05-24-2004, 04:29 PM
Well the bars are finally starting to get it. This week I have noticed that a lot of bars are starting to shy away from RB. Bartenders are not can openers!!! Popping little cans to pour is slow and waste time. Bartenders are over it and they are starting to realize that it is costing them money because service is so slow. I just started selling a great new Energy Drink bag in a box with no sugar or carbs and it is going fantastic!!! Bartenders are so relieved not to open tiny little cans anymore. The shift has begun, you will see alot more of it in the next 12 months. Bartenders are not can openers.....Bag in a Box here we come!!!!EnergyDude I am calling you out! Cans are the Alpha and Omega. As a can dealer, i know personally in my dealings with thousands of clubs on every continent. Red Bull is loved and adored by bartenders, as are all canned products. My company's canned wine was recently a very large success at bars internationally. No need for expensive, breakable wine glasses, because can wine is the future. THe future is robots with cans, opening their vodka, their Kahlua and their milk cans for a robotic White Russian. We all robots are not trusted with guns, so no Bag-in-a-box for them. More like hag-in-a-fox. :eek: