View Full Version : Does Anyone know A Cheap Place to Orde StarBucks Double

09-18-2003, 04:49 PM
:confused: I have L@@KED and serched all over the web but can not seem to find what I am searching for!
This is how I landed here so I decided to post and see if anyone on this board would happen to know where I can order StarBucks Double shots cheap on line?
I found a couple sites BUT they wanted $52.00 for 24 cans plus shipping! :eek:
I get them at our local store for $1.99.
I find this amount outrageous!!
I love the drink BUT would really like to buy a quanity at a lower price!!
Does anyone know any URL links or perhaps the drink is cheaper in your area and you would be interested in shipping them to me?
:cool: If there is anyone out there that may have a suggestion or who is willing to offer a hand PLEASE email me at sassyjs2002@aol.com
Thank You :D