View Full Version : Is Bud Extra (B^E) cancelled?

03-02-2006, 03:30 AM
Cant find it, local liquor store told me it was cancelled and they were out/wouldnt be getting anymore..

any truth to this?!


03-02-2006, 06:56 AM

it ain't doin much for em. they rolled it out huge and it's a niche market. you can still find it all through michigan but none of the dates are any good. buy it up now. the next to go is tilt.

03-08-2006, 05:23 PM
well unfortunately i've been unable to find ANY b^e in chicagoland...

luckily I had a bit already in my collection, but i would have liked to got more before it was cancelled..

a shame.. i hear they are hoping to reformulate it and re-release it.. but i kinda doubt they will.

The Baz
10-10-2006, 07:41 PM
Bud Extra has not been cancelled please do not post false information!

I called A-B this past May 2006 and got confirmation that Bud Extra is still in production and "selling well." I'm not so sure if it's selling that well as it's hard to find but I still see it stocked in some grocery stores in California. Mostly the large "Sparks" like cans.

Keep supporting B^E!

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