get over it and go sell your drink.

The last thread went for 50 posts (all of us saying the same thing) before it was shut down...how many more will it take in this one?

BevNet - can we change the name of this thread from Interesting to UNBELIEVABLE?!? smile.gif

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07-20-2006, 10:15 PM
Greg you mention ...

Sweetness etc... etc... my point is in everyone one of those categories we are 5 stars! Few would argue that so my point was WHY only 2 stars.

The design on the can is sharp bright and clean to the eye.

My point was my BRAND NAME got me knocked all the way down to a 2 star rating because nothing else could have dropped such a great tasting drink.

All of this is my opinion and I felt it was necessary to share how I felt.

the saint
07-20-2006, 11:33 PM
enough already. go by some friggin kleenex and wipe your eyes and snotty nose. You got a bad review, deal with it. 2 tears in a bucket and oh mother f.......

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Mr Zabe
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Alright, let's just put this one to bed...