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denis minning
08-30-2003, 02:47 PM
Red Bull will offcourse stay marketleader. They had a good strategy on achieving this position, and will always remain there. People just love to work/drink together with a winner.

In the Netherlands where there aren't that much energy drinks, you can see the market divided in 3 sort of enerhy beverages. 1. Red Bull 2. Red Devil (yes, the second energy drink introduced in the Netherlands) 3. No-name brands

The only category that seems to do good in getting the little more marketshare is the Noname brands. And that's just because they are selling for around 25 dollarcents, in comparing 1,50 Red Bull pricing (supermarket retail prcing)

So how to attack and get Red Bull out of the marketplace...hmmm....I think you need to get it forbidden! ;) (which was actually the case in the Netherlands for a few years.

(sorry I seem to done something wrong, message should be under topic Da Bull)

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