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04-22-2004, 03:59 AM
Hey energydude, whoops i mean drayton ha ha ha ha. If yo care so much about bartenders why are you not going to be a bartenders bash in the florida keys? Wait, i'll tell you why, because you and your little no name company can not compete with the big boys. Thats right, you know the ones (redbull, energy69, impulse,amp, rockstar). The one thing they have that you dont MONEY . They can afford to market not bore everyone on the message boards. So dont spend all that money that you say your making off of bag in the box, sp, and thinkpink. Because your gonna need it to live, or until your next scam. Oh by the way if you doing so well why is it i can't find your products anywhere in south florida? Its not in hollywood where you base your thinkpink out of, so right there what does that tell us. Its certainly not in south beach, im there every weekend. Your like the guy that says i have a gilfriend but she lives in another state.(lol lol) Get real and find another beverage forum to bore.

04-22-2004, 09:51 AM
yo sick!
Im with you all the way pal, however...Im just not understanding the reasoning behind the all the other energydrinks besides RB doing this Bartenders in Paradise? They have NO distro in the Keys, and some of the ones mentioned ...well ....no one has heard of them.

Distro without Demand = FAILURE
Demand without Distro = FAILURE

Hey separate note, is RB having the skydivers again this year? I worked a RB Gastro Bar two years ago, man it was a blast! is there a website we all can go to to check out the FAQ?

Who are you with? a club or an Energy Drink Co.?

04-22-2004, 01:00 PM
I work at a club,and i come in the forum from time to time. I like to check out whats new on the market. I'm just tired if hearing about this SP crap. We sell rb with no regrets, it makes us alot of money and my customers order it religiously. I understand this guy is trying to market his drink, but rb was the first and they have the money to market. Marketing is the key, tv, event sponsership, coolers, etc. When you turn on espn what do yo see on xgames? REDBULL. Unless you got millions to start out with all you can do is hang out on bevnet and try to hype your drink. Im not sure if rb will have the skydivers this year but i do know that they sponsor bartenders bash. Thats marketing.