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08-23-2004, 07:03 PM

San Diego, California – American Longevity, a leading designer and marketer of dietary supplements announced the introduction of Vitale’ today. Vitale’ is an Italian word that means “Full of Life and Vigor”; this product is packed with antioxidants. Antioxidants are compounds which have been shown to quench free radicals in the body. Vitale’ combines more than 14 fruit and vegetable extracts to produce a product that tastes great and has the highest ORAC value of any functional juice product on the market! No other nutrients are added, Vitale’ is purely the whole goodness of a proprietary blend of fruit and vegetable extracts. The USDA recommends 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables per day, which the average American falls short of. Fruit and Vegetable juices can help bridge the gap.

ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity. The ORAC analysis, which utilizes Fluorescein as the fluorescent probe, provides a measure of the scavenging capacity of antioxidants against the peroxyl radical. The ORAC test was conducted by Brunswick Laboratories of Wareham, Massachusetts. See report: http://www.americanlongevity.net/press_release/brunswic_orac.php

Steve Wallach of American Longevity said, “Vitale’ not only promises value, it delivers it. Thanks to Brunswick Labs, the value is verifiable! Other functional juice products fail to measure up when compared to Vitale’. “Vitale’ was tested by Brunswick Labs and the results showed a total ORAC value of more than 60,000 and nearly 1,850 ORAC value per serving.”

American Longevity was established in San Diego, California in April of 1997 by Dr. Joel Wallach B.S., D.V.M., N.D., and Dr. Ma Lan M.D. and markets Dietary Supplements throughout the world.

American Longevity started shipping Vitale’ July 19, 2004.

The Functional Juice Market is estimated at more than 1 Billion dollars in sales annually.

ORAC1 per fl. oz. ORAC1 per liter

Vitale’2 1,800 60,809
Xango2 560 18,950
Tahitian Noni2 450 14,970
Sea Silver2 150 4,990

1 micromoles Trolox equivalent
2 test conducted on a single sample of unopened retail product.

Retail price:
$36.50/32 fl oz. bottle or $105.50/3 item pack

More info: http://www.americanlongevity.net/pdf/VITALE.pdf

American Longevity, Inc.
www.AmericanLongevity.net (http://www.AmericanLongevity.net)

Vitale’- Full of Life and Vigor!

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09-16-2004, 09:36 PM