View Full Version : Leinie's Apple Spice

Dr. Galaga
10-28-2005, 09:07 PM
Anyone seen the new Apple Spice beer in the store yet?

10-29-2005, 10:03 AM
not yet - i thought it was supposed to come out in november

Dr. Galaga
10-29-2005, 04:43 PM
Oh, okay. I didn't see anything about when it is due out (or I just passed it up).

10-29-2005, 08:05 PM
leinie is much more seasonal with their seasonal line, whereas micros and sam adams tend to let their lines run into each other, the popularity of leinie's seasonals means waiting times in between seasons...such as the lull between oktoberfest and apple spice. can't wait for more regionalized distribution of big butt dopplebock in the spring.

11-03-2005, 10:47 PM
A guy who I work with (who is originally from the Chicago area) was lamenting to me the other day about the non-existance of Leinie's in this area. I found there is a distributor just south of Baltimore. Do these distributors outside of the core areas tend to carry the seasonal stuff? Or the regular stuff? or both?

11-04-2005, 07:03 AM
they'd probably just carry the regular, the red. leinie is a very regional product.

Dr. Galaga
11-04-2005, 08:21 PM
They say that 90% of their sales come from the states that border Wisconsin. I believe that Miller distributes for them.

11-05-2005, 08:47 AM
suppse to be in this friday - probably see it next week sometime

Dr. Galaga
12-01-2005, 09:20 PM
Found some.
Not quite sure what to think. There's the apple taste, but it isn't strong. I think it's one of those that I'll have to try a few times.

12-29-2005, 07:23 PM
i didn't like it - berryweiss is alot better - different beer all together though - i hope they start doing it year round

Dr. Galaga
12-30-2005, 12:52 PM
Tried a few more bottles - I like it less with each drink!

Berryweiss might be available all year round. More info here: http://www.leinie.com/berry_pop.htm

12-30-2005, 03:21 PM
yeah i know - i voted yes :D

Dr. Galaga
07-12-2006, 03:29 PM
I found out that Apple Spice is one of those drinks that has to age. I just had some yesterday (after 7 months storage) and it is not that bad. The Apple had a better taste now.