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Ron Swedelson
03-24-2000, 08:37 PM
I have always woundered why for so long. Why does everyone talk down on Peter Van Stolk. Why does everyone talk down on Jones. Why does everyone talk down on Urban Juice and Sode. Now I know why. Cause they are all a bunch of Jack Asses. The distributor that I am with has built Jones up in the Greater San Francisco area. Were supported with no P.O.S. No rep to help get accounts. No nothing for the company. But yet we built Jones up in less than 2 years from nothing, to an almost cult item in many stores...We are flying through 2 trucks a month in the winter time...gearing up for 4 trucks a month in the summer. So what is our thanks for making the Jones name known in the Bay Area. We get it taken away from us. 7-UP will be taking over Jones in the No. Cali area. 7-Up will only be doing 6 flavors and will not be doing Whoop Ass. Jones for all I am concerned can go bankrupt tomarrow...SCREW JONES...SCREW PETER VAN STOLK...AND SCREW EDIE BLACK

03-25-2000, 08:49 AM
dude, why did they say they were taking it from you??? it doesnt make sense for them to do that, if you are telling the truth, or rather the whole story..ujs, and peter vanstolk are not stupid, and do not just pull the brand from capable distributors...i think you are withholding the other side of the story. a very similiar situation occured in a different state and ujs had every reason in the world to pull the brand from that distributor. just curious....

Ron Swedelson
03-25-2000, 02:43 PM
Hey Littleguy, there is no other story than we got screwed...We (millennium brands/bottoms up beverage) are Urbans #4 Jones distributor in the overall...We got the Soda into Cal Berkely, Chico, Cal State Hayward, Diablo Valley College, P.W. Supermarkets, Save-mart, Albertsons (and dont say Jones did anything to help us there, my boss Tom Deturk actually set everything up with no help from Jones) We are in numerous head shops, skate shops, Longs, Walgreens, 7-11's you name it, we are there...So what did we do wrong, I guess we sold to much with no support from jones, thats what we did wrong. Is Peter a genius, Yeah, he should be locked up in a room and just come up with ideas, but thats it. He had obviously shown he is not a business person. I always woundered why all the people on the bevnet talked **** about Jones and the company. Now I know why. They are back stabing, have no loyalty, and are only trying to please their stockholders before they sell out to Cadbery-schwebs. So once agin I will say. Screw Jones, Screw Peter Van Stolk, Screw Eddie Black, and you little guy. Screw You. Do I sound pissed. Yeah I am. Do I think Jones is an awsome selling Soda. Yeah, do I think there is really a replacement out there for Jones. No. But there are better selling brands. And that gap will just keep widening. JONES, GOOD JOB ON GOING WITH THE WORSE 7-UP DISTRIBUTOR IN THE US...WHOS AVERAGE SALESPERSONS' AGE IS 45, THEY ARE REALLY GOING TO GET BEHIND ALL 6 FLAVORS OF JONES THAT THEY WILL CARRY. AND SINCE THEY HAVE THUNDERBOLT, WHO NEEDS WHOOPASS...REALLY GOING DOWN THE RIGHT PATH NOW JONES...Here in northern cali...you can start putting your bottels right next to Tommy Knockers your **** is done here.

da truth
03-25-2000, 03:42 PM
Hey Ron,

Check out Cool Mountain....12 great flavs.

Taste better thanjones. Packaging not as good as jones.

I have sampled all 12.
www.coolmountain.com (http://www.coolmountain.com)

No I don't wotk for them. I don't play them games.

Ron Swedelson
03-25-2000, 05:33 PM
I dont know that Cool Mountain would fill in the gaps that Jones will leave us with...But I know one thing I would want from Danny Ginsberg...thats BAWLS...the gurana "Blue" Bawls...Danny, I know you have a statewide contract with the Florida company, so E-mail me with some terms and lets see if we cant do some business....and just so this all fits the topic...
SCREW JONES...SCREW PETER VAN STOLK...AND SCREW EDDIE BLACK...I dont know what I hate more...Peter Van Stolk, or his high pitched little girls voice...

peter van stolk
03-25-2000, 06:19 PM
I want to start by saying that I admire your passion, and respect your opinion. Where we differ is on the facts. Without all the facts, it's hard to have a intellegent conversations. The facts are that on March 24/00 at 3pm. Eddie Black and Myself, were having a conference call with the president of your company to resolve the problem. The spirtit of the conversation was to find a solution with a win-win result for both companies. We had a great conversation. Now if I am bull****ting you, I would suggest that you call him, you have his number. Being that I am a dumb ass high pitched stupid business person, my approach would be to get all the facts, and close the deal before you insult the person your negotiating with, but your approach makes so much more sense, insult the person so he is motivated to get your company the best deal, and work with you in the future.
Maybe I should be locked in a room so that I could spend more time having conversations with intelligent people like yourself in the beverage industry.
How you feeling, your stomach ok. Good The phone is about to ring. Please explain your business savvy to Alex, or Mike, I'm sure they want to learn all your other business moves.

03-25-2000, 08:20 PM
As a store owner, I've been getting Jones Soda from Millennium for about a year. I also deal with 7-Up Bottling, and cannot possibly understand why Jones would change from a good, upstart business that I'm satisfied with to a tired old company that calls me on the phone for orders. Ron is my salesman for Jones and that spot will be replaced with another of his items if/when he no longer sells Jones.

And for Mr. Van Stok, your slogan is "run with the little guy". Indeed, you have become very small.

03-26-2000, 03:17 PM
My name is David, I own 3 7-11 stores in the East Bay Area. Ron Swedelson is my sales rep. from Millennium Brands. He has always given me great service. In each of my stores I have a full shelf of Jones sodas, and in 2 of my stores I show a display area for the Jones. I don't know who that Peter guy is, but if he says hes the one in negotiations with Ron's company. Then I just want him to know. If anyone other than Ron is servicing my stores, I will not Jones Soda. Even though I get weekley orders from Ron on the Jones soda. I will replace Jones with another one of Ron's items.

03-26-2000, 08:30 PM
Alright everyone lets grow up.

Beverage Guru
03-28-2000, 01:32 AM
Hey Ron, I thought you were just talking up Jones Soda as recently as last week. This is what happens in the real world. Brands change hands all the time. Millenium Brands is and will always be a good brand builder, but your company is an inch thick and a mile wide. With Jones going to 7-Up it means a whole lot to the investors in Jones. They did the same thing up in Oregon and Washington last year. California is just a natural move. Next move is the sale. Sorry you're so disappointed, but this happens in the beverage business every day!

03-28-2000, 03:43 PM
Dude, you should calm down and explain what happened to your company in a clear manner. What EXACTLY led to jones pulling the brand from you?? Did you have a contract? Did you receive any compensation? Details please.

Ron Swedelson
03-29-2000, 12:31 AM
OK, I have had time to calm down...the story for everyone will be free of obcenities...Millennium Brands was started in April of 1998. I joined on as only the 2nd employee on June 15, 1998. Jones Soda was our only brand. We got it because R.J. Groux did a terable job with it, but to their credit, Jones was by far not an established brand. Same deal with M.E. Fox in Santa Clara County. I came from 7-11, no sales exsperience. Just a hard working 18 year old kid willing to learn. An awsome sales day was when I sold 12 cases of Jones in 1 day. Little by little we built jones up. We meaning me, Tom Deturk, and Greg Thompson. We later aquiered Red Devil, Penguin Peppermints, the x-drinks, Fruit Ole (biggest mistake) and many other brands. But Jones was our flag ship brand. It got us into Target, it got us into Savemart, it got us into PW Supermarkets, it was even getting us into Albertsons. Target was the only chain that Jones really even helped with. We were then bought out by Mapleton Investments, and went under the name Bottoms-Up Beverage. We then grew to 15 employes up here and 8 down in LA. We covered from Chico to Montery, and Modesto back to South San Francisco. We realized that was a lot of ground to cover, so we scaled back to the East Bay, the Pinisula, tri-counties area, and Santa Clara County. In the winter time, we were doing 2 trucks a month which is just over 2,500 cases. This month we were doing 3 trucks, and were gearing up for 5 trucks a month in the summer. Fast forward to the present...Jones sets up 7-up to recive their first shipments of Jones, 25,000 cases is the word...thats a damn lot, I dont see that happening, but oh well...Componsation, we are in talks right now, they said they will buy back the remaning inventory, but we are obviously seeking more than that. Who made Jones a cult item here in most of Northern California...Millennium Brands. We got it into the local head shops, the skate shops, the hang-outs, all the places most bev. distributors do not go, but it is where an item like Jones sells...How much help did we get, well...I can count on 1 hand how many time our Jones rep. Frank Swagert rode with my reps. to help out. That is over the whole 2 year span...So bacicaly, we turned Jones into an awsome item, 7-up, (who has the worse reputation right here in the bay area) rips it away from us...and well, because the kid who runs the LA operation wants up closed so he can get all the financing, our future is really in limbo, honestly, I think we will close doors...Why was I so vocal earlier in the week...few reason...I started the job as an 18 year old kid looking for a job...I am now 20, have the tittle of Area Manager...really no longer a kid in my thinking...Am highly regarded by many of the beverage people around the bay area, just because they know my dedication to the job and how hard I work...In the east bay I made people have a "Jones for a Jones" and now Im looking for a job because my current job is about to close shop...Its really like loosing your first love...Jones did so much for me and the business...It is still in my mind the most awsome beverage out there...but, well, from above, we all know I have a very differnt thinking for the company...

03-29-2000, 03:44 PM
Thanks Ron. You did'ny really explain a thing and your spelling is just TERABLE!
Good luck on the job hunt.

Beverage Guru
03-29-2000, 08:27 PM
Ron, sorry to hear about the demise of Millennium. It's not the first time this has happened to someone, but it is hard when your livelihood is on the line. I know a company looking for a representative to represent them in your area. Leave your e-mail address or phone number and I'll have them get in touch with you. Good luck.

P.S. It's not 7-Up!

03-30-2000, 01:46 AM
OK People. Can we kill this thread?!? Take heed of the following summary from ground zero, and learn a thing or two:

1) Ron, you're a hard working young man. You will get over Jones and apply your passion to greater things in life. Like spelling and sentence structure.

2) little guy - unfortunately this time, there was no other side to the story. Please stop your UJS damage control cheerleading - it's starting to reek. Shut up and read on.

3) UJS is an unorganized, desperate public company with one asset: Peter VS's creative mind. They have left many a small distributor in their wake on the road to a Hail Mary Cadbury-Schweppes buyout. A road littered with $300,000 mistakes, false starts, and close-out bins (i.e. rusting caps). They will ultimately implode upon their own hype and trade hatred.

4) Peter VS - You're a cool guy. Don't stoop to answering posts that bash you. Believe me there will be many, many more. Your best bet is to cash out this great idea that's now out of your control. Buy a ski resort in Edmonton. Full Circle.

5) Millennium Brands did not have a contract with UJS and (if their reps can cyber-behave) will be entitled to a cash settlement according to legal precedent (1 yr gross profit) in California (see: R Bull, 1997) - if they can afford counsel.

6) No distributor can rely on building minor brands like Jones to survive. Unless highly financed by industry-savvy individuals that can leverage big, profitable brands to add to the mix, a distributor like Millennium does not have the clout, infrastructure, or cash flow to stick around.

Ron, Bubbles, Danny, and 'little guy', let's all get along now. Ciao.

03-30-2000, 10:32 AM
What evidence do you have suggesting a C-S buy-out of UJS? You have most likely seen the commercial where the young guy spends all of his money on a stock tip...only to find out distinguished appearing tipster was a UFO abductee wacko..Nevertheless facts are interesting and speculation is dull...got facts?

03-30-2000, 07:09 PM

I'll wager you all the UJS stock you own or a dollar (whichever is more) that within 2 years they will either A) sell to C-S, or B) become scrap value. Are you part of the UJS Damage Control Cheerleading Squad as well? God help you.

Ron Swedelson
03-31-2000, 01:01 PM
To UJS, I mean to peter...I mean to Bubbles...how can you say I didnt exsplain a thing...I told the whole story how we started, what we did for jones, where it lead us to, and what the final outcome was...is my spelling bad, yeah it is, it has been bad since the 6th grade...but I'm not on here to try to become an English proffesor, Im on here to prove my point...Im on here just to tell it like it is...are some parts opinionated, yeah, are some critisising points about our LA operation, or some of the backlash at Jones opinionated, yeah...but come time of war, who do you tend to believe more, the spokes person who does a song and dance for you, an Urban Juice Cheerleader trying to keep a damage control...or the guy who is actually in the trenches...knows what goes on at the meetings, knows what goes on in the field, and using liniar reasoning, if anything falls bewteen what I know on the feild and meetings, it can be reasonably assumed...so for all of you who want to rip on my spelling, if thats what you like, then go read a dictionary...if your on here cause you want to know whats going on then great, you are using this site for its perpouse...and for the UJS Cheerleading squad, you are going to be the girls at nationals that just did everything wrong when it really counted, and people will just look upon all of you and just watch your tears flow...

03-31-2000, 06:20 PM
i'm simply seeking information OK? Would'nt a buy out bode well for a shareholder? The small distributors will take a hit for sure.
Any other slimy stories about Jones?

04-01-2000, 04:22 PM
jimbo....you really think you know it all huh pal???? well there is/was another side to the story you moron....ujs cheerleading squad???? come on, look at what the company has done in the last 2 years....you reek of disgruntled ex-employee....clue in dude...

Ron Swedelson
04-01-2000, 07:32 PM
Hey littleguy...I thoght you didnt know the other side of the story? I thought you woundered what it was? I thought you asked me to tell you the other side of the story? After leting you know what was going on, it proved there was no other side of the story...you claim there is, well fell free to say it instead of trying to be the lead cheerleader on the UJS Damage Control Squad...Jimbo actually seems to be one of the few people who is putting logic into their writings...you say he is full of it...prove it, say what you want to say littleguy to prove jimbo, me, or anyone else wrong. I have come at you with nothing but the facts and what have I gotten in return, just a bunch of "oh your wrong, oh theres another side to the story, oh you don't suck on a monkeys nipple like I can." I'm tiered or hearing your comeback remarks with no comebacks. Littleguy if you want to fell popular then please, be my guest and keep making post that say absolutly nothing, or make it seem like you know what the hell you are talking about and actually use some facts in your writings to prove people wrong. You say Jimbo reecks of something, sorry, I think the only thing that reeks is you cause I just used your meaningless comments to wipe my ass with...no get out of here untill you have some facts...

Ron Swedelson
04-04-2000, 07:08 PM
I'd just like to thank littleguy for keeping his mouth shut for the last few days. And while I am thanking people, I will also have to thank Jimbo for having some sence. I would like to thank Jones Soda for being so unorganized. And I would also like to thank the Red Bull Girls, with out them, where would our world be today?

04-04-2000, 10:16 PM
hey ron, you meatstick...if you had a clue who i was, you would see we have lots in common as we both dig jones soda..and feel very deeply having put tons of effort into grounding the brand..funny, i was sitting in the same room as a conversation about the situation in your area was taking place last week...so again, without saying anything specific for just any idiot (not to name names-you know who you are) to read, yes there is another side to the story....what would make this easier is if you would give the reason given to you for what is happening....you claim ujs just pulled the brand from you for no reason???? tell me why they pulled the brand...if they did indeed pull it completely from you....you make it sound as if ujs just all of a sudden just pulled it from you because of 7-up interest???? puhleze!!!!! all i can go by is my own experience w/ujs, and it hasbeen nothing but positive and been given the utmost support....so unless you provide a more concrete reason (besides "they just decided to f*** us" ) i cant comment any further....so lets mark the date today, and remember to look back a year from now when jones is kicking...oops i mean whoopin some big time ass and this ujs cheerleader is hookin it up phat!!!!!! ron, nothing personal dude, i feel for ya...even though you're a goon.....

04-04-2000, 10:38 PM
Hey littleguy, you meatstick... If you has a reference point I time out to be, you see we to have plumb Bob in common as we be excavation Jones Soda and feeling very deeply to have to set a ton of effort in to ground brand. Funny, I its sits in equal space as a discussion over the situation into your area its takes place lastly week. So again, without says for even any idiot (to designate name they does not know you its) all specifically to read, there its page to history. To be. What to form this simply to be if you will give reason to give at you for which its occurred. You requirement UJS even for the act completely of you. Dass. You it tone forms as if UJS even all of a sudden even pulled it from you because of the interest 7-up??? Pulled? Please!!!!! Everything, which I can pass, is my own experience with UJS, and they do not hasbeen anything however positive and the outermost support.

So given,


Ron Swedelson
04-05-2000, 04:28 AM
Once again, out comes little guy...talkin a lot, but with nothing to say. Hey little guy, yes it did just happen. On a Mon. night Eddie Black had a meeting with 7-up. Wed. we heard they were more than likely going with 7-up, Sunday night I talked to Peter Van Stolk who gave me back a little reasurence, and Monday morning the Rep. said no chance in hell will we be able to keep it. To me that sounds like it just got up and let. maybe to you thats not an all-of-a-sudden thing, but to me it is. I am the Sales Manager for Millennium Brands, and the companys #1 sales man. Do I know whats going on? Yes I do. Do I know 100% of whats going on. No, but thats only because the 95% of what I do know is only **** that matters. Im telling you what happened, but once again you like to come out and just to see your name on the board say "oh no there is another side to the story. You dont know what going on. You can't screw a goat like I can." I mean stop with the sencles talking and put some cold hard facts behind what you are saying. God knows I have, and have had no second thoughts about saying names. All I know is Jones is very luck I like the soda. 7-up is now not ready to take their first load untill almost the end of May. Just think what it would do to chains and stores if we just let Jones fall through. Very tempting, but, even though I think the company, well i shouldn't say the company because I dont know everyone. So with out pointing fingers, Peter for lieing to me and just talking to me just to get me to shut up. For Eddie Black, the man who is comming in trying to clean house only he doesnt have a dust pan to sweep his mess into, and to Frank, hey you have been nice to my face, but I've heard to many stories about ya being two-faced, oh and by the way, how is the realestate business? You all basicaly make me sick. But you do have an awsome soda, its just to bad that a bunch of accounts that sell an easy 35 cases a month, wont be able to get Jones anymore cause 7-Up doesnt deal with them. So hey more power to Jones for being able to get into all the chains, too bad it comes at the cost of the smaller independant markets. They want people to "run with the little guy" even though they won't. Well at least I can look forward to buying Jones at the Rainbow Grocery when 7-up finaly gets fed up with no support, no P.O.S. and just not being able to service thoes great accounts because well, 60 year old salesmen dont call on clubs and head shops. Littleguy, I told you who I am, but you know what, I dont care if you dont reveal who you are. There is an obvious reason why I used my name and not some alias. I want people to know who exacly this is comming from, not having to play guessing games. And to all of you who are saying, "how dumb is that, he will never get a respectable job in the beverage industry once they find out what he has done here." I DONT CARE. I have a great passion for what I do. I love dealing with my customers. But the beverage world is not my life. Once I quit my current job, thats it. Chances are I will not come back to the beverage industry. So littleguy, once again, come with the facts, or like you on your prom night, don't cum at all.

Ron Swedelson
04-05-2000, 04:34 AM
Oh, and hey little guy, as for your "Nothing but support" thing. Maybe they supported other distributors, but not us. We had to pay for any shirts, glide racks and decals that we wanted. Jones gave us some stickers for free, thats it. We got nothing from the company but empty promices. No help from the reps. nothing. But what can you exspect from a desperate company with a bunch of angry stockholders. UJS cheerleaders, start watching Golden State Warriors or even watch the LA Clippers, see how thoes cheerleaders deal with being on a loosing team and still show a smile. You might learn a thing or two.

04-05-2000, 03:09 PM
Who is as surprised as I am that Ron spelled "alias" correctly?

04-05-2000, 08:09 PM
yeah, but he said "promices", "thoes", and "exspect". i spell better than that and im 12.

04-06-2000, 05:29 AM
Dear Ron.

I have no idea who you are, I have no idea what this Jones Company is, and I have never heard of its Soda drink, in fact the only thing I have ever heard of is 7-Up. I am not involved in this industry and stumbled upon this Bevboard and am finding it quite interesting; particularly your argument about the Jones Company - whoever they are.

If I may I would like to make a comment form an outsiders point of view, which goes something like this:

Your passion for the job, and your dedication to your customers, (with whom I can only imagine you have built up strong personal relationships) is to be admired, and although it appears that your passion has slightly gotton the better of you I think you have nothing to fear with regards to being "unemployable" in the drinks industry, I only wish all my sales staff had your enthusiasm, fortunately I have a trade off with tact!

You obviously have an argument which you feel strongly about, and whether you are right or wrong, does not matter. I have no way of knowing what is right or wrong in this instance: but, what I do know is that the way you have made your point is not the best way, it's too late now but I think you should focus on some kind of personal damage control.

What you have to remember is that 'Business is Business' and in the world of reality no one ever runs with the little guy, The reason companies are in business is to make a profit, the reason companies are required to make a profit is because its owners (be it individuals or shareholders) want to become rich. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS and I am sure you would do the same thing. You also have to realise that the people who own this Soda drink or the Jones company have also - just like you - dedicated their lives to the drink industry - they are reaping their just rewards - I am sure that they never sold out on you because they don't like you - but more because it is part of their long term goal.

So you see this is just business. People get hurt in business - it is not personal. Therefore my advice to you is to accept it as a business decision - because that's all it is, then forget it, and focus on building another product, and I am sure that regardless of what is said and has been said, deep down, the people at Jones Company know that it is thanks to people like you that they are in a position to sell to 7-Up, although, secretly they probably know this, it will never ever be said. THAT’S BECAUSE BUSINESS IS NOT PERSONAL AND YOU REALLY NEED TO COME AWAY FROM THE PERSONAL ATTACKS - IT SERVES ONLY TO UNDERMINE YOUR ARGUMENTS AND THEREFORE ACHIEVES NOTHING.

Good luck

Ron Swedelson
04-06-2000, 12:21 PM
Who is surpried that, just like littleguy, bubbles had nothing to say. Gecko, I dont know who you are, and well I really dont care. Do I have a spell cheeck on here. No, and do I really care if everyword is spelled right no. Im not a good speller and so what. Can anyone of you hit a baseball as far as I can, or even throw as fast as I can. I highly doubt it, but Im not holding it against you, its just not a great treat that you have. Now what I would like to know is, why are you trying to attack my spelling. Do you think it will hinder my credibility. Are you trying to become the Bevboard Enlgish Teacher. Fact of the matter is, that everything I have stated in my posts are true, and no one has been able to go against me with anyfacts. So if your way of getting me back is to attack my spelling. Have at it, there are a lot of mispelled words in my writting. Just get in line, cause people have been knocking my spelling since the 6th grade. And Giles, again I dont know who you are,but you do bring up some good points. Now whether you actually do know about jones or no, I don't know. But you do make good points. Am I very employable? Yes, I have numerous suppliers trying to find out if I'd be intested in working with them. But, I do not plan to stay in the Beverage Industry. I came into this job as an 18 year old kid leaving 7-11 for a better job. It seems I will be leaving as a 20 year old man. I've learned so much in this job. Like the fact that 90% of the beverage people are just in it for the money. They are all whores, and well it makes me sick. I did this cause of the love I had for my brands, cause I had one of the best, down to earth, coolest bosses (Tom Deturk) and I got my friends hired on. It was a great exsperience. I rose to the ranks of Beer Manager and Sales Manager. Earned the respect of hundreds of accounts and many of the suppliers as well. Was I getting paid a decent amount? Well almost $35,000 a year. Not terable for a guy my age, but cause of the love for the job is why I worked 50+ hours a week. Its why I have pulled all nighters working 27 hours straight. Its why I did all these things and not get paid hourly for it. So bubbles, Gecko, Littleguy, anyone else who opposes what I say, but has no backing to put down what I say, Well then to quote a TV personality "If you ain't down with that, I got two words for you. SUCK IT."

04-06-2000, 02:07 PM
What passion you have!! I am with you regarding the methodology used by some companies and individuals in removing a brand from one distributor to give to another. It sounds to me that you are an achiever with many years ahead in which you will succeed. It appears that you have great entreprenuer spirit. I love it!
Just a couple of questions. Is Millenium going to make it without Jones ? I hope so !
There are a number of other brands,that if you concentrate your efforts and focus on that can do well. Maybe not as well as Jones at first,but remember Jones was nothing when you first recieved the brand.
Who is Cal Bev that TriArc is purchasing?
Maybe some of the brands at Cal Bev are interested in joining Millenium!
The beverage business can be very disturbing at times for those who have strong personal pride ! In addition at times we can become extremely enthused or passioned that we do not use common sense.
Do not allow Jones to do this to you.
You and Millenium have an opportunity in your hands,put a plan together quickly to achieve this opportunity and ---- Jones.
I am in what is probably the most competitive segment of the beverage world today( the bottled water side). It frustrates me to no end that there are so few good distributors available in our world.
With that said, there is nothing to do but just keep searching for them. If Millenium continues to do business, I would like to offer a proposal to market my brands. If you go elsewhere to sell beverages with another distributor or on your own call me! My # is 303-232-7838. e-mail rgarrow@mindspring.com.
OH by the way,I am an older person with, still a little fire in my belly ! I think we can get along. Good luck !!!!!! An Old POPS.

04-06-2000, 02:13 PM

04-06-2000, 03:10 PM
ron, for all the back and forth bulls?*t, i STILL do not know EXACTLY why you lost the brand...what REASON were you given??? you keep saying you did well w/jones, and i keep agreeing w/you on what a great product jones is....so please for the love of god....what specifically are the reasons?????? i dont care how good you are as a salesman...its great that you are good....now were you too small??? or not enough manpower????what reasons????????????????????

Ron Swedelson
04-06-2000, 03:51 PM
littleguy, you still are not getting it...THERE WAS NO REASON...WE DIDNT DO JUST GOOD WITH JONES...WE DID GREAT...That is why I am so pissed at the Jones company...Understand that...There was no reason...Jones is just Jones...they think that by going with 7-up they can exspand their Jones sales, but with no reasoning behind it...Millennium is not the only distributor to have it yanked from them...but we are the only distributor that started only with Jones and put so much into the brand...Thats why I am so mad...PLEASE DO NOT COMEBACK AND SAY "WELL WHATS THE REASON?" Cause there was no real reason..thats why I fell we were screwed...thats why I say SCREW JONES COMPANY...thats why I keep getting so bent out of shape when you come back and say Whats the reason...AND YANK...I know how the real world is, and does money make the world go round? You bet your ass it does...just some people let it control things more than others...like the saying goes...If it aint broke dont fix it...there was nothing wrong here, except Jones wanted to jump the gun and go against everything they stand for "Run with the little guy" and turn into a group of WHORES....

04-06-2000, 07:42 PM
Please read paragraph 4 of Mr Montgomery's post again. You will get your point across better and maybe draw more people to your side if you drop the four letter words and wrestling terms. Its not the misspellings, its the misspellings combined with the rotten language that make you look bad to others. Control your anger. Believe me you will look better without the rotten attitude.

04-06-2000, 09:05 PM
Hey Ron,
I've been enjoying your post for several weeks now. When I read your first few postings about Jones I had you pegged as someone in his early 20's who watched wrestling among other things. Boy was I right. Heres an idea,stay away from the bevboard for a several days. Let your anger subside, then come back and read your postings. Read the anger,the bad attitude,the foul language and ask yourself "Is this some one who I feel sorry for?". I would'nt. Mispell all the words you want, no one cares. Its your attitude that is causing people to poke fun at you and your spelling. Lose the WWF attitude guy,gather you thoughts and post an intelligent reason for the loss of Jones to 7-UP. No name calling, no foul language,no personal attacks none of that stuff. You say you are a hard worker. If thats true you should have no problem finding another job. Better yet get busy on bringing a new beverage to your company to replace Jones. With your dedication and hard work maybe people will forget Jones ever existed in your area. If you can clean up your act you will be taken more seriously. Try it.

Ron Swedelson
04-07-2000, 03:18 AM
OK. Maybe One more time...NO REASON...Did you read that...NO REASON...ok wait maybe one more time...NO REASON...oh wait, I dont think they got it...NO REASON...can an argument be made that 7-up overall has more people, yes. But can an argument also be made that the Local Jones Reps' brother who heads our So. Cal operation has a father-in-law (who happens to be our financer) knows that our BILLIONAIRE financer is ready to add as many people or vehicals or what ever it takes to get the job done...So that cancels out the theory that we cant handdle the brand...So lets try one more time...read very carefully, I dont want you to miss it again...ok ready...NO REASON...was that to fast...Ill try it again...NO REASON...Oh wait, there is a reason. Don't I feel dumb now...JONES COMPANY is a bunch of hypocritical pricks...and what is the difference if I quote WWF, or I quote Shakspear? Obviously you all watch WWF or would have no idea what I said. And well WWF is more poupular that Shakspear, and well has better writers on staff that Shakspear was? So what does it matter. Im just woundering why people keep answering me with no backing?

04-07-2000, 09:35 AM

Some advice:

you need to read Mr. Montgomeries letter again.
You need to stop thinking everyone is aginst you.
you need to quit whilst you are even
Don't bite off the hand that feeds you
stop flirting with the sublime
stop flirting with the rediculous
stop playing with slf destruction

get a grip, move on and show everyone that you are man enough to bounce back, if you quit this industry - you will quit the next one too, as exactly the same is likely to happen there as well. You will have trouble earning that kind of money anywhere else, LEARN TO APPRECIATE WHAT YOU HAVE.

what was a respectable arguement is rapidly turning into childish banter.

I hope you do well - but personally I think you are beyond salvation.

04-07-2000, 06:08 PM
People keep answering you with no backing because you are a boob.

Ron Swedelson
04-08-2000, 04:02 AM
Hungry, they answer me with no backing because I am a boob. Yeah, that makes a lot of scence. And droopy, if I quite the bev. world it is because I dont enjoy doing it anymore. My goal in life is to become a cop. Testing for that is comming up in the next few months. Some people may say, oh him become a cop, yeah right. But well, then just dont let me pull you over. Have I let this whole strand get the best of me. Yeah I did. Am I usually this imature, no, far from. In actuallity, because I talked so much crap about Jones and the local rep. Frank Swagert, he ran off crying to his little brother who runs our LA operation. And little Alex, then would not stop crying about it untill I got fiered. So yes, I lost my job because of this. Had I know I would loose my job over this would have I still wrote all I did. You bet your ass. Everything I wrote came straight from the heart, its all emotions. If you are woundering why I took things so far. Then, Imagine this, pretend your best friend just stole your girlfriend from you. It will probably take some months to be all rational with things, but in the mean time, you just blurt out pure emotions with out thinking things through. Thats what this was all about. So anyone who answered my posts and I snapped back at, I do appologize, you did not deserve that. This is a post for questions and replys, I forgot that. But for the Jones company and its employees that I menchioned before, I still feel the same way, I really could care less if they all got ebola. I appreciate all the bicering back and forth, it really got a lot of emotions out of me. Ill still be around to post ideas and thoughts, and Im sure still defend some things or brands. But your right, I should be man enough to just walk away from all this, and maybe I will. I guess only time will tell.

04-08-2000, 09:50 AM
Sounds good to me Ron. Just remmeber you are 20 years old and making 35,000 a year. A lot of your peers are in their second year of college and have a long ways to go until they hit 35,000. you are not 50 years old with a family and a mortgage and having to re-enter the job world after 30 years of loyalty to your company. If you are as dedicated and hard working as you say you should have no trouble getting a new job. Good luck.

Alfonso ExJonesDist
05-05-2000, 01:50 PM
Hey Ron,
Ditto on everything. At least you got to make some money while it lasted. In our case, We still have 1000+ cases of Jones with no sales potential. We were audacious (and dumb) enough to believe that UJS was not all hype. Well, we were wrong. We tried to develop a market for the damn soda in Puerto Rico, a completely different market that the US and made it very clear to Peter Strahm that this market needed special attention and advertising. They sent me a huge contract that looked great and ratified it with a letter of intent stating that in 30 days they would contract with us as their exclusive distribtors in the market. Those 30 days went by so the contract was ratified and we had purchased our first full container of Jones ( we could not do less than container loads because of shipping overseas), MONEY UP FRONT and were selling in Puerto Rico. It took a second container of Jones, we still had about 50% of the first one, 1/2 the money up front this time for them to send us 2 banners, 24 t-shirts about 100 stickers and 100 pins. Two months went by and this was all we got. The last drop came when their rep came down to visit and said that if we agreed to about two to three containers for the next few months ( all with a marvelous plan outlined that was great, on paper!) we would get the promotions and advertising our market needed. Well #@$$## that, we had almost 2000 cases in stock and Jones was not selling becaause people did not know what the hell it was and UJS would not spend a dime on advertising. This guys were never ready for the big leagues and never will. Their excuse for this, "Jones does not compete with the big brands, we seek a niche market, it is our philosophy" this was all bull and a non realistic excuse not to spend and have the distributors shell out the money for advertising and promotions, see how they ended selling to mainstream. Well UJS, 7UP went broke in Puerto Rico last year because it could not compete any longer in our market and dissappeared. We had Jones approved in the best and most solid supermarket chain on the Island, a 40 store chain that took away space from Pepsi to put us there and gave us 15 facings on the soda shelves cause the bottles looked great, they also decided to retail it at 0.79 cents per bottle to attract customers given we wiould engage in advertising and sampling. We did and payed for the sampling, UJS never delivered on the advertising, concerts, sponsorships, etc.... My heart goes out to you, Ron, because I know how frustrating it is. Obviously, we decided to drop distribution and even though the contract states that UJS would , in 15 days after distribution termination, buy back resaleble product from distributor at distributor cost we still have about 1,250 cases of jones that represent a loss of a little over $13,000 because we can't sell it. We refused to pay them about $3,000.00 on the last container because of the buy back clause and I sure would like to see them take our company Liquid Distributors, Inc. to court for it because we will Whoop Ass then.

05-05-2000, 01:58 PM
Hey Ron,
Ditto on everything. At least you got to make some money while it lasted. In our case, We still have 1000+ cases of Jones with no sales potential. We were audacious (and dumb) enough to believe that UJS was not all hype. Well, we were wrong. We tried to develop a market for the damn soda in Puerto Rico, a completely different market that the US and made it very clear to Peter Strahm that this market needed special attention and advertising. They sent me a huge contract that looked great and ratified it with a letter of intent stating that in 30 days they would contract with us as their exclusive distribtors in the market. Those 30 days went by so the contract was ratified and we had purchased our first full container of Jones ( we could not do less than container loads because of shipping overseas), MONEY UP FRONT and were selling in Puerto Rico. It took a second container of Jones, we still had about 50% of the first one, 1/2 the money up front this time for them to send us 2 banners, 24 t-shirts about 100 stickers and 100 pins. Two months went by and this was all we got. The last drop came when their rep came down to visit and said that if we agreed to about two to three containers for the next few months ( all with a marvelous plan outlined that was great, on paper!) we would get the promotions and advertising our market needed. Well #@$$## that, we had almost 2000 cases in stock and Jones was not selling becaause people did not know what the hell it was and UJS would not spend a dime on advertising. This guys were never ready for the big leagues and never will. Their excuse for this, "Jones does not compete with the big brands, we seek a niche market, it is our philosophy" this was all bull and a non realistic excuse not to spend and have the distributors shell out the money for advertising and promotions, see how they ended selling to mainstream. Well UJS, 7UP went broke in Puerto Rico last year because it could not compete any longer in our market and dissappeared. We had Jones approved in the best and most solid supermarket chain on the Island, a 40 store chain that took away space from Pepsi to put us there and gave us 15 facings on the soda shelves cause the bottles looked great, they also decided to retail it at 0.79 cents per bottle to attract customers given we wiould engage in advertising and sampling. We did and payed for the sampling, UJS never delivered on the advertising, concerts, sponsorships, etc.... My heart goes out to you, Ron, because I know how frustrating it is. Obviously, we decided to drop distribution and even though the contract states that UJS would , in 15 days after distribution termination, buy back resaleble product from distributor at distributor cost we still have about 1,250 cases of jones that represent a loss of a little over $13,000 because we can't sell it. We refused to pay them about $3,000.00 on the last container because of the buy back clause and I sure would like to see them take our company Liquid Distributors, Inc. to court for it because we will Whoop Ass then.

06-20-2000, 03:16 AM
Well, well... I hate to say "I told you so" but as the surfers say out here in SoCal, you can only get away with Jonesing so much before you fall flat on your Whoop-***! I have always maintained that the clowns in the Jones circus were evil, and I have never come across another company which has caused so many startup beverage distributors to crash (often over and over again in the same city!). It's sad to see you get struck down because you had so much passion, but delight in the fact that you have now discovered what Jones Soda, Peter Peter Pumpkin Packer, and that whole entourage is all about. I heard you're off to the police academy; good luck to you and if all goes well you'll find out a way to put all of those buffoons behind bars so they can pay at least a percentage of the suffering they've caused so many. At least your experience can perhaps serve to warn the unsuspecting; it's better to endure a touch of disillusion than to be made into a victim. And I still stick by what I've always said... JONES IS JUNK!

Always remember... Don't follow the can drinkers to the chicken bone recycling bin!

06-23-2000, 07:43 PM
i still am not seeing how jones was or is responsible for "so many" start-up (whatever those are ?????) distributors to fail.....all i've seen is people crying about lack of p.o.s. and promotional support from jones...if that is why these again so-called start up distributors are failing in so many cities (again, i would love to know where this happened, except for rons ordeal) then they should never have attempted to "start up " a new company based on a new unproven product...obviously not smart beverage people....try to start up a jones distributorship now and it is a whole different story....plus most of what you people say is totally false anyway, i have worked w/jones for almost 4 years now and have never been denied support or pos at anytime...so i dont know what these companies did or how the hell you could possibly screw up and lose the best brand in a long time, not to mention the easiest to sell over pos???? i dont buy it........

06-27-2000, 01:49 AM
I don't buy it either! Why buy junk? You know what... Jones Soda isn't 100% bad. It could be good if it tasted good and had good people running it. Some of the ideas around its marketing are OK. However, the manufacturing company seems to be just plain evil and as greedy and Machiavellian as possible. When I talk about companies going under I'm only taking into consideration the companies I've seen come and go in the past 5 years. Most of the ones that are gone are the ones who took on Jones Soda. I should say that all of the ones who are gone are the ones who blindly and fanatically stood by Jones Soda and went down with the ship. I just can't understand why anyone in the new Millennium [no pun intended] would even consider attaching itself to that cancer. I hate to tell you what I told Ron a few years ago, but if you're working with Jones now I send you my condolences in advance for what you're most likely going to experience. Ron's rage is not by chance. Protect yourself and don't put all of your eggs in the Jones basket. All evil empires come to an end and you should never keep that back door out of your reach! Good luck!!!

Ron Swedelson
06-28-2000, 02:37 AM
Not to start up anything new...but the only point that no one is making really is for any distributor, unless you make your own house brand, you can not let any one brand carry your busines wheather Jones, Hansens, Boylans, Clearly Candadian, or even Already Been Used Toilet Paper. Unless it is yours, anything is possible. Geyser Beverage in the Bay Area would more than likely go out of busines if they lost Red Bull, they do on avg. about 5,500 cases per month, #1 in the U.S., if they lost that, I think they would be in a world of hurt. So just use a good busines head, but in the same, dont pass over a hot item just because of mixed emotions or fear that it may become your number one brand.

06-28-2000, 05:05 PM
Hey Ron, just out of curiousity, why do you remain unregistured?

Ron Swedelson
06-29-2000, 02:50 AM
I never knew I needed to be registered for any reason..I always used my real name..and always answered questions with compleat honesty...but if you would like...I will try and register for you....

06-30-2000, 12:52 AM
Hey Ron, are you now selling other beverages or going into another line of work? Sorry to hear about all that happened to you via Jones but at least you now understand how the rest of us feel about that company! Good luck...

Always remember... Don't follow the can drinkers to the chicken bone recycling bin!

Ron Swedelson
07-14-2000, 06:40 PM
I am currently still in the Bev. World, attending college at night, but am pursuing my dream being a Police Officer...I have my application, its just which test period they put me in to see if I qualify to become a cop...Yeah, it was to bad what happend at Millennium, but just about everything happens for a reason, and most of the former millennium workers have gone on to bigger and better things. I for one, as much as I loved my old job, do not miss the 60+ hour work weeks.

07-16-2000, 12:11 AM
Well, good luck to you Ron, and if you end up in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police by chance, be sure to put the cuffs on Peter Van Stolk and "Book 'em Ronno" for beverage degeneration to the nth degree!!! Best of luck and be sure to drink BAWLS on those late night patrols!!!

Always remember... Don't follow the can drinkers to the chicken bone recycling bin!

11-21-2000, 10:24 PM
I think this string of discussion is a good representation of the Jones experience. Whatever the littleguy unregistered does with those Jones bottles... well, I've heard they do stranger things in the Bay Area than in Hollywood; whatever turns you on... !

Always remember... Don't follow the can drinkers to the chicken bone recycling bin!

Ron Swedelson
11-22-2000, 01:26 AM
Wow, the famous site lives...Danny old boy, why bring up the past. Its not like I hide anything, and neither does Jones. If you want to relive this time Danny, go for it. The only problem with that time period and this time period is that 1, there has been a cleaning of the house at Jones. 2, I am no longer working 60+ hours per week so I dont need to vent all my anger out into the world. 3, any one is welcome to read all 53 some-odd post and if you follow along you will notice that as angered as I go, as pissed off as I was, I never once bagged on Jones Soda as a product. Why didnt I, cause if you want any credibility in the world, you cant go off yelling at what ever you feel like with no truth behind it (hint hint Danny Ginsberg). Jones sells, Whoop-Ass sells, Indian Head soda does not. Did Jones have some problems in the office, yeah, they did. Have they been solved? I'd pretty much bet on it that at least 95% of the problems have been taken care of. So from the past Danny, what has happened. Things have come back full circle, thoes who did not belong doing what they were doing are gone. I have an awsome job again for about the same pay with about 1/3 of the hours cut off. Jones soda sales are sky rocketing. Whoop-Ass is blowing up. The only thing that hasnt changed is that you Danny are unable to get passed the fact that you will never have Jones Soda or Whoop-Ass and no matter how many times you Shave your head, try and get me-too Indian Head Soda, get in your yellow jump suits, well, you are just another Me-Too in the whole beverage business. Go through your whole product line, what will you find? Almost nothing but Me-Too drinks. What do you have thats any good? Bawls, awsome drink, thats one credit point towards Danny, Boylans, Ive heard its got some decent backing, 2 points for Danny. Moxie do you have? Definatly not a me to brand, they are original, 3 points for Danny. Indian head soda, (holding in laughter) minus 12 points for Danny, what else you got? Big Red, hey if we were in Texas, youd be sitting pretty, but your sitting in La La Land with a crumpled up tissue in one hand and an Indian head soda in the other cry to your self, wishing you had a winner like Jones, **** youd probbaly bend over backwards and take it dry from Bubba for a chance to sell something with 1/8 of the selling potential as Jones. Have a nice day Danny.

Always Remember... Never take on a brand or its representatives unless you have logical backing and not just thoughts that add up to monkey cum.

11-23-2000, 10:31 PM

Ron Swedelson
11-25-2000, 03:56 AM
Robbie, do you see how old this original post was. And did you even read it. What all these post were saying was that I was pissed about what Jones DID, what my parent company WAS doing, how FORMER employees and distributor heads WERE acting. Not once did, no matter how angered I got, did I ever slam Jones as a product. I slamed Jones employeese at the time. But thoese problems have been solved since that time, and most of those employees are no longer with Jones. Brighten up Robbie. I have always spoken with nothing but pure truth. That is why, unlike so many people on this site, not only do I have a profile, but I use my REAL NAME. Why, cause its all truth, I want everyone to know who it is comming from, and I am not a Beverage WHORE skipping from job to job, so I really dont care if people get offended by me telling the truth. So did I ever slam Jones as a product. Hellz no. Why not, cause its an awsome brand, and it sells like crazy. Did I slam Jones as a company, yes I did. Are problems fixed, yes they are. Is the company doing better and are they on their way to exsploding. I'd put money on it. So Robbie, please, before you make me waste more of my time responding to post, please read everything first so you sound some what smart and logical.

11-26-2000, 03:24 PM
Hey Ronnie Boy you'd make a good politician; very slick! Anyway, all of what I say about Jones is my honest opinion as well. Regardless of how well it sells (regardless of no apparent profit on the balance sheet as well), I personally feel that the product sucks as I have tasted most of the flavors and find them to be really bad. STP sells well but I'd never drink it.

On top of that, I think that the company and its "business ethics" suck as well. I'm sure you could come up with some more infantile sexual-deviant remarks about that, too.

I've got lots of great brands. People come to my warehouse all the time to buy bottles, cases, mixes, and so forth to send to friends and relatives for birthdays and holidays because the drinks I have are often famous and difficult to obtain. Also I have the best-tasting drinks around and over 30 amber-bottled root beers. I love quality bottled beverages and I started my business out of my enthusiasm for the drinks which none of the big companies seemed to care about anymore. I and many of my customers have been interviewed on television as well as written up in many newspapers and magazines (not press releases by the way). In L.A. we deliver to a couple dozen movie stars' homes, offices, sets, and even private jets as well as get hired to serve drinks at their parties. And they pay for this; it isn't promo.

I'm sure you're an awesome salesman and I don't have anything to say against your capability in sales. And as you said, you're not in this business because of your spelling. However, the product that you push and sell is, in my opinion, junk.

I have also heard many stories from people across the USA who have dealt with Jones and none of them are happy about how the company has treated them. My personal experience with the company is that they hounded us to buy their junk for a few years and we succumbed to an introductory purchase so we could supply some people who had read about it and asked us for it, never having tasted it. We got no reorders from any of those customers. Additionally, Peter went off and sold a ton of product to RJ Scroux, a former distributor with similar business ethics; and this represented a blatant breach of a promise he had made to us. Well, on that situation the boomerang effect hit hard... served him right.

Anyway, in LA your product has been in Pic N Save a few times (4 for 99¢) when distributors have gone by the wayside and none of our customers have anything positive to say about Jones or Whoopass, so there you have the basis for my opinion.

As far as I'm concerned, you can keep on Jonesing to your heart's content. I've met Jones drivers in LA and they're perfectly decent, hard working people. As I said, my issue is with the product and the manufacturer; those are what suck.

What I think you have to ask yourself is... based upon what you know about Jones, would you recommend that your parents invest their life savings in the company?? Well???

Effervescently yours,

Danny The Soda Sommelier

Always remember... Don't follow the can drinkers to the chicken bone recycling bin!

Ron Swedelson
11-26-2000, 10:08 PM
Danny, ahh, I have finnaly reached you. You have gotten to the point that I have been trying to get with you. A very decent, and even though opinionated reply, it was a good one. Nothing I can bounce back at with sexual jokes, nothing I can call names at. It is in fact, the first good post I have seen in a long time. I want to thank you for that. Danny boy, I know you got brands. Well, you have good brands mixed in with hard to find brands. And I can kid all I want about you just subing them out to sub-par distributors, but whats the bottom line? You are stayin in busines and doing quite well. You have my respect for that. But, of cource, I could never write a post without actually putting in my 2 cents. You dont like Jones or Whoop-Ass for the taste, what can I say, Coke is the number 1 selling soda in the world, but not everyone like coke. The driver/salesman in the LA region, I cant speak for them because I only know a couple of them. Im sure they are hard workers, if you are servicing LA and 140+ Albertsons stores out of a van, you got to work hard. Movies stars, we got our, not just the athleats we sponser. Whoopi Goldberg open said she loves Jones soda. We deliver to Blink 182. Will Smith said in an interview how he loves Whoop-Ass. Ozzi Ozbone wanted our RV at his kids birthday party. Im not going to go back into the economics of the Company, 1 its not my field, but 2, I have already stated why Jones is not making profit, takes money to make money. And lastely, no I wouldnt tell my parents to put all their money in Jones. Why, I own stock in Jones. Not cause Jones gave it to me, but cause I bought it. But for the simple reason that any business person should use when making decicions. Do not do anything, where if the worse case senerio happens, that you can not live with it. How huge is Microsoft, if my parents put all their money into Microsoft, how much would they have lost this last year. Just not a wise busines decicion. Danny, next time dont give me such a good reply to where I am unable to give a humerous reply to, it takes the fun out of it.

11-28-2000, 02:08 AM
OK Ron... your response is Kosher as well; I don't envy those guys having to deliver to Albertsons either... what a job! I don't call their receivers "receivers"; rather "refusers"! I prefer the mom-and-pop stores; they're a whole lot friendlier and they love it when we come with our delicious beverages in glass bottles!!!

Yeah, we deliver to some of Whoopi Goldberg's neighbors but haven't ever delivered to her house; that's sort of a word-of-mouth business... you can't exactly go door - to - door!

Always remember... Don't follow the can drinkers to the chicken bone recycling bin!

Ron Swedelson
11-28-2000, 11:51 PM
Uh oh, I'm afraid if we start aggreeing on too many things, I might start to like you Danny. Just kidding, nothing against you, but when I got a point to prove, no feelings get spared. Anyways, up and down the street. Compleatly agree. Thats is my favorite part of sales. And its what will make or break any brand. Chain stores is something that is neccesary for a brand in time of growth and at time of peak, but nothing makes ya feel better that walking out of a mom and pop shop thinking to yourself, "Yeah, this place is going to rock!" Well, the only thing that comes closer is when you have a head to head war with another company, and in each store you service, you take more and more of thier space away, but thats just comes with the territory.

11-29-2000, 01:25 AM
Yeah.. one notch better than the mom&pops is doing the home deliveries; they thank you for coming, hand you a check on the spot, and on your way out slip you a $5 bill and tell you they want some of your cards to give to their friends. And of course the movie studios are fun because you can eat all of the cereal and Good & Plenty candies and honey-mustard baked salmon and whatever else they've got on the set; if you plan your route just right you can give up grocery shopping and pay for the gas with the tips!!! Yes, winning those little "soda wars" in delis and such is very satisfying but I must admit that it's kind of annoying to have to "go to battle" if it's in too many accounts. We usually win such battles but sometimes the discounting and the time it takes to deal with all of that kind of puts a damper on the day. But all of that is better than dealing with those buffoons who hang out at supermarket loading docks refusing everything unless you give them a sample. I save out of code stuff for people like that!!

Always remember... Don't follow the can drinkers to the chicken bone recycling bin!

12-01-2000, 07:34 PM

12-08-2000, 02:25 AM
Hey just one question... does "littleguy" imply smaller than Peter Van Stolk? And is Rogaine too expensive or is that baldness on purpose? Anyway, what do you give those supermarket Refusers?

Always remember... Don't follow the can drinkers to the chicken bone recycling bin!

12-08-2000, 01:40 PM
I've recently been approached with regards to distributing Jones. What should I do?

12-08-2000, 01:47 PM
is it not obvious to everyone by now that this brand stirs strong emotions in people -both positive and negative?

for all you who "hate the jones company", continually posting your remarks here only ADDS to overall interest in the brand.

remember every post ensures "the flame" of popularity will glow next to this ("hot") topic for a long time to come. you've all been bamboozled. get you buckets and shovels and find a new sandbox you silly kids.

oh yea, get back to work..your brands a surely suffering...bye

12-09-2000, 01:41 AM
Boodoo, I think if you start distributing Jones you'll soon be changing the "d" in your name to an "h". Just make sure you haven't declared bankruptcy in the past 7 years!

As for talking about Jones, of course it keeps the name out there but then again people have talked alot about Junk Bonds; this has not increased their popularity.

Always remember... Don't follow the can drinkers to the chicken bone recycling bin!

12-09-2000, 01:12 PM
wow...sodaschmeckle still hates jones after all ron tried to do....boodoo, if you want the truth talk to ron or myself....or better yet, contact some distributors around the country and see how the brand is doing for them....sodaschmeckle is someone that is really, and i mean really jealous of peter van stolk and jones soda...ask sodaswabber what brands he likes and has more upside than jones....i'd love to see his brilliant response....later

12-10-2000, 08:43 PM
I don't think it's any new revelation that I don't like Jones Soda or its way of doing business. Ron and I probably disagree about Jones Soda at present, but there's nothing wrong with people having their opinions, pro or con. Obviously the various "littleguys" work with Jones and have a financial incentive to make it look better than it is. That's OK; I'm just putting in my opinion since this is an open forum and I have an opinion on the subject that was presented. Anyway, littleguys... you should be happy about all of the publicity this gives Jones! Yippee! Tell your investors that Jones is a hot subject on the BevNet! That's a freebie from me. (Holiday Spirit!)

Always remember... Don't follow the can drinkers to the chicken bone recycling bin!

12-11-2000, 04:11 PM
Don't have 147 hours to read all the postings. Can anyone provide a "Clif Notes" version of Jones past, present and possible future?

12-11-2000, 04:39 PM
Sure, I can give you Jones' value in a nutshell. Just look at their market performance. Today is a good example: the bad news is that they were down 23%, the good news is that was only $0.12

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12-12-2000, 08:44 AM
Anyone ever heard of Sprecher Goutmet Sodas out of Milwaukee?

12-12-2000, 11:00 AM
Its good stuff...had the rootbeer "on-tap" a few years back(in Milwaukee). Sprecher beer is first rate. ...my god..is this a new topic???

12-14-2000, 12:38 AM
Great new topic... Sprecher makes a really good root beer; their cream is awesome. And I've had most of their beers; top rate and 16oz to boot! Sprecher... so wird's gesprochen!

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12-17-2000, 02:17 AM
Hey... did the littleguy go on vacation or is Jones through with him or what? Anyway, I'm curious... is Jones now made only in the USA, or is it still made in Canada as well? I had heard that Polaris Water in Richmond-BC was bottling it but then I heard it was being copacked in various US bottlers. And is their glass made in Canada still?

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12-18-2000, 11:29 AM
last bottles i have seen were product of canada. i believe part of east usa gets product from a facility in toronto..though not sure. saw a rolling stone mag with a new jones soda "rider" : bucky lasek..don't know if you know anything about skateboarding but the dudes like #1 in the world and he sports a jones soda sticker on the bottom of his board..that's akin to getting the immediate attention of every skater in the world. not bad p.r. work. Matt Hoffman (top xtreme bike rider/manufacturer) and Tony Hawk(all-world old guy skater) also promote jones & whoopass...although they don't advertise, i'm sure that sets them back a few schekles..and should be (eventually) effective (well see).
hey soda sommelier: i know you flame jones all the time but i think they are kinda cool. although generally too sweet for me..kids around my area go ape s@#t for the stuff. i eagerly await the day for a company (are you listening independents?) to whip up a lost east coast treasure from the past: mint gingerale..there was an old brand called Tom Tucker, it was revived a couple of years ago then disappeared, anyway stuff was the best in a tell glass with shaved ice...for the over 21 crowd: with a splash of jim beam..i can hear the thundering hooves of the kentucky derby!!

12-19-2000, 10:01 PM
Yeah, I don't care for Jones but I know they give away alot of product to skateboarders so skateboarders are into their stuff. Alot of the skateboarding magazines were writing articles about the Skeleteen sodas in the mid '90's; I've got some of the articles packed away somewhere and they were really cool. I've seen skateboards covered with Brain Wash and Fukola Cola stickers, but I don't think the inventors ever sponsored any events because they had no investors' bucks.

I haven't had mint gingerale but I'd like to try it; it sounds good. There is one thing along those lines... Kentucky Nip Sparkling Cherry Julep. It's kind of a Raspberry Mint Cherry soda. Also, the Hank's Fruit Punch of Philadelphia tastes like Hawaiian Punch mixed with ginger ale. Good stuff!

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01-01-2001, 02:03 PM
Hey, it's me again wishing Happy New Year to everyone who enjoys delicious beverages in glass bottles! Like Bubble Up, for example... MMMMM! Or Chocolate Egg Cream or Vernors or Delaware Punch... wow, it's great that so many sodas which are actually good have been resurrected and made available in the new millennium! The beginning of a new century is a good time to reflect on all that was made right the first time and to really consider that occasional [and rare] new age product that can stand up to the good old stuff that was made to perfection in the first place!!!

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03-01-2001, 03:41 PM
I wrote this after reading about Jones in San Fran. I work for a radio station here in Los Angeles. Our job is really sales, sales for products at a retail level. We offer our clients the opportunity to drive traffic to retail outlets/convenience stores and get incremental display where they normally would be lucky to get a single row in the refrigeration. I am amazed by a few of these upstarts new age drinks that think that they don't need these type of radio and vendor programs. Or they get there name mentioned in a magazine once and are headed for success.
Guerrila Marketing doesn't work all the time, not in LA. Hansens' and Red Bull have been successful because they put programs with AM PM's and Star Marts that make sence.

03-01-2001, 05:16 PM
Hey Radioczar, there is a deep path in my carpet made by radio sales people who tell me how buying a package with them will drive my volume.

The most success I've had is by taking promotional dollars straight to the retail buyer. There is no need to spend money on merchandising. You must be thinking of the beverage big boys.

03-02-2001, 01:34 AM
First, are you with the local Russian language radio here in LA? I've been interviewed for free by KFI; Bill Handel has drunk various guaraná sodas from me; I had the beverage venue at Stimuland in Redondo Beach and at the KFI Biggest Food Thing Ever where we gave a bottle of Brain Wash to Dr. Laura Schlessinger who was signing books next to our beverage booth.

The way you get free TV and radio spots is by having stuff that's good. Why did you post this on the Jones thread? Probably because Jones is one of those companies that has to make "press releases" because their junk isn't newsworthy unless someone's doing a story on the worst things of the previous millennium that still exist much to our regret.

One of our customers in Highland Park near Pasadena has been in newspapers and TV constantly over the last 14 months simply because the owner buys 90% of what we sell at Real Soda. And the people that work for the radio and TV come to his store or our warehouse to stock up on the stuff and they pay full price because what we sell is great. And the radio and TV interview us for free because we are fascinating and we improve their ratings; i.e. they need us even more than we need them. And that's something to be proud of!

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03-02-2001, 07:35 AM
Hey SS, Dr. Laura and Brain Wash? That has to be one of the all time odd combinations. Did she drink it?

03-02-2001, 08:42 AM
No, she didn't drink it (at the event, which was in the Universal Studios backlot). But hey, it's kosher so I'll bet she took it home and enjoyed it with her family!!!!!!!!! By the way, I think Ron may outdo Peacekitty with this Jones thing... I can't believe he's grown it to 3 pages!

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03-05-2001, 07:46 AM
I have a feeling that with 3 pages we are just getting warmed up! Goes to show you that a man with unbridled passion can be dangerous!

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03-06-2001, 01:35 AM
Hmmm... but isn't it surprising that none of those Jones groupies are coming on to "defend" Jones as they did in the past. Could it be that all of them have found out what everyone else has been saying all along? Either or that or they're out having their stomachs pumped!!!

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03-06-2001, 07:58 AM
Very astute observation SS. Maybe they are all patiently waiting by their phones for big daddy "Pete" to call and tell them what a great job they have done.

03-06-2001, 01:57 PM
you are a genuius

03-07-2001, 02:23 AM
Considering where Pete's stock is these days that phone call may only come if he borrows someone else's phone. And whatever he says will be just as believable as what he's said to anyone in the past!

Well... one thing for sure is that "Jones" along with controversy, certainly gets ratings on this Beverage Forum, doesn't it?!

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03-07-2001, 07:58 PM
maybe we're too busy selling so much jones soda, whoopass and oh yea...jones juice......ooooh yet another jones product danny cant have...(but he will say sucks)....yup danny it sucks just like all the rest of those jones products that dont sell....not.....have fun selling whatever it is you sell

03-08-2001, 12:46 AM
Hey Hey, littleguy uses big words as a name! It's OK... spelling doesn't count here. Well... I don't see so much Whooping Cough around; didn't you say it was #2 only to Red Bull in the 7-11's? Maybe everyone got vaccinated. Yes, I love selling the drinks I sell; they're great!

Hey, when you used the name "Abad"... was that in reference to Jones being "a bad" drink?

Anyway, don't lose all hope 'cause remember if you're still so keen on having Pepsi buy you out, you'd be replacing Slice and Sierra Mist; you may still have a chance because those drinks are even worse!!

So good luck littleguy and don't forget the rest of us when you hit the big one!!

Oh, regarding what happened in Santee... that was terrible and my Jones commentary was meant in no way to make light of the atrocities there. Sorry if I offended anyone; it was not my intention.

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07-22-2001, 02:40 PM
heres the story for those who missed it

07-22-2001, 06:16 PM
Oh, now... the BevBoard will become soggy with nostalgia!!!

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09-07-2001, 07:03 PM
Well I dont know about Jones as a company but I enjoy SOME of their drinks. I do like Whoop Ass. But It does seem that they make some unfair deals.


09-07-2001, 07:06 PM
You brought up this Mutha-Fu**in post to post THAT! Let it slide, dog.

09-07-2001, 11:48 PM
Oh yeah... what happened to all of those Jones cronies? All of them laid off or what? Or were their computers repossessed??

Always remember... Don't follow the can drinkers to the chicken bone recycling bin!

Ron Swedelson
09-12-2001, 09:25 PM
MC, it will never slide untill everyone knows the ways of "The Company"

09-13-2001, 03:05 PM
gee...didnt get FIRED from "the company" or anything eh ron??? couldnt tell....

09-14-2001, 03:39 PM
Tough break, these things happen in all facets of business. Sometimes they are hard to stomach. I am a rep for a beverage company and can also understand the other side of the business as a supplier. I read many of the posts in regards to this subject and I must say many of these people have good advice. A contract with jones would have been a smart way to do business. 7-UP buying the brand from your company would have been better than jones dumping you. That cash flow may had seen your company through a low time. As for the retailers who voiced their opinion..... I am glad that Ron takes care of you. It is hard to find a salesman who can do what is good for the retailer. Although do what is good for yourself! If Jones sells, keep it in your store, make the money!! If Ron picks on jones now because he doesn't have the brand then he is not doing what is good for you as long as jones is popular. And Ron, you are a fired up 20 year old who likes to succeed and good for you. This business needs more of the hard target motivation and dedication people like you have to offer. Some advice, don't burn your bridges or get a reputaion as a hothead. Yes you are mad and parting from a brand in this way is like getting a divorce. But be positive and focus that energy into another venture. One more thing, the comment about a 45 year old salesman. In one of your posts you put down the 7-UP salespeople because they were older. No, No shame on you. I got a supplier rep job with no prior experience in the trade at all. I stumbled many times while learning the ropes. Those older guys can teach you many tricks to the trade. You are never to good to learn. Age comes with experience and us younger folks can benifit from watching and learning. And believe it or not I am only a few years older than you.

Good Luck Ron

Ron Swedelson
09-14-2001, 06:20 PM
#96, yes I was fired, along with other people. But who has the last laugh here? I was in charge of Van Squad for San Francisco. All I needed was a van to sell with and Jones could have been making some $$ in this area. But after asking for 3 months, Peter ignored it. Oh but good thing they gave me about a 40% raise just before hand. So I was making some decent money, and sat at home for three months doing nothing but selling at some raves and clubs and that was it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...But now I am with a great company that will alow their employees to work, and give us tools to do so. And Im making more money with more responsibility. So yeah, Jones keeps loosing money. And everything is great for me. Really relaxed after my 3 month vacation. And if we had a good company, we could have sued Jones for pulling back at Millennium, but they didnt care and just took more teritory in So. Cal and a discount on the brand for 1 year. One of the few things Jones did right for the company. But, all these things are in the past. And about the 45 year old sales reps. With these guys, most of them dont care about the brand, dont understand it...and been doing it for so long, will not change their ways. You going into a sales job with no prior, you do need to learn a lot, but your eyes are a lot more open than the others. Well, anyways...I no longer have a hate for Jones...More just a big laugh, and a feeling of sorrow that Peter might get kicked out form his own company cause they cant keep a focus. Sorry Peter, your a nice guy to talk with, just trying to run in to many directions. Oh yeah, and to add to it all...Jones Soda Company had their lawyer send me a letter threatening to sue me if I did not stop giving out insider info. Sorry guys, no inside info here. Its all true, and all public knowledge. How sorry are you guys. Cant call a guy expressing your concerns...or cant do it all publicly as I have here.

09-17-2001, 11:37 PM
Hey Ron, was JACOBY & MEYERS on their letterhead? Man, I almost had forgotten how much fun this forum is!!

I sincerely hope you used the back of that letter to write down phone orders. http://www.bevnet.com//bevboard/biggrin.gif

Always remember... Don't follow the can drinkers to the chicken bone recycling bin!

Ron Swedelson
09-18-2001, 03:58 PM
No, not Jacoby and Myers...or Jim Rogers at 444-4441...but hey...I guess you cant blame Jones...you figure if they try and sue me..they will only put it in their sales numbers...so anything to try and get closer to making it seem like they are making money...at a boy Jones...loving that .50 cent stock

09-18-2001, 05:03 PM
ron...you are such an idiot....just keep flappin' your gums pal

09-18-2001, 08:52 PM
ron...it hurts me to see such anger in such a young man...breath deep and relax...you can't let this hate eat you up like it is ron...relax...and everything will be ok...

dr pepperman
09-18-2001, 08:59 PM

09-19-2001, 02:17 AM
Wow, over 100 responses! Pretty soon Ron you may hear from Los Defensedores 222 2222, no credito = no problemas!

By the way, why do you Jonesies keep harping on Ron about hate? If you read all 100+ posts here you'll see the typical swings of the pendulum that a Jones experience affords all who come in contact with it. He actually really loved your product/company at one point; he even gave you a second chance. It's all in this post; read it for yourself. You can say he and everyone else who rags on Jones is full of hate but if you look at the red mark on your butt it'll look a whole lot like the front of your own shoe.

Always remember... Don't follow the can drinkers to the chicken bone recycling bin!

09-19-2001, 01:33 PM
cmon smelly, you especially bash them and their products yet you havent even tasted most of their products...so how can you say you are opened minded...you wanna blast jones no matter what they do or what their products are like..narrow minded pencil neck geeks behave like that..there is therapy for this behavior smelly...let me know what time you would like your appointment set for..from your hitting god...ichiro

09-20-2001, 12:58 AM
At what number do you stop tasting? Opened minded? What is that? Ron admits that although he doesn't like your company's lack of ethics, he likes your products. I disagree with Ron on the products. The dozen or so I have tasted are all gummy and artificial; like a cross between "Fruit Stand" or gallon bellywash drinks and Simply Soda. Most of that stuff is under five bucks a case and I don't continuously sample it either since I realized I just don't like it.

Hey man... some people may actually like your drinks. Why not tell them to write about how much they like them on this forum? Or have you already exhausted the whole bunch to date?

Always remember... Don't follow the can drinkers to the chicken bone recycling bin!

09-20-2001, 03:55 PM
oh i understand ron likes the products but doesnt like the way they do biz...he makes that part clear...as far as him bashing the stock price...maybe he should look at where the market is...its at 3 yr lows...so jones stock price is flat just like the market...don't have to be a brain to figure that out..as for you smelly, you haven't even tried a jones juice yet...you bash the soda, which is your right to do, but you bash the juice without even a taste...so whats that about?.....thats total bs my friend...so you can call us cheerleaders or whatever but at least we try the products...so before your big piehole blows more bs...try the products otherwise ..yes you are a narrowminded person...your hitting guru...ichiro...

09-21-2001, 02:19 AM
Well, due to the general lack of popularity of Jones Jooce I'm not motivated to even go out and try it. If it's so good I'm sure someone would have figured it out by now and spread the word. Some things, based upon their manufacturer and their packaging, don't even get tasted by me. I can say that I once tasted Red Bull in Germany at ANUGA. It was worse than I had expected, although it did pack some caffeine or whatever. But there are better tasting caffeinated drinks that are cheaper and more refreshing, so I'd never buy Red Bull unless I were chained up in a Soviet Union- style RedBullLand. And I've not tried Whooped Ass but I think I haven't missed anything there either. However, the Whooppee Sodas from NJ.. those are great.

Always remember... Don't follow the can drinkers to the chicken bone recycling bin!

09-21-2001, 02:00 PM
there ya go...you are not motivated to try certain products yet you bash them anyway..that's brilliant...think you showed the depth of what kind of person you are..you probably once met an asian person you didnt care for , therefore since they kinda all look the same, you figure you wouldnt like any other asians...brilliant smelly...absolutely brilliant..your hitting god..ichiro

Ron Swedelson
09-21-2001, 05:00 PM
Hey Ichiro...the reason your stock is low is not because the rest of the market is sinking...its cause your company cant make a single penny or profit...it has never made a profit and thats why the stock has never made it above a dollar...You can go back and forth with SS all you want...but why dont you just answer any of our questions...why do you burn so many distributors...why cant you make any money...and how many more bad decision will it take before the board fires you Peter...i mean Ichiro? Good luck with Bottoms Up...or is it Belly Up...i keep forgeting?

09-21-2001, 08:14 PM
since you call me peter ..i'll call you osama ok ron...no..im not peter..in fact i dont work for jones in any way you dip...just someone who likes their products and finds it fascinating to hear the thoughts of so many angry whitebread narrowminded fools...nothing more...your hitting god ichiro

09-21-2001, 11:43 PM
Yeah, ichiro... I figured if someone would put that ugly name on this board it would be one of the Jonsies. And making a correlation between PVS and that jerk is in my opinion way too severe even for PVS in that I think that his evil ways are limited to business-related issues. Anyway, you're the one who made that Freudian Slip.

And what's this twist about Asians? I work with Asians of various countries, have some Asian friends; even keep contact with a family in Indonesia who hosted me in a visit 15 years ago. I sell Asian and Australian products and have travelled to Japan, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Turkey, and the Asian part of the former Soviet Union. I am not so ignorant as to think that 'all asians are alike' nor have I ever written anything so stupid which would even imply that. The fact that I have no desire to drink Jones Jooce does not imply that I would have any problems with any nationality or ethnicity. It's like if you know Budweiser is horrible you have no desire to try Bud Light. I speak 7 languages and love to travel; you are so blindly fanatical about Jones that it steers you wrong way beyond the beverage industry.

So you don't work for Jones or have any stock in their company; just love their products? Then I suggest you start buying as much Jones as you can; fill your garage with it because they're going down and faster than you think.

Oh, and by the way... welcome back Ron! We all appreciate your insight which clearly comes from your experience with this pathetic "company". I really feel sorry for anyone who invested in Jones. And I really hope you sold your stock because I honestly doubt that it will ever increase in value.

Always remember... Don't follow the can drinkers to the chicken bone recycling bin!

09-22-2001, 03:51 PM
look here sodasac....quit with the outright bs you dullard.....jones is going down faster than we think????? dude we all know you hate jones...youve made your point a million times...we get it you hate jones...ok??? why do you care so much, and let the hate make you look like a fool????? i really hate to disappoint you, but jones is not going under anytime soon...quite the contrary actually...ive just learned that no matter what anyone says about jones, or how well the company does there will be you...lonely little sodasac there to criticize it...you should refocus your hate on more productive things other than beverages, or if you really find that you need to stay angry at a beverage company, i can think of numerous ones more deserving of it than jones....obviously you have a personel vendetta against jones.....hopefully it isnt too late for you to get help as well as a life....sad sad sad little weasel..

09-22-2001, 06:26 PM
Actually, you're right, Einstein. I have a PERSONNEL vendetta against Jones. That's because everyone who works for Jones nowadays who I've met is a combination between evil and stupid. In your school they certainly said that you should pass if you got the right answer but it appeared that you "got the idea behind the question". What a total MORON; now I understand why you wouldn't want anyone knowing who you are.

Always remember... Don't follow the can drinkers to the chicken bone recycling bin!

09-23-2001, 06:39 PM
combination of evil and stupid eh....maybe they should be like you instead right???? mr immature....

09-23-2001, 08:40 PM
uh....uh....uh....well.... my dog can whup your dog!

09-24-2001, 10:14 PM
Hey boodoo.... just tell your dog to look for the dog that is running away with its tail between its legs http://www.bevnet.com//bevboard/biggrin.gif

Always remember... Don't follow the can drinkers to the chicken bone recycling bin!

Ron Swedelson
09-26-2001, 11:19 PM
So let me get this straight Peter..or Ichiro...first you call me Osoma, then whitebread? That makes a lot of scence. Even though I am mexican, but go ahead, be racist. Thats a great way to show what kind of company you are. Go check your posts again Mr. ichiro, the man who is "just a fan of Jones" to many of your past posts you stated "in my reports" or "my distributor" or the best "why would I do that with my company" to many slips my spineless bald headed president of a company that cant make money even after all these years. You can only modivate the bord for so long before they see that even with a great soda like Jones, the way the company is run...it will never make a dime. I cant agree with SS on the "everyone is evil and twisted or dumb" cause I actually do like many of the employes. But I will say they are brainwashed and fighting a loosing battle. I used to get off our confrence calls thinking I worked for the best company in the world. But its like a cult. They need to keep you brianwashed or youll see the true colors and run for the hills. Its sad too...me and a friend were thinking of how great it would be if a new brand came out and whiped Jones off the shelf...the only thing is, we couldnt think of any ideas or any other brands out there with the same appeal...its to bad Jones...if only you were ran better...you could go so far...oh well...better to be fired when the company was selling a bunch of soda than when it just had no money to do anything...

09-27-2001, 12:25 PM
you are such a fool ron to think im pete..yes look at my posts...i have never made such statements as you state...if i was peter as you seem to think , i wouldnt play these childish games with you...pete has a business to run. Who am I you ask? I am just a citizen who enjoys jones products, have met most of the employees at jones and have found them to be courteous and have found the management to be good people and very innovative...Im truly sorry you had a bad experience with them..As far as whether jones will survive or not..that will be left to the public..not whether you or smelly or myself hope it does or not..The biggest joke though is when smelly bashes them and yet he hasnt even tried the juice product..I think that alone shows what he's about...So i stand up for a company i like who is blasted by him with no merit..i've met many people like smelly and the biggest body parts they tend to have is their mouths...thats all for now...and once again..no i'm not an employee of jones but nice try..

09-27-2001, 02:01 PM


Ron Swedelson
09-29-2001, 09:45 PM
Maybe you are not...but Ill still keep my money that you are...and Ill agree with you...when I was one of Jones about 45,50 employes, just about everone was very nice...as a person...there really wasnt anyone that I wouldnt mind hanging out with or having a beer with...the office people...some of the nicest people I have met...only one I did not like...and one constantly lied to cover him not doing a job...and a couple couldnt keep the focus...but as a whole...very nice...SS maybe not have tried the juice...so maybe it makes it a little harder to judge it...but not to take sides here...but since he hasnt liked any Jones Soda or Whoop Ass, and does not get along with the product...well why would he want to try it...Ive tried most of the energy drinks on the market, but not all...something like Venon, or Blue Jeans, or Merlins...come one...you dont always have to try something to know if its good or not...of the Jones 9 flavors (Ive tried 6, not the two new ones) I only like 2 of the juices...so Danny, dont waste your time..there are a couple that are ok to drink...but Ive seen your wearhouse..you got better.

09-29-2001, 11:02 PM
Oh gosh... have I blasted an innovative company with curteous people? I guess they must have gotten rid of all of the liars and conmen who were running it when I dealt with them. Even Peter Van Stolk must have gone through some major changes to become curteous and righteous. Of course, when one considers all of the hiring and firing that has gone on since then, along with the deception and failures that coincided with all of this bridge-burning and other forms of really, really bad karma, there's some guy who calls himself "ichiro" who is not employed by Jones but blindly supports them and has all sorts of time to get onto the BevBoard and defend them... Good for you, ichiro! You're a good young pioneer and there's a little red ribbon in the mail in appreciation of your Subbotniks and your passionate devotion to the manifestations of the organization run by the "Liciy Chelovyek"!

Anyway, Ron... don't you think you should petition Mr. Craven to change the title of this thread to "Who Else Hated The Jones Company When It Was Around Doing Its Thing??" ?

Well, our friend in Lake Wales, Florida is going to go back to CNN; don't look into the eyes of that scraggly scounderel if they show his mug on TV! Remember that you come from the town where Donald Duck Orange Juice was invented!!! With all due lack of respect to the Jones Company, their transgressions are nothing in comparison to what you're watching--- don't assume that we're that shallow; this is sodatalk, ok?

Always remember... Don't follow the can drinkers to the chicken bone recycling bin!

12-21-2001, 10:38 PM
I just thought it would be oh, so cool to bring this one to the forefront once again, now that we're all agreeing with each other! For all of Jones' evil attributes, its evil nature has actually brought people together as the realizations about Jones have surfaced.

Rick-Barry... are you secretly about to join the rest of us?? :confused:

12-22-2001, 07:25 AM
I wonder if the same folks that did PR and consulting for Enron are associated with Jones.? They may have had similar type business practices when you get down to it, especially the way they booked "profit." Thank you SS for stirring the pot on this one again. I was a bit reluctant. :D

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12-22-2001, 11:52 AM
You know, maybe it's just another one of those "turn-of-the-century" things. Often in world history there are alot of political and economic changes toward the end of a century and during the beginning of a new one. Often this is the case with wars and redrawing of boundaries between countries. Consider all of the European Countries unifying toward the end of the 1800's, followed by the First World War in the early 1900's.

So now it's the change not only of a century but of a millennium. On the narrow spectrum of the beverage industry I think you see alot of these "get-rich-quick" scammers appearing and disappearing. And like Enron and a bunch of dotcom companies etc, you see totally new entities pop up in the 1990's and get tons of outside funding (old money) from people who aren't really familiar with whatever the new company does. The new company creates a façade and sucks in $ and wastes it, doing things to "show" "growth" when in reality it's just a money-burning machine only supported by continuous influx of $ from old money folks who don't want to "miss out" on the "new age".

The problem with these jet-set scammers [like Jones] is that the frenzy they create sort of makes a smokescreen and it becomes incumbent on the rest of us to 'clear the air' so that reality sets in, lest this evil spiral of deception bankrupt more investors and destroy the dreams and ambitions of unaware underlings.

I look at Jones management as analagous to Coke addicts (not the soda) on some kind of euphoric high where their existence is on a level so far above the people who are affected by their actions that they don't ever really grasp the extent of the destruction that they cause. The problem that you are seeing now is that the destruction is reaching further to the top as the money stops coming in due to the realities that are reaching potential investors. The lack of foundation of this company created by bridge burning and playing musical chairs with distributors is causing it to implode, and its once starkest supporters are collapsing one by one. If you read all of the Jones posts in the last 2 years you can see evidence which supports my claim on many levels. I am one of the lucky ones because my experience with the company was so miniscule that it probably had value on the education side which far exceeded the cost of having ever dealt with them in the first place. I am glad that I saw through their scam [almost] from the onset and that I've been able to assist others in avoiding the consequences of dealing with these folks.

I don't think there are a whole lot of people left who would consider 'running with' the little guy anymore. In fact, I think the 'little guy' is soon going to put on dark glasses and a wig and disappear into an unknown location, only to be discovered perhaps some day by followers of an ant trail. And I think that this is all going to happen way before August 2002 now.

So curtains for the Jones Company? Things happen fast these days. I think that society in general has passed through a decade or two of get-rich-quick scams. This is true perhaps not only in business but also in family life. I think alot of people are finally realizing that it's time to plan a little more, use their heads for a change, and set a good foundation for the future in all aspects of life. This will enhance the quality of life in that people will feel more secure and also the products they consume will be much more refreshing!

Of course, this is just all my opinion. Who am I but some poor soul who putzes around town peddling soda pop!! smile.gif

12-22-2001, 01:53 PM
Bravo SS Bravo...a very well written post!

12-23-2001, 04:36 PM
yes soda...you are a poor soul...jones will suceed in the end and your life in your own little world will be meaningless....thanks for your very deep thoughts on the new decade..it was truly fascinatingand so awe inspiring...wishing you a wonderful new yr and a little less anger towards the little jones co....your hitting guru...ichiro...mvp of the 2001 season...

12-23-2001, 06:39 PM
Or perhaps... 'lrp' (last remaining player), Piccolo Pete! :D

Ron Swedelson
12-24-2001, 02:04 PM
Whoah, look who is back. Our Seattle buddy. What happened, Jones had to tell you to take a vacation for a while cause they still havent made any money after what 6+ years now? You hyped them up last quarter, but they still came out with negative numbers. Ichiro, even if Jones goes out of busines next year, are you still going to be online talking about "Yeah, they went bankrupt, but its ok. They will be back next year with more backing and then we will take over Coke." I was reading the original posts on this site. Its just funny how I was right on the whole 7-Up thing. They helped to run Jones into the ground. In the same area that 7-UP took Jones, pre-7-UP, Jones was selling about 7 or 8 trucks per month. And this was about 2 years ago. Now in that same area they are only selling about 4.5 maybe 5 trucks if that. And thats with an extra 10 skus. Thats so great. They cut their busines in half. So Ichiro, what is Jones next good move?

12-24-2001, 08:40 PM
Hey Ron... perhaps they should follow ichiro around and film him; after all, with the success of OJ, The Truman Show, and the Taliban saga... it could be a success. The Jones demise could bring in big bucks at the box office!!! Maybe they could use you as a consultant for their screnplays! Then you'll be tooling around Hollywood with sunglasses even at night; in fact, you'll be hiring us for home delivery. This is a good way to make something positive with all of our anger. I'm glad I came up with such a good idea. Even ichiro may become buddy-buddy with us after this success, a word which is currently foreign to him! :D

Ron Swedelson
12-29-2001, 03:30 PM
I have a complaint. After the Damage Control Cheerleading Squad tried to challenge me on how good Harliambos would do. They tried to lay claim to how this "rookie" didnt know what I was talking about. But come to find out. Bottoms Up was doing 7 trucks per month of Jones and Harliombos did...only 1700 cases last month (give or take 100) gee, what went wrong guys? I thought after you fired a bunch of employees, and then spread everyone else out over the territory that you would more than have been making money, and as it was stated earlier, That Harilombos would blow away Bottoms Up numbers. I guess they stood to close to the explosives and blew them selfs up in the proccess. Damn, I hate being right about Jones all the time.

12-30-2001, 03:32 AM
Hey Ron... nowadays you are certainly always right about Jones. Even though Christmas has passed, is it OK to say HO HO HO??? ! :D

Ron Swedelson
01-16-2002, 09:10 PM
Gee, stock fell even lower today. I think it had a low of .51 cents and finished at .53 cents. Man, bummer. Just 3 months ago you were at 80 cents, and 6 months ago you were at 94 cents. So your numbers keep falling. You keep spending more and more money, and after making less stocks avalible (hopeing to drive up the price) it acttualy fell 4 cents after doing so. What wrong with this company. Could everything that we all said about them be true? I don't know, but if I can find my Gineus Book of World Records, I will see what other companies have gone so long with out making a profit. Who knows, you might be famous for something (other than being shady businesmen and very distributor unfriendly).

01-16-2002, 11:06 PM
Ron, soon it'll be way under 50¢; in fact, when the company goes under for good (and this will be a good thing) it'll be absolutely worthless.

Did you catch that they were supposedly making "patriotic" labels so they can cash in on the horrible tragedies of our country? That's the second Canadian entity I've known to do so. Isn't it enough that they're giving away complimentary orange jumpsuits to shady characters? (I can't verify that they are, in fact, the ones giving them away but it would fit their profile).

Like I say, Ron.... I say this as a friend... sell that stuff and put the money to good use!

01-17-2002, 02:27 AM
yes smelly..isn't it just terrible that they would give some of their sales profits from their patriot pack to the tragedy..oh what a terrible thing to do...you are a real piece of work..makes your momma proud...

01-17-2002, 09:33 AM
What sales profits?

Anyway, all of us who are familiar with Jones know that your concern is not with the disaster victims but rather, with the bottom line. If in fact anything goes to those folks, it's only a calculated expense which you've figured will be exceeded by the extra sales you expect to achieve by implying that you're now a patriot (of the USA no less).

Jones just wants your money in whatever way they can get it. Ron, am I wrong?

Ron Swedelson
01-17-2002, 01:04 PM
Not wrong at all. Jones will spend wildly if they think it is something good. When it comes to giving any money away. They sit back and go over it 50 different ways to make sure they still benifit from it and they won't be hurt in any way shape or form.

01-17-2002, 05:49 PM
you guys are so anti-jones it doesnt matter what they do...you would slam them anyway..reminds me of the salem witch burning's...think you guys need to go the hate management classes..or pop off to the wrong guy and get your a** kicked...

01-17-2002, 09:57 PM
Well, Ron... they may go over it 50 ways but obviously their decision-makers aren't too swift because many of their past decisions are what have now caused such a large number of people to dislike them so vehemently. Now our little friend is so devoid of any argument to the contrary of what people think of Jones that he has to resort to childish threats.

And Ichiro, the only people who have to kick anyone anywhere are people who are just too stupid to argue their point or people who are just plain wrong and refuse to accept it.

What really amazes me is how these Jonesies are so convinced that they're not what they are; they come on here to try to save face and dig themselves deeper and deeper every time.

This thread is a testament to the Jones experience. It is absurd to even attempt to argue for Jones' side; where are all of the similar threads slamming Coke, Pepsi, Cadbury, Shasta, Orangina, Snapple, Sobe, Cool Mountain, Boylans, Stewarts, or whatever? Even though people complain about big powerful companies [who actually do make money] like Coke, Pepsi, etc; nobody hates those companies. In fact, most peoples' complaints about those companies are about how great their products used to be and how sad it is to see them the way they're marketed today. Jones is the same as it has always been... junk. And there's not anything inherently wrong with junk except for the fact that Jones has steered so many people wrong in the attempt to convince the public otherwise.]

And you know what... you could have done your company totally differently and with a better attitude and some improvement here and there, you probably could have had a go of it. But you chose to do it the way you did and you pissed off alot of people and now you just want everyone to shut up. Well, then... here's a secret: If you really want people to stop writing about Jones, then stop writing about it yourself. The reason people write over a hundred responses in this thread is because you keep coming back and writing stupid things which cause the rest of us to want to respond. So you don't like what we write???.... Then, don't read our comments anymore and above all, don't respond to them. If you can't figure that out by now, then maybe some day you'll notice that the black & blue mark on your rear end matches the toe of your own shoe. Man, you talk about kicking someone's when you've been kicking your own for years! :(

Ron Swedelson
01-18-2002, 01:02 AM
Ichiro, you keep forgeting. We all hate Jones for different reasos. SS hates them cause he knows what a quality drink is. Thats why he is who he is, and thats why all the movie stars order his beverages and not yours. I hate the company. I push Jones in some stores where my distributors sell it. I know that the stronger presence they have in a store, the better off I am. But this goes back to my last post. I asked 3 simple questions, and yet, none of them have been answered. Why not?

Ron Swedelson
01-18-2002, 01:49 PM
Ichiro, get my ass kicked? Whats with all the hostility? Something to do with the stress levels of knowing you are a part of a failing company. If thats the case, then its understandable. But maybe you should be the one to go to anger/hate managment classes. But if you have the real need for the fight, anytime you are down here, you are more than welcome to come down to my boxing gym and get a few rounds in with me. It might be good. I had one of the best workouts of my life when Jones pulled from me. It might be good from you when Jones pulles the plug from itself.

01-23-2002, 02:01 PM
Oh, yeah... I'd pay to witness that! I've met Ron and I've met Piccolo Pete; Ron would have him out with one left hook to the bald spot! :D

One round, good-bye!

01-23-2002, 02:41 PM
I got it! I will be the promoter and SS you can handle the concession. Ticket sales should be brisk once word gets out to the distributor network that l'il pete is about to taste leather and canvas.

Just think about the concession. We get Ron to hold back and carry the wannabe for a few rounds. Turn the heat up in the arena so that everyone is hot and thirsty. The fight goes on and on, and the fans get to enjoy great tasting glass bottle beverages while they watch!

01-23-2002, 06:48 PM
before you 3 idiots jerk each other off any more, lets make it clear that 95% of all the jones hating comes from you 3.....what a joke....yeah everyone hates jones guys!!!!!

ss asked why no one complains about all the other so-called good beverage companies????? r u kidding,(how long have you been in the biz??--to say those brands dont have haters is rediculous) every brand has haters and likers....but what other brand creates such an emotional connection like jones??? cool mountain??? boylans???? please......while both may be great products(i dont care if they put gold in their boring bottles) they, as well as all the other brands ss listed do not even come close in that dept.....just look at how pissed you dorks are, and how long youve been carrying on, and you dont even like jones!!!! its a beautiful thing.......like the label says......"the last thing the world needs is another soda".......why is jones still here??? you 3 dont get it, never have gotten it, and quite obviously never will get it.....get it????

Ron Swedelson
01-23-2002, 09:36 PM
What I dont get is if Jones is so great, how come they can't make any money? Can you answer me that question?

01-23-2002, 10:20 PM
Those three are not the only ones who hate Jones, just the 3 most vocal ones.
Jones screws people and now they have screwed themselves.
They have lost basically the whole central valley of Ca. (except Save Mart) and Cool Mountain is Kicking there ass out here. Not to mention if there stock drops any lower it will literally be a "Penny" stock, sorry Ron.
Jones is Done should be in the .99 cent store by next week. I am out. :eek:

[ 01-23-2002: Message edited by: nason4 ]</p>

01-24-2002, 01:38 AM
99¢ a case, I suppose! People only hate Jones because Jones tried to convince everyone to feel sorry for them; that they were the 'little guy'; anything to suck money out of people. People hate Jones for the lies. People hate Jones for all of the dreams that have been smashed out so they could move past the ones who built them and appeal to the big guys who might buy them out. They are getting what they deserve. They fight all of the controversy because they can't accept that they have lost and cannot find anymore suckers to dump money into their black hole.

That's right... Cool Mountain is laughing all the way to the bank because most people would rather support Chief Long Neck than Piccolo Pete and his bald a**.

Yes, we are just the most vocal. I've run into dozens of people who have lost money because of Jones. I've run into people who have gone bankrupt, lost sections of their business, and lost alot of hope. Jones has really done alot of damage to alot of people and has embarrassed the beverage industry as a whole. They have even made the hard-working little guy look bad because they have tried to latch onto him to suck money out of people who are unaware of what goes on in the industry. Small folks have suffered at the hands of Jones and it's payback time. 2002 is the end for Jones. 99¢ a case? Best sold in stores in the vicinity of Michigan where the empties are worth 10¢ each. That way you can afford to pay someone to dump out each bottle before you return the empties for deposit refund.

Why doesn't anyone hate Boylans or Cool Mountain the way they hate Jones? Well, that's just too easy. First, taste them. They taste a whole lot better. Second, go out there and try to find out how many people have been screwed by Boylans or Cool Mountain. How many investors have lost their shirts? How many Nathansons are in the ashes of their tracks? Not a whole lot. That's why. Duh. Chalk up another one to common sense, a term foreign to Jones Junkies. I know Canada is a foreign country, but this is no reference to Canada. Mum's the word. Or in the case of Jones, Dumb's the word. Got it? I knew you wouldn't. Why don't you look it up when you get home, or ask someone who's educated to read it for you and explain. There, there.

01-24-2002, 12:40 PM
(psssst, to all the other jones haters out there. Isn't is cool the way ol'86 keeps on posting and posting and posting. And each time he gets his hat handed to him again and again and again. Most people would just stop posting but not ol'86!).

01-24-2002, 09:15 PM
..sorry booboo..96 does get it...got it handed to him???please..spare me...you smelly and ron crack me up..cheers.....

01-25-2002, 01:15 AM
Hey boodoo... add ichiro to the list. Could it be that Jones has shrunken down to merely Thing 1 and Thing 2? :D

Ron Swedelson
01-25-2002, 12:09 PM
OK, Ill try you Ichiro. Why can't Jones make any money?
Why are employees hatting working for Matt?
Why has California dropped down about 80%?

I know you read my post, but you probably wont answer. Why, cause like most Joneser, you just can't admit when you are wrong about something.

01-25-2002, 03:08 PM
No need to apologize thing 2, I am glad I can offer some comedic relief to your otherwise dull and boring life!

Heck the little fun we have here may be keeping you from drinking that "spiced" Kool-Aid! Rest assured that there is life after jones.

Ron Swedelson
01-25-2002, 09:04 PM

01-25-2002, 10:49 PM
Well i called my broker today and bought 10 shares the funny thing is that the transaction fee is $10 and my 10 shares are worth less than that. I forgot about the fee so now i need joes to get to like $2 for me to make money. I figure it was a cheap bet so if the go to Chapter 11 i wont lose much.


01-26-2002, 01:11 AM
ron, i'm a believer in the company. every company has some up and downs. am i happy with the way the stock is performing?..of course not, but i am in it for the long hall, good or bad . i'm sorry you guys have probs with them, but it is doing well up in the nw. i am watching to see who becomes their new distributor with portland bottling going under..my personal chunk of jones is decent sized but small regarding my total stock holdings..im not an enron person who put it all on the line...geez heard of diversification?..anyway ron, i suggest you sell out your shares and maybe you can by a blue light with kmart...cheers :eek:

01-26-2002, 01:14 AM
Oh, Avery!! You haven't learned from us!

Well, Ron... I don't know... if you don't sell that Jones stock soon all it'll be worth is to trade it for two letters: E and N. Then you can put them behind your own name and see Jones' future like in a crystal ball. SO do yourself a favor and unload that stock right away. As Tom Leykis always says... "DUMP THAT BITCH"!!!

I know those Jones Junkies must be saying, "Prosperity is right around the coroner"!

01-26-2002, 05:03 PM
heehe sorry Danny but don't worry I took it for mostly a joke but ya never know. Anyways personally i dont care what happens to Jones but if they have scamed alot of people then I suppose they will get what they deserve. Only time will tell.


01-26-2002, 06:16 PM
Hey Avery and Ron... just curious: If ichiro is in it for the "long hall", then to what is he referring? If he meant "long haul", then I think at the end of his journey he'll just see a cul-de-sac. Otherwise perhaps the "long hall" is a reference to a prison or something? With all of the orange jumpsuits working their way towards prison, it all makes you wonder!

Well, it's good to see that ichiro is not part of Enron. As bad as Jones is, the entire company's annual sales probably don't match what Enron spent on paper clips last year!

Hey, tonight is the opening of Lolli's Pop Night in Hollywood... anyone attending?

Ron Swedelson
01-26-2002, 06:17 PM
Hey Ichiro, what is "Doing good in the NW" how many trucks. I do know that last I heard about Emerald Bev. The dist. who sevices Seattle, the headquarters of Jones. That because they are a bottler, you can't even sell them all your flavors. I mean come on, can't even offer all your flavers in your own home town. Ill keep my stock, its actually kind of funny to watch it fall. And what are you talking about "ever heard of diversify" yeah, when talking about Enron, I said Jones should be called that cause they are headed the same place as Enron. And thats not profitability. Ichiro, I think its great to know that people are still in the cult, it gives us something to laugh about. You read my posts when I was with the company. What was different about my posts that yours. Nothing, just empty responces trying to prove to everyone that Jones is the best. Even though numbers keep droping, they have unhappy employes, dist. are droping them, and their stock is being valued less and less every day. Sure, every company has their ups and downs, but Jones has had about 10 downs for every up. You guys need to sell to Cadburry now, and let someone who knows a little bit about running beverages control the show. Cadburry can probably bring Jones up to around 30 million in sales per year which would be great. Plus, they don't have to worry about lossing money like Jones does. But why won't you do that. Cause Peter Van Smoke said "Im only in this to sell the company when my stock is high, then Im out" great leadership there.

01-26-2002, 07:50 PM
Ron, I think it would be a travesty if Cadbury were to buy Jones. First, award those sick scammers with a buyout? Then, so what if they could bring up the sales. They could bring up the sales of something else even more. How about Crush, Sunkist, Welch's, Dr Pepper or whatever? Take the $ they'd squander on Jones and spend it on these brands; much better return. And also, Cadbury is known for quality in beverages, chocolates, etc. Add Jones to that? Better yet, try selling a pallet of ketchup to Spago.

You're better off getting the 49¢ before it becomes 5¢. Pretty soon Jones will be at the 99¢ Store; 99¢ per pallet! :D

I'd venture to guess that Peter Van Smoke's bald scalp turns red every time he hears the word "karma"! Maybe he can escape from his creditors by traveling to Key West, putting on his orange jumpsuit, and rowing a boat south. Mix in with people of his own kind. Yeah, I'd put that picture on the next label.

01-26-2002, 11:27 PM

In response to a post you had on 4-6-2000.You commented that you rose to the ranks of beer manager.How does one do that at 20 years of age?Last time i checked the legal age was 21 in the state of California.

Best of luck,

Ron Swedelson
01-27-2002, 11:52 PM
Well because what you forgot to check is anyone who is at least 18 years of age can serve and or sell any unopened bottle of alcohal. If someone is under the age of 18, they are allowed to sell unopened alcohal if someone else of at least 18 years of age is within 20 feet of you. So yes, thank you for trying to put me down, unfortunatly, it didnt work cause you didnt do your homework. But thats ok, you must be from Jones. Cause just like they don't know how to run a company, you don't know how to properly form a good argument. Thanks anyway.

01-28-2002, 12:37 AM

One question for you.So you can go into any bar and act as a beer manager even though you are not 21.Laws sure have relaxed in your state.Never heard of such a thing in the United States.The law states you have to be 21 to enter the premise?

01-28-2002, 12:37 AM

One question for you.So you can go into any bar and act as a beer manager even though you are not 21.Laws sure have relaxed in your state.Never heard of such a thing in the United States.The law states you have to be 21 to enter the premise?


01-28-2002, 03:08 AM
Oops Ron... it looks like he forgot to sign so he had to repost. Amazing how he pays so much attention to your age; did the math and all. Isn't it also interesting how just as fast as one group of Jonesies fades away, another group seems to appear? Of course, the number in these groups appears to be working its way down to 1; perhaps the same one with different computers.

Anyway, Peacekitty better get on the ball or her Dr Pepper post could be outdone by this Jones one!

Ron Swedelson
01-28-2002, 12:36 PM
Um raindog, I can basicaly quote for you what the California Penal Code says if you would like.
Anyone who is under the legal age of 21 maynot enter any bar or age ristricted drinking area unles there on busines.

Oh darn, guess you failed again. So I was and still ame legal to sell beer. And able to enter any and all bars that I want. God, it just must be eating you up inside to know that once again you are wrong, and well....I AM RIGHT!!!!

01-28-2002, 01:00 PM
well smelly..you just showed me what your mentality is all about by refering to lykis..there is a true piece of work..sounds like your a big folower.. doesn't surprise me a bit..what a joker..

01-28-2002, 11:17 PM
Hey ichiro... how would you even know who he is if you didn't listen to him yourself, Dummkopf!

Ron, can you believe that these idiots keep popping up and burying themselves deeper?

By the way, what ever happened to Rick_Barry or yzerone? Perhaps they got a little wiser...

01-29-2002, 02:31 AM
hey smelly..i have listened to him a few times and find him to be a total dip..im not surprised you listen to him though..lykis is a man in his late 40's who tries to talk it up like he's 20..total idiot..his followers are the party animals who never grow up...find themselves in mid life without a life...talk about drinking the kool-aid..smelly you made my day....hahahahaha..sorry smelly..i might have thought lykis was 'COOL' 15 yrs ago...but i got out of high school...and unlike you i listened to lykis before i bashed him..unlike you who bash products you've never tasted...kma

01-29-2002, 09:44 AM
You got out of high school, but did you graduate? I guess this is an example of how the system pushes people through high school without requiring a certain level of literacy so that slow students won't feel bad. If poor old Tom Leykis even knew that his show were being discussed in the Jones forum, it would not be good for his ego. Since the topic here is "Who Else Hates The Jones Company", someone ought to call up Tom and ask him what he thinks of the Jones Company (if he's ever heard of it). Most likely it's been dumped at his studio at one point or another by a product placement company.

Ron Swedelson
01-29-2002, 08:21 PM
So Ichiro, SS is a dumb@ss cause he listens to someone you don't like? Then couldnt it work the other way around...you know, you being a dumb@ss cause you don't listen to someone SS likes? You need to learn how to better formulate your arguments. You can't say things like, "uh, you smell cause you like something that I don't" use some actual facts and reasonings with your arguments. You will last longer. Also, SS has tried Jones before, which makes him even stronger in his arguments against it. Please Jones, come up with a good argument for once.

01-29-2002, 09:10 PM
I tried Peachy Keen, It had a fair taste at the beggining but then it started to taste like rust, im not sure if it was just my bottle or part of the taste but im not gonna spend 99¢ on that again Yuck!


01-29-2002, 11:09 PM
Avery, the next time you spend 99¢ on Jones it will be when 99¢ buys a whole case at the 99¢Store this summer. Of course, that's if your taste of Rusty Keen didn't make even that seem too expensive!! :D

Ron, it is futile to teach an old dog (or a rain dog) new tricks. Yeah, he knows I tried Jones 'cause he sent me the stuff himself. Also, that time I bought the one-time purchase I drank all of the flavors. I've tasted all sorts of awful stuff in developing the entourage of drinks that I offer. And speaking of "SS", there was a horrible soda I drank in Sulawesi, Indonesia called "SS". It was from "Pabrik SS" of Ujung Pandang. It tasted like the smell of burning plastic even though it said it was Cream Soda. I'll admit... it was even worse than Jones. And if some clowns in jumpsuits start telling everyone they should invest in Pabrik SS I'll put in my two cents; in this case it would purely be based upon taste; I don't think their ethics could possibly be as bad as Jones'! :confused:

Mr. Soda
01-30-2002, 07:26 PM
SS, writing of a level of literacy, it looks as though this fellow Ron fell through the cracks in high school. I thought that the teachers were supposed to help you spell. Was Ron absent that year? If he professes he wants to be an officer of the law, then he better improve his spelling or he will have numerous tickets thrown out of court for errors. It happens every day!

Ron, it just goes to show the level of education you have or the lack of it.

Ron Swedelson
01-30-2002, 07:58 PM
Well, if you are speaking of a traffic officer, which I do not wish to be. But in the even I get assigned it. Very little spelling is needed on a ticket. Most are even printed out for you. So I am fine there. When it comes to report writing, that is what I have a spell check for on my lap tap since reports can be taken that way when turned into your supervisor. And there were vocabulary tests in school. And I studied for them and got A's and B's on them. Here in this forum, I do not wish to spend my time writing my responces in Microsoft Word then spell checking then cutting and then pasting here on teh bevboard. Its a waste of my time, and when talking about Jones, I don't see why they would deserve such effort from me. Now if you would like to try to damage my credibility then come out with some facts like I have about you guys. If you wish to continue on with your "Learn to spell. Cause, if you can't spell, you must have flunked out of high school and that makes Jones Soda the best out there, yeah, thats it. Thats the ticket." Get with it and don't come at me unless you have something to come at me with.

Ron Swedelson
01-30-2002, 08:02 PM
I know one thing I can spell though. Fourty Seven Cents. Why do I put that. THATS WERE JONES SODAS STOCK IS....47 CENTS!!!!!!!!!!!
HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA AHAHHA!!!!!!!!!!!! What a great company. Guys, I know you like to do the opposite. You know, other companies go corporate, you don't cause you want to be the other guys (except your energy package, compleate corp. turn around) and other companies make money, so you decide not to. But when other companies have their stocks go up, dont have yours go down. Just last year it was up to 90 cents, now it has lost almost half of its value. Man, do I wish I still worked there.

01-31-2002, 01:47 AM
Quick question, Ron... are those U.S. or Canadian cents??? :D I guess it just doesn't make cents to invest in Jones.

The other day I was at a cash and carry and there was a sample of Jones there. I picked up the bottle and started laughing. The owner asked me why I was laughing and I said "Did they try to sell this junk to you?!" His response was that the bottle was free. I told him "you get what you pay for"!

01-31-2002, 07:37 PM
Well my 10 shares are down, geez! Well maybe its from all those returns of Peachy Keen. Anyways you gotta be able to come up with a better way to insult Ron, thats just lame. I don't take sides but from what I have heard Danny and Ron have provided solid facts (stock price, company fiscals, ect) these are all confirmable. But the Jones people haven't written anything but opinnon and rumor. Also Danny and Ron have cridentals in the Bev. Industry. Joners are all but anonimous. I'm sure anybody who reads this board still who is nuetral is in full agreement with me on this. So if you wanna stick up for Jones give us SOME FACTS, sales figures, profits, ANYTHING other than- I luv Jones so they must be great.


01-31-2002, 09:03 PM
In the infamous words of Jim Rome (sports talk show host that is nationally syndicated), I believe the term is "have a take, dont suck".

I believe that saying when posting on the board. Thus, my few takes as of late and also if I dont have the facts to back what I am saying, I dont post. Take a hint from that, some of you.

Believe it, "have a take, dont suck" repeat after me....and say this before you post to the board.


02-01-2002, 01:29 AM
I'm still wondering if Jackie D's will be around once Jones is gone. The jury's still out on whether or not Jackie D's is merely a Jones copy secretly made by Jones to lure Jones haters into drinking Jones without being aware of it! Although I do not like Jones, I can say that even if Jackie D's is a different company without necessarily the same negative attributes as has Jones, the flavors are horrible; very similar to Jones indeed.

Ron Swedelson
02-01-2002, 12:17 PM
Jackie D kind of tastes like watery kool-aid. Normaly a good flaver in the ghetto. So it can't be from Jones, they discontined Grape. They should have renamed it
Ghetto Grape.

02-01-2002, 01:44 PM
I don't live in the Ghetto, I like grape soda. A little racist, don't you think?

Ron Swedelson
02-01-2002, 02:23 PM
no not at all. I live in San Ramon CA. Compleate upscale area. So are the surrounding cities of BlackHawlk,Danville, Alamo. All having median house prices of upper $700,000, and guess what. I like the grape too. Just the same as stores out here sell St. Ides and Old English. But you are going to sell more in the ghetto. You may think that is racist, but I sold Country Club and many other malt liquors in the Tenderloin dist. and Hunters Point in San Francisco, and guess which neighborhoods sold more in San Francisco. Ill give you a hint, it wasnt in the Marina District. Think of why Mystics last adds were ethnicaly driven? Cause even though they sell the product to a lot of stores (or at least used to) they have the majority of their busines in Urban Area. Look at Kool-Aids add, ethnicaly driven....don't think that just cause something is not PC that its racial, I hate that sort of thing.

02-01-2002, 02:50 PM
It's cool, you being a beverage man would know way more about what sells where than me smile.gif I just always thought the grape soda thing was just an urban legend.

No hard feelings, Ron!

Ron Swedelson
02-01-2002, 07:26 PM
yeah, you can say grape is an "Urban Legand" strong point being urban. Its just disapointing to know that one of the few things Jones did good (grape jones) is now gone. And I can't even find Grape Nehi around here either...man...can't anything ever go right for me??

Ron Swedelson
02-01-2002, 07:30 PM
Wow, Jones stock fell as low as $0.46 a share today. It raised to hold strong at $0.49 a share by days end, but wow....looking strong boys. Now, will your stock go up by speculation when you finaly announce your year end earnings? Let me know so I can sell.

02-02-2002, 02:43 AM
Ron... wouldn't you rather sell at 46¢ than 27¢ at the end of Feb? I was pushing you to sell when it was like 90¢! At this point, it's like having a "garage sale"; you get rid of junk and get a few pennies for it and it gets hauled away for free.

Oh yeah... Grape Nehi in longnecks. You know, I sell some of that in the so-called "ghetto" areas but also in all sorts of other places including Memphis BBQ places and even a British deli in the West Side. Face it,... Grape Nehi made with granulated cane sugar is so, so delicious! If it sells better in the ghetto, then that just means that people in the ghetto have good taste!

As for Jones Grape, that was the last remaining case of Jones we had; it took 2 1/2 years to get rid of it. It sold to the Borders Bookstore in Valencia (Magic Mountain). Jones isn't designed for the ghetto; it's for the gutter. Just remember Orangeman's post. The gutter. And don't forget about the fish who suffer when it goes in the gutter. The best thing is to not manufacture Jones in the first place.

Hey, Ron... if you're reading this... GET RID OF YOUR JONES STOCK!

And Ron, since I know you're involved with Bawls now (wow, what a great leap up from Jones)... you'll be happy to know that it really impressed the owners of a white-cloth restaurant on Beverly Blvd that buys Hildon Water from England. The Jones folks wouldn't even be allowed to step through the door of that place!

Ron Swedelson
02-02-2002, 03:15 PM
I know I should sell, but hey I guess I will be happy if it ever gets to the 80 cent area, or be happy if it falls to 5 cents. Cause then at least its funny to say I have a ton of stocks in a 5 cent stock. But hey, here is a new one. I'd like to hear how Jones explains this one.
They have a distributor in the East San Francisco Bay Area by the name of C&A. They have out sold everyone in California in terms of Jones Soda sales. Let me remind you, this is the same area that Jones pulled from Millennium Brands (5 trucks per month) to go to 7-Up, then when they realised 4 months later that that was the biggest mistake they ever made. They hired me to keep the area alive untill they got a dist in the area. They finnaly got one, and here is how they are messing it up again. They are selling product to another dist. Pierson Brothers, to sell in the same area. It was originaly designed to have them sell Jones in San Francisco (were they already have Morris Distributing and were doing better than they ever had in San Francisco) and then gave Piersons the ok to sell in the East Bay. Let me also tell you that Pierson only covers about 1/3 of the East Bay, and does not service chains (Jones Juice is in Albertsons). They are going in and stealing some of C&A's accounts cause they are under selling them. And only have maybe 20-30 accounts overall that C&A is not in. So Jones is chancing loosing C&A, have no body to service Albertsons so they would loose that chain (60 stores in the east bay) And they really are not getting any new sales since Piersons are just selling into existing accounts. And again, doing this to the distributor who has not only spent over $140,000 on Jones product this year, but is out selling everyone else in California. If Jones does not correct this problem immediatly, it will only prove how disfunctional they are and how unbusines savy they really are. I mean come on guys, this is a new low. If you were just switching distributors again, no one would really think to much cause its just expected of you, but bringing in a new distributor and causeing havic in one of the few areas were you have no problems in, you guys better correct it soon are you guys will get screwed in that area.

02-02-2002, 07:44 PM
Well, now... there's no surprise there. Jones' feeble minds (and unethical minds) figure that Jones is such a commodity that two small distributors (who they couldn't care less about) should be in the streets fighting over who sells it to which account. While each of these distributors goes home penniless because of nickel and diming, the Jonesies laugh all the way to the bank. Of course, they go to the bank with dark glasses due to their disasters in other territories.

Now, what's really stupid here is how C&A and Pearsons actually keep supporting this evil company. They keep sending money to Jones, knowing that there is absolutely no loyalty; no appreciation for their efforts. They fight to stay alive and use the garbage barge as their flagship; engage in pointless battles which only line the pockets of the evil jumpsuit dwellers.

Why don't C&A and the Pearson Bros (cool folks) get together and give Jones the middle finger; work with a nutty Belgian, and all make some $$ and lots of people happy with delicious beverages? Screw Jones. They don't care about either of those folks; their actions prove this fact.

Sorry to say but you are going to see the stock at 5¢ way before the misguided dream of 80¢. Ron, it's worth 8 times as much as 40¢; why not sell it at 8 to one, EH?

Oh yeah, and down here in LA? The Jones clowns and their unaware fat beer folks go from embarrassment to embarrassment and leave failure in their tracks. Once the supermarket rent becomes due, they'll implode overnight.

Mr. Soda
02-04-2002, 07:41 PM
Mr. Ron, not to get off the beverage angle of this posting, but what kind of an entry level policeman doesn't write traffic tickets. Are going to bypass all the traffic cops and go straight to head of dectectives? :confused:

Ron Swedelson
02-05-2002, 12:38 AM
Traffic is a position that many have to go through, this is true. Not as entry, and usualy not for some years either. It is a possition I will one day go through for the duration needed. The biggest part of the traffic ticket/position was the spelling. My reply was most tickets printed out now. And the ones that are not, show the violation C.V.C., the time and date, the weather, the location, type of car and year, and court date (usually one month from date of ticket) you can cap on my spelling all you want, but none of that stuff up there is a problem. Any other questions?

Ron Swedelson
02-05-2002, 12:59 AM
Here, you want more specifics about a ticket so I don't get any other dumb responces to it.
Left to Right, Top to Bottom
Case number,
Month, day, year, day of week
Name (first middle last)
Residence Address, Juvenile phone
City, State, zip
Drivers Licence number, State, age, d.o.b
sex, hair, eyes, height, weight, race
Vehical Lic. number, state, year
yr. of vehical, vehical name, model, body type, colors,
registered owner or lessee
address of owner or lessee
financial responsibility
violation number, code, description
radar, animal control, infraction, booking req.
approx. m.p.h., max speed, veh lmt. direction, beat
occured on, at or near
weather, road conditions, traffic, accident yes/no
[]offense(s) not committed in my presence certified on information and belief
(officer signature) serial number
name of arresting officer if different from above, serial number
date and time of court appearance,

Thats your basic hand written ticket. Not that hard or complicated. Almost all info is on the D.L. and registration. The other are easy to fill in, and for you funny guys who think pointing out my spelling makes my posts less credible, even for me it would be hard to mess up the one word responces in each box.

But to stay with the post....45 cents....that is what Jones Sodas stock price was for today. Gee, for a company that is doing so well, and is also having falling numbers, and to be out of their top two flavors (Green and Cream) it kind of makes you wonder why it closed at 45 cents. Things that make you go hummmm?

02-05-2002, 09:43 AM
Ron, they probably got cut off by their bottlers for non-payment.

Anyway, yeah... you're right about those tickets. I remember once I saw a motorcycle cop with a little machine making tickets for cars and I saw a logo at the bottom that was funny: "AUTOCITE". What will they think of next?

02-05-2002, 02:23 PM
I'm just curious what and when was the high for Jones stock?

Ron Swedelson
02-05-2002, 05:12 PM
It was just before they announced their quarter earnings in July. Their stock went as high as 90 cents. Doesnt seem like a lot, but its almost double todays .46 cent stock. Thats the highest it has been. I should have sold it then, cashed in a few extra hundred dollars in profit for me, and called it a day. At least I have a novelty stock now.

02-05-2002, 10:46 PM
The way I look at it, better to get your 46¢ before it's absolutely nothing!! Anyway, you may recall that as it was going down I told you it was going to keep going down... this was sound advice. Now my advice is take your 46¢; you'll be happy when you see it drop down to nothing; you'll be glad you got your few bucks while they were still there to get!

the european
02-06-2002, 04:39 AM
guys, although it's been a rather interesting discussion reg. Jones uptill now to follow, it seems everyone made their opionion quite clear, and no new aspects are shown...maybe it would be nice to start up a fresh discussion? It's a waste of a pretty nice forum to end up in a personal vendetta...as a EU citizen i'd love to discuss more international shifts in the soft drink field, and am very open to any discussion regarding the current functional drinks out there.
Suggest to await Jones' situation towards the summer, and leave them for now....

Ron Swedelson
02-06-2002, 11:43 AM
but you are forgeting European, just like with Al-Queda, if we do not enforce a constant pressure, they will rise again. Thats all it is here, and little by little more and more info comes out about Jones that should be made known. And when the Jones Damage Control Cheerleaders come out, well they just set themselfs up for more harm. Just concider this a public service anouncment by thoese who enjoy quality companies.

02-07-2002, 12:44 AM
Yeah, that's kind of funny. Where is The European's post on a Non-Jones section? Feel free to post whatever you like; it's an open forum. And why do you read and respond to Jones posts... hmmm... (and I don't mean to seem like the Church Lady)... could you be a JONESIE??????

Hey, Ron... as for that Freudian slip "Al Qaeda", referring to another dweller in an orange jumpsuit like the Jonesies, you are right. You need to follow the advice of Geraldo Rivera... when you know there are cockroaches, turn on the light so they will scatter!

the european
02-07-2002, 03:52 AM
SS, try not to see ghosts everywhere, i'm not connected to any drinks co. and therefor also have no relation with Jones whatsoever...

Ron Swedelson
02-07-2002, 12:17 PM
Euro, I think his SS's post meant that it was farily ironic that you posted on a Jones forum, not to post on a Jones forum. For most people, if they are not interested in a discution, they will not open it and or post in it.

02-08-2002, 02:09 AM
You know, Ron... it seems that yzerone and littleguy and all of the others were 'not connected to the Jones Co or involved in the beverage industry; just curious folks who happened onto this site'. Well, what a coincidence! And he even came back to respond again....

It's OK, Euro... your opinion is welcome no matter what your reason is for popping onto this forum.

Just for your info, those who 'hate the Jones Co' are a bunch of people who were once intrigued with, bought from, or worked with - the Jones Co; and ended up not liking them very much due to the way Jones treats people.

Ron Swedelson
02-08-2002, 11:54 AM
Hey, is that a .43 cent price tag I see next to your stock price Jones. Yes it is, yes it is.

Ron Swedelson
02-08-2002, 12:08 PM
I just thought it was funny when looking at Jones Sodas locater pager. It lists places like Safeway and Vons and Nob Hill and many other places that Jones is not even in. I mean come on, you lie about how good the company is doing, how much money you are "not" lossing, but now were you can find your product. Even you guys put 7-11 Hayward...dude, thoes are my dads stores. Im tempted to kick you out just so you have another misprinted location for Jones. My dad has asked me if he can kick Jones out since I don't sell it to him anymore. I told him he can do what he wants, but its my friend who is now selling it, so hes keeping it, for the time being.

Ron Swedelson
02-08-2002, 11:52 PM
I don't know. .43 cent stock price on Jones, Peter on an extended vacation. Could he be out the door with Jones soon to follow? Im not sure, but there are definatly a lot of Cadbury guys around Jones, whats going on guys?

02-09-2002, 12:28 AM
Well, those Cadbury guys are probably the ones who take old chocolate and try to pass it as "white chocolate".

Anyway, Ron... I'm a bit disappointed. You should tell your dad to 86 the Jones and double up on the Bawls and the beers your friends sell. Then your Dad will make more $ and you won't be giving any money to Jones. It's bad to give money to bad people. And your friends do have some quality beverages so you should support them with those!!!

Ron Swedelson
02-09-2002, 11:40 AM
I guess my dad has a soft spot for the diying.

02-09-2002, 06:49 PM
I guess that's one way to put it! But that's kind of like you're going to spray some ants but then you feel sorry for the ants. So they just spread and take over and make you miserable. Jones is kind of like ants in this fashion.

02-10-2002, 09:34 AM
It has now been over a year since the jones distributor went AWAL in the DFW area. I was thinking of contacting the local dairy and asking them to put "pictures of jones pictures" on their milk cartons. But if no one is looking for you can you really be lost? I guess it is kind of like that tree falling in the forest and making a sound. Who cares!

02-10-2002, 12:49 PM
Yeah, pretty soon Piccolo Pete's going to be reduced to filling the bottles in his garage and trying to sell his stuff on a push-cart. Of course, that's til he gets evicted for non-payment of rent. Then he'll just break off the neck of the last bottle and sit on a bench at the bus station hoping people put coins in what's left of the bottle. He'll probably let his hair grow (if he really has hair down there) so people won't recognize him; those who lost money investing in his company wouldn't even put a nickel in his cup.

02-11-2002, 08:44 AM
Yeah while sitting on that bus stop bench he will be telling folks that "life is like a truckload of jones juice, you never know what you're gonna get".

02-11-2002, 10:02 AM
Yeah, I heard their new flavor was going to be called "Soup Kitchen" but the label manufacturer was still waiting for a check before releasing it.

02-11-2002, 11:47 AM
soda...you are pathetic..you keep bashing pete, yet the guy has more brains in his butt than you do in your head..I have never seen a few people so obsessed with bashing ..you really do need to grow up ..if thats possible.. oh danny i went over to your web site...talk about a pathetic thing...so cute with your words as if your some intellect..give me a break...if you've ever seen the show oz on hbo, I think the character Schillinger needs to spend some thing in a room with you alone... :D

Ron Swedelson
02-11-2002, 01:00 PM
So here we go again. Ichiro (Jones Damage Controll Chearleader) is once again making homosexual comments as his backing, with no real facts at all. Once again, talks about how he can't believe how obsesed some people are with bashing Jones. Yet at the same time, spends just the same effort if not more, trying to defend Jones and Peter. He doesn't discuss Jones numbers. Doesnt talk about how Peters one year contract with Jones is either up, or comming up, and how Peter is on "extended vacation" right now. Nothing about how a bunch of Cadburry guys are swarming around the office. Nothing on how much the employes are unhappy working under Matt. Nothing about the drop in numbers. How even with slumping numbers, they ran out of Green Apple and Blue Bubble Gum. Nothing about their .42 cent stock today. I guess, all he said was, nothing.

02-11-2002, 11:00 PM
Hey, whatever on that HBO stuff; I don't even have HBO so you'll have to laugh with yourself on that one, ichiro. Thanks for clearing up where Piccolo Pete's brain is located; I'd have never guessed it was in his butt. You seem to be very familiar with stuff like that, this HBO show, and so forth... please spare us the details, OK?

Hey, Ron... 42¢? Look for it to drop below 39 by Friday. Going, going, gone. Anyway, these clowns keep stepping up to the plate. Just imagine if all of that energy could be used toward something positive and/or promising? Except for the fact that the Jonesies have no remorse for all of the problems they have caused to others, you can almost feel sorry for them. The key word here is 'almost'; remember their brethren in orange jumpsuits hangin' out in Cuba Libre!

02-13-2002, 03:58 PM
Hey All,
I realize that I'm not really a part of this whole conversation going on here but I thought I would butt in to make a few comments about Jones Soda. First let me say that I try just about every brand of bottled soda that I come across. Of all of them I think that Jones is one of the worse tasting ones. I just don't like it. It tastes funny. The bottles are interesting but the drink tastes bad. Sorry Jones.

02-15-2002, 12:02 AM
Couldn't have said it better myself! Anyway, I think that everyone knows enough about Jones now. Hopefully, our job here is done.

Ron Swedelson
02-15-2002, 05:17 PM
What Black, and White, and less than .40 cents?

Thats right...Jones...haha....39 freaking cents today on the stock market. One of their lowest times ever. Dude, its even funnier that I own some of their stock. Anyone have a hotdog I can trade my 1,200+ shares for. Im kind of hunger, and I know its not an even trade. I mean, me getting a food for lunch, and someone getting stuck with a junk stock, but hey...help me out...
I guess that Jones guy can finish his 100 reason why Jones will succeed. He only needs about 40 more right...well, he can use 39 of them as each penny of a stock. This just keeps on getting better and better. Guess Jones and Peter shouldnt have tried to screw so many people.

02-16-2002, 12:55 AM
Yeah, Ron... keep holding onto that stock and you'll wake up one day with "EN" attached to the beginning of your name! Hmmm.... 39¢ today? I estimate that by the first of March it'll dip below 30. And then "Beware The Ides Of March"; not much chance the company will even exist by then. As for August 2002 notice that nobody even brings that up anymore! Embarrassment, I suppose. Well, hopefully all of those who invested with good intention learned a valuable lesson here. As for Piccolo Pete and his Circus Clowns, they will go on knowing that they ripped off many folks, messed up the lives of all sorts of people, and lost everything because they could no longer hide their evil ways.

Ron Swedelson
02-19-2002, 06:35 PM
Kind of funny, Distributors have problems getting POS from Jones, but anyone can go on their web page and buy a cooler barrel or stickers or a display rack. Jones, maybe if you didn't waste all your money on trying to create new shirts and jackets and lunchboxes and whatnot, you could concentrate on your company and have it earn a nickle or two.

02-20-2002, 12:11 AM
Ron, I suspect they're not so much as producing ballpoint pens these days. Can't even produce their sodas let alone POS. Going, going, gone! And before the date I had predicted!!! Ciao for now!

Ron Swedelson
02-20-2002, 05:08 PM
Danny, are you accepting bets on Jones Sodas down fall. I'll put $50 down on Jones closing by August, at the latest....speaking of latest, lets see whats new with Jones...I'm so glad Jones makes so many enimies were ever it goes, or else I just wouldnt have as much info for everyone as I would like.

1) their stock is not being traded, well, it will tomarrow, because after you read the rest of this post, you will know why I finnaly sold off ALL my stock in Jones.
2) Jones Soda has pulled out of the East Coast. They have told distributors that once they run out, thats it. No more East Coast Sales. They have even fired all the east coast guys.
3) They have been out of their top flavors, Green Apple, Blue Bubble Gum, and I think Cream Soda. Now with all their sales being down, they should have an over stock of flavors, could they have fallen behind on their payments to their manufactuers and can't get any more produced?
4) Paul Weinstein (one of the nice guys at Jones, I actually like him) who was head of Production, is now the West Coast Sales Manager. Jones thinking must be, well, no one knows the product better than Paul. But hes not in sales and not a saleman. Ive ridden with suppliers before who were like chemists and knew everything about their product. Customers don't want a science lesson, they want to be sold on the idea of why they want your brand.
5) Jones has fiered more west coast guys. Now California is covered by 2 people. Again, a couple of the nice ones, and I hope that working for Jones won't tarnish their reputation when they start looking for jobs in a few months. So California is down from 7 people in May when Jones was chugging along and having record numbers, to two people, and having record numbers again, but for low numbers.
6) They fired the LA guy cause it was "his fault" that Harilombos didn't sell more Jones. You would think common scense would tell you a massive beer distributor like them would't care as much about Jones as a Jones house like Bottoms Up was.
7) They let Matt Hughs go. The guy that one of the Cheerleaders claimed would turn Jones around and make them an immediate power house. Matt's ways were way off, and couldnt work out in the Jones office were things all need to go through Peter.
8) Matt used a calculator to facter in how many cases Harilambos needs to sell. "Lets see, if you times all the accounts in LA and Orange County, by each account doing X cases of Jones, your goal is Z" So if the magic calculation is not reached, there goes another employee. Anyone who uses a calculator to decide how much to sell in each county does not know what they are doing. Might as well make your company double by just multiplying your number by two, why not triple it?
9) Jones has been dropped by quite a few California Distributors, and the ones still with it, are barely moving product.
10) The sadest part, if Jones was run correctly from day one, they could be a massive, almost $100 million dollar company by now. At least the board of directors are finnaly starting to realise that Jones just can't turn its self around.

Ron Swedelson
02-20-2002, 11:45 PM
Sorry to jump ahead of things. After reading my post again, I happened to make an error, what I should have said about Matt was not that he was let go, cause he wasnt. I meant to say that after he got everyone in the sales field to hate him, and for failing miserably on his goals, he was releaved from his sales duties and put into operations. Sorry for the mix up.

02-21-2002, 12:38 AM
Well, good for you Ron!! Finally got rid of that stuff!

Certainly on your next visit to SoCal I'll have to treat you to a microbrewery visit; unlimited consumption!

Hey, August 2002.... still 6 months; are they downsizing just to try to have a vestige left so they can hang til September? The company is a total failure. It's karma. I had always predicted this; it sure has taken a long time.

Anyway, Haralambos sells tons of Corona, Tecate, Pacifico, Sapporo, Snapple... their forklift drivers don't even know what Jones is. Can't blame them either.

Well, on our end we're just too busy to be spending more time on Jones! All the best to you, Ron! smile.gif

02-24-2002, 07:05 AM
I tell you what - it's absolutely incredible that a thread like this can go on for two YEARS

Ron, take your personal feelings out of this and look at it from a purely business point of view. Let's say you have a product - it's off-beat, counter the main stream - it's got a schtick (the labels). It catches on as a cult thing with the college crowd and with the X-games crowd .... you think you have something thats going places

Now, what do you want to do with this product? The answer is of course, you want to MAKE MONEY. How do you do that? Well, in the long run, you gotta go big - get one of the big boys to buy you. So you do what it takes to get them to notice you. Now, they arent interested in "two trucks a week" of product. You have to start somewhere, so you go to the little guy - Run with the little guy -- Once you, and all the other "little guy" distributors have gotten them in the door, from a business standpoint, its time to move on. WHY? Cuz youre racing against the clock ........ you want someone to buy you out so you can retire to some tropical island before the next new hot thing comes along, before you have to face the realities of whether there's more to your product to make today's roller blade hotshots tomorrow's Jones drinking retirees than a funky label
Bottom line, Jones didnt want to be a "little guy" - they want to make as much money as they can. That's business, thats capitalism. What they did in regards to your operation wasnt personal.

Two years man. Move on with it already

Ron Swedelson
02-24-2002, 05:48 PM
I guess you didn't read the full board, thats ok. I know they tried to get big, I heard Peter Van Stolk say "I'm only in this to sell the company and get rich." I know there are very few companies that are started to not sell, and not to make a lot of money, and thats fine. If you followed this post you would see Jones sodas scandelouse busines practices, and how it all backfired on them. Peter was very two faced. He would tell you one thing, and then do the other. You would ask him something, he would get mad that you would even have the nerve to ask that, and then the next week get mad and wonder why you didn't act on what you just asked him. Jones spent, excuse me, wasted to much money on to many events and pointless activites. Take me for instance. When I worked for Jones, I had a whole plan laid out for a van team. I had the van, I had the product. All I needed was coolers (which were all in storage for them) and the ok to hit the streets. But what did they do, after giving me a raise, they let me sit on my ass for 3 months, get paid in full, and still get commition from another sales rep. Thats a good use of your money. They always ditch distributors, cause they think the next one will sell a couple extra cases per month. The bay area here, they pulled from Millennium Brands, who were selling 5 trucks a month, and their number 4 distributor. To go to 7-up, who as a company, for all 12 sites, and all sales reps for each site, were only doing about 5 trucks a month. So they lost sales, and got booted from Albertsons. After finaly getting California back on its feet, they fired the guy who was responsible for giving the state record numbers, and for the first time, making the South West market number 1 for Jones. But before he was fired, he got another distributor started in the East San Francsico Bay Area. Once they were outselling every distributor in California (in terms of Jones Sales), Jones went ahead and signed up another distributor to battle them in the same accounts. They have been dry in Dallas area for a long time now. Florida is dead with Jones. Sales everywere have plummeted. Why, cause Peter had shady busines practices that have caught up to him. They won't issue contracts to anyone. They have no extra money cause they waste it all. And they hired someone new to take over sales (Matt) who had no idea what he was doing. Still uses the "magic calucltor" and the "what ifs" "what if we take county X, and we know there are 1,000,000 people there. If was get 1/5 of the population to buy our drink once a week, thats 800,000 bottles per month we will be selling" what kind of crap is that? The company sucks, their practices suck, and Im happy that they are getting what they deserve. I just hope the few good people left in the company can leave before they reputations get hit as well. Nothing personal, Im just a little extra happy that as distributors are dropping your 21 skus of crap, that they don't mind picking up my 1 sku of proven, quality product. Ill buy your R.V. for $100 bucks though Jones. It is a cool ride, and you do need the money.

02-25-2002, 09:10 PM
Originally posted by Ron Swedelson:
Peter was very two faced.Really, Ron. If he were two faced do you think he's be wearing THAT one?

Ron Swedelson
02-25-2002, 10:15 PM
Im not sure if I am missing something in the joke there, but yeah, he is two faced. Anyway, their stock plummeted to .38 cents today...good job guys

02-26-2002, 10:57 AM
As Dandy Don used to croon on MNF...."turn out the lights the party's over..."

(For all you kids out there that would be Dandy Don Meredith, former quarterback for God's team, on Monday Night Football).

02-26-2002, 01:48 PM
God's team? You mean my beloved New Orleans Saints??? smile.gif That must be who you are talking about because there is no name more holy than the Saints!

02-27-2002, 08:52 AM
Hey karks88, I like the Saints too, and I am originally from the Sportsman's Paradise, but we all know why there is a whole in the roof of Texas Stadium....so God can watch his home team play!

Ron Swedelson
02-27-2002, 06:27 PM
I won't reveal who the employee is, cause I don't think they have their immunity pole, but I will say a direct quote from a Jones Soda Employee
"Every confrence call is like a f'ed up game of Survivor."
Jones is hitting the hard times now, gee, I wonder why they keep delaying their Year-end numbers?

02-28-2002, 06:29 PM
I won't pick any sides here but Tanya could you explain to me how Jones is doing fine and selling stock for like 30¢ and not turning a profit. I just wish the Jones people had some facts. SS and Ron have some facts on their side but Jones has given this board nothing but opinion. But on a positive not towords Jones you make a hella Green Apple and Whoopass is near the top of the Energy Drinks I have tried. I still havent gotten a taste of Bawls but I'm workin on it. I have noticed here in Minnesota alot of places don't carry Jones anymore.


Ron Swedelson
02-28-2002, 06:45 PM
Oh, poor Tanya. A very sweet and pretty girl. Unfortunaly, the devils helper. She is Peters assistant, and probably has been deemed the new Damage Control Head Cheerleader. Notice how she only said my posts were false, but didn't give any fact to back it up. Ill state what has gone on once again, and lets see if she, or anyone else at Jones wants to give any facts to back up their claim that what I say is not true.
1) Jones is pulling from the East Coast, (t/f)
2) Jones fired their east coast guys (t/f)
3) Jones told their east coast dist. when they run out of product, thats it for them (t/f)
4) Jones has fired more SouthWest staff leaving it from 8 guys, down to 2 (t/)
5) Jones has been dropped in San Mateo, Santa Clara, San Benito, Monterey, and Santa Cruz (t/f)
6) Jones has been out of Green, Blue, and Cream Sodas for some time (t/f)
7) Jones sodas stock hit one of its lowest points ever last week (35 cents) (t/f)
8) Matt Hughs was taken away from the sales field (t/f)
9) The head of production is now head of West Coast Sales (t/f)
10) Because of the 60 Albertsons in the San Mateo to Montery County area, Jones is about to get booted once again from the store.
11) LA county has dropped from almost 9,000 cases a month to about 1,800
12) Jones will not try to prove me wrong, cause they cant (t/f) Ill say true on that one.
Tanya, your a real nice girl, maybe its time you go back to the legal side of things, or look for another job. Trust me, I am getting my info from my knowledge, and from many other insiders who are currently working for Jones, and have recently gotten fired (which you know is a growing number) Once you leave the Jones Cult, you will understand. Get away from the fact that Jones is an awsome drink, and there is not much out there to replace it. But the way it is being run, thats why things are going so bad. Get out while you can Tanya.

02-28-2002, 09:34 PM
I will email you but it seems to me a better idea to simply post the answers on this board becouse there are many people here such as myself who havent made a decision about Jones yet.


Ron Swedelson
03-01-2002, 02:00 AM
To me, defending your company does not lower your standards. If you feel your standards are lowered by replying to posts, then why even start now? Wouldn't your standards be lowered already? Guess thats part of being a Joneser, not only do you complain about "Im not going to reply to you, you are not important enough for me to reply to, I don't have to respond to you" and its all on posts. Posts that have been going on for 2 years now, you could have had anytime to say something, but you choose to now. Secondly, when you stay on with Jones, your standards make you so low, you have to stand on a dime, just to piss on a nickle. Have fun looking for a new job, and yeah, no need to respond to my questions, look at my last one. I already said no Joneser would respond to it. Like always, Jones came on, and had nothing to say. But I think the other people on the board already figured that out. Everyone might think Im a little out there, or not wired right, thats fine. The ones who know me, know I speak the truth, and other people on the board can see I don't speak of anything without fact to back it up. Here is a website for you though
www.monster.com, (http://www.monster.com,) thousands and thousands of job postings listed daily, you will probably need to look there soon.

03-01-2002, 08:24 AM

I have no axe to grind with you or jones. In the Texas market jones is irrelevant. I do have a question though.

Why would you "feel compelled" to respond to Ron on the BB but you "won't lower your standards" to answer his questions? Does that mean that the rest of us with the same or similar questions are also below your standards? I am not trying to be caustic, just wondering.

One of the things that I enjoy most here is when people have different views and express them in a civil manner. Engaging banter between people is entertaining and sometimes eye-opening.

Ron Swedelson
03-02-2002, 04:16 AM
Jones stock is down to .395 cents a share, one of its lowest points again? All the info I have to is just to fun. You would think distributors would know who doesnt work for Jones anymore and would stop faxing numbers and info to them. Thats ok, keep sending them this way. Nothing better for cold hard faxs, than cold hard numbers from the source.

03-03-2002, 12:21 PM
FYI-We have another HEB Central Market in the Dallas area where last week we delivered over 20 cases of Cool Mountain! We have averaged 3-4 cases sold per day since they opened. The store is doing 200K per day in sales!

Alas the poor jones broker had but 3 pathetic cases of inventory. He says that is plenty for this week.

The management team says they will be running scan reports soon and adjusting space to sells. Looks like I will be gaining even more space for Cool Mountain! Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock.

03-03-2002, 05:28 PM
Is Cool Mountain that stuff in glass that has a native american guy on the cover? If it is I can't say I really enjoy that stuff. Then again I may be thinking of something totally diffrent

Ron Swedelson
03-04-2002, 01:00 AM
No, your right. Its the one with the Indian on it. Ill be honest, I don't like it. I tried a couple flavors, and I won't try it again. Bottle and color wise, its a Jones rip off, and thats fine. I don't have to like it for it to sell. It definatly doesnt have the jones taste, or the appeal, but I don't hear any rumblings about them shutting doors. So I guess Cool Mt. has a foot up on Jones, they know how to run a busines.

03-04-2002, 01:24 AM
Ron, you are definitely not wired right...but it's ok..it's not your fault... personally, i think Tanya is right...why the hell should she respond to your crap...you do nothing but bash ..you got a bug up your butt against them...personally i wish you would sell your pittance of shares and quit whining..god it gets old..sell your shares please..so i can have a great laugh when you get torched down the road...have a wonderful and safe week ron...your american league mvp...ichiro

Ron Swedelson
03-04-2002, 07:37 PM
SO let me get this straight Ichiro, you and Tanya had to respond to tell me that its not worth responding to? Maybe Im not wired right, cause that doesnt make sence to me. You say this is old, yet you continue to want to see your name on the responce board. Its not like this site is a surprice to you. You know who started this site, and what the site is about. If you don't like it, fine, stay away. If Tanya doesnt want to respond to this site and thinks its all false statments, then she should stay away as well and not ever enter this site. Not the first time, and not the second time, and not a third time either. If you read posts instead of just wanting to see your name on the board, you would have realized that I already stated that I sold my stock a while ago. So, any other comments with no backing? If not, thats cool, happy Jonesing it, don't push the company out of busines too quick.

03-04-2002, 08:46 PM
Well yeah I'm gonna agree with you Ron that Cool Mtn. stuff does seem like a Jones ripoff. The two flavors I tried were worse than their Jones equivelents. But then again if Jones is really evil as you say I suppose I ought not to give them any of my $ . Oh well the quest continues. Please some Jones Employee or Lover please give this board some facts otherwise Danny and Ron win by default. WE NEED FACTS!!! :D


03-06-2002, 03:56 PM
Hey Ron and Surge

I think you guys are giving way to much credit to Jones. Hard to believe I know but you have Boys? When you call any other glass bottle flavored soda beverage a Jones Rip off this is just pure disregard for history and all that made the category viable in the first place. Flavored sodas have been around for hundreds of years. CMB was launched the same year as Jones soda except they did not have the 5 million and change Jones had to launch there brand. I have to give Peter credit if for nothing else having the balls and gift of gab to talk anyone who would listen into his blatant rip off of a certain wacky soda company out of the West. So now anytime someone makes a flavored soda its a Jones rip off please!!!!!!! As far as your opinions as to CMB flavor, opinions are like body parts everybody has them. One thing I will say about doing business with CMB is they, say what they mean and do what they say and in this business that's a lot in a world of get rich quick so I can get the hell out enterprises. Save Surge the one thing Coke does right and you want them to bring it back. Talking about having your taste buds shot off and handed to you on a silver plater. Peace!

instant karma
03-06-2002, 04:46 PM
Simple trade research and a few phone calls will reveal Ron's claims about the Jones' demise to be (for the most part) true and accurate.

The difference between SoBe's success and Jones' failure is this:

SoBe knows how to motivate and capitvate the consumer, retailer, and distributor. Jones knows only how to motivate and captivate the consumer, placing no value on building positive, lasting relationships with the individuals and companies that build their brand. As a result, large distributors tire of Jones' antics within months, while small loyal distributors usually go out of business due to lack of support from Jones. This is why Jones has 'come and gone' in so many markets.

SoBe leadership was mean spirited but with an accurate, intuitive and timely plan that was well integrated on all levels. Jones' leadership is mean spirited in spite of having little knowledge of how the business really works (winning formula = a hot product combined with proper financing, good trade relations and sales/marketing support). In effect, they have tried to build their company with smoke and mirrors hoping for the big 'sell-off', leaving an unsightly mess of people and former distributors in their wake.

Jones will soon reap the whirlwind of their ugly ways. Perhaps Danny or Ron will organize a party to celebrate J-Day with a drain in the middle to dispose of leftover inventories. The irony here is Jones has NO IDEA how many people would like to attend.

[ 03-06-2002, 05:27 PM: Message edited by: instant karma ]

03-06-2002, 07:26 PM
Wow..... True words.... I hate to see any business fail-- anyone who has tried to build one will understand that feeling--- Not that I will cry too much for Jones-- What I can't believe is that I just had a Columbus Distributor call me to tell me-- we just added Jones!!! Would you like to pay $2.00 more per case than you already do?? We have cut jones back from +100 cases per month to about 30 and plan further reductions and when the dist asked why-- we told them "it's not you but we have been treated so badly by the Jones-ites that we are going to deal with fun folks from now on-- Cause, isn't that what soda is supposed to be??

03-06-2002, 07:33 PM
Big- Im sure Cool Mountain is a fine company and I realize that Jones didnt invent that category. However their flavor lineup seems to closly mimic that of Jones. I wish them the best and I'm sure many people enjoy their drinks. I'm just not one of them. I'm not assuming that my oppinion is the deciding factor on a company, but i do feel I have the right to give it. Like I said I hope the good companies who respect their employes and customers survive and the others die.


03-08-2002, 12:09 PM
unfu*%#ing believable, you 3 losers are still on this topic????? i cant say it enough, or how i really want to say it due to limitations on this board, but what the hell is wrong with you guys?? to have so little of a life that the demise of jones is sooooo important to you guys is truly horrific....who cares if jones fails???? if it does, it does...too bad..but you 3 fanatics are out of control.....i think you guys like pvs a little too much, talking about his bald head and whatnot....not too gay or anything....nice website ss...hilarious in fact........ok now you guys keep this thread going for another few years all right???? cool mountain rules!!!!!! yum yum....well whatever happens, make sure you 3 keep bashing jones (cuz it matters) cuz its extremely entertaining to watch 3 supposed grown men(???) go on and on and on and continually prove to anyone worldwide that you all have no lives, and are eternally jealous and bitter toward a company that you have nothing to do with anyway.....its also interesting to note that even though according to ron and ss jones is the worst company in the history of companies, that even jones was smart enough to FIRE your dumbass ron, says a lot about you dude!!!! and the fact that way back when jones didnt want to deal with ss says a lot as well.....

03-08-2002, 04:04 PM
Hey #96 do you consider me a Jones hater? I sure hope not becouse I'm not, but I am interested in this thread.