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01-28-2005, 09:28 PM
just becaues its been slow on bevnet lately, figured I'd post my collection of cancelled RTD/Malternatives...

i enjoy collecting them as I enjoy them, so just to have for future drinking, as well as for the fun of it.. they are usually attractively packaged and they have been pumping them out by the tons, so there is always one coming out or being cancelled.

anyways here goes:

-Jack Daniels Hard Cola: I have MASSIVE amounts of this stuff, some 12oz bottles newer kind, and tons of the 24oz first-gen kind. All still tastes good, so thats good... probably have 4-5 cases of the 24oz bottles.

-Captain Morgan Gold: my favorite malt beverage and one of my favorite alcoholic drinks, I have 23 bottles of this currently. Unfortunately no packaging ({12pack box or 6 pack container), but its nice having 23 solo bottles none-the-less!

-Kahlua RTD 4 packs: I have some Black Russians that were cancelled, and then probably 5-6 four packs of Kahlua Rum-Cola, which sounded horrible, but I ended up trying it and absolutely loving it. The taste is slightly weird at first, but it really grows on you and its really some amazing stuff. Unfortunately cancelled, you can make a kahlua/rum/cola easily with seperate ingredients, but I really like their mix/formula here.

-Cruzan Mojito/Jumbie Brew: Was never able to find their 3rd flavor, but do have numerous 6 packs of these two flavors. The Mojito flavor is actually really good, the jumbie brew I dont much like.

-24oz cans of Smirnoff Ice/Smirnoff Ice Triple Black, long since cancelled in this size, cool item.

-SKYY SPORT: three 6packs of this stuff, I actually really enjoyed the flavor as I enjoy regular skyy sport too. unfortunately cancelled but have 3 six packs and 1 stray bottle.

thats it, i may have a few other things, but not much.. wish i coulda got some of the stolichnya citrona and the sauza diablo before it was taken off the shelves.., i actually had tried them back in the day but never did save any bottles :(

if you have any malternatives that are cancelled yourself post the collection here, maybe we can do some trading...

if you get any word on somethign being cancelled, please post it here.

(oops also forgot to add I have some jim beam/cola 6 packs but i dunno if thats cancelled nationally or just regionally here in chicago, and some of that seagram's smooth thats cancelled, as well as a sealed bacardi silver party back which isnt for sale anymore.)

01-29-2005, 11:20 AM
afaik, seagram smooth is still goin strong. have you ever heard of hooch or thin blue ice?

01-29-2005, 12:14 PM
Hooch Rocks especially the orange. Hooch Hard lemon is good, it was out before Mikes.

01-29-2005, 01:27 PM
in chicago here they clearanced out the cranberry and the citrus seagram's smooth for like $3-4 bucks a six pack everywhere, and then replaced it with those 3 new flavors that are like more tropical/mixed...