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07-18-2004, 01:23 PM
Have you ever heard of Tahitian NONI Juice? It is the only noni product endorsed by the medical community even though there are 300-400 other companies. Tahitian NONI International still has 95% of the world market share after 8 years and being the first to bring noni to the rest of the world. Currently we are in 77 countries with 24 more coming online this year. Check out the links below and let me know what you like best and whatever questions you have I can answer for you. Tahitian NONI Juice is listed and pictured in the 2003 version of the medical PDR for non-presccriptions with no observed adverse effects. TNJ is totally natural, no additives or preservatives. TNJ is safe for babies and pregnant mothers...unlike other noni products.

There are also Tahitian NONI cafe's and offices opening worldwide...the first was opened last year in Tokyo. You can see the cafe at http://www.tncafe.com BUT the best thing about it is that you cannot buy the juice in the cafe...you still have to purchase from independent distributors (Great Exposure) TThere are also cafes in Rio De Janiero, Utah, Southern California. This year and early next year, cafes will open in Dallas, Munich, Atlanta, etc...