View Full Version : GoodHydration(tm) Places in International Water Tasting

02-28-2003, 02:53 PM

We just placed among the top five non-carbonated bottled waters in the world in Berkeley Springs, WV at the 2003 International Water Tasting [http://www.berkeleysprings.com/water/awards.htm]

This is exciting! And we are delusional enough to believe we have the most jazzy new Logo in the business!

Our product will soon be available nationally through the prestigious Bottled Water Boutique See www.BottleWaterWeb.com (http://www.BottleWaterWeb.com)

We are looking for Distributors, Buyers and Consumers Everywhere. We are based in the Baltimore, DC Annapolis, MD area.

Please visit our homepage and give us a shout.

See www.GoodHydration.com (http://www.GoodHydration.com) - the future of water(sm)