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03-09-2006, 10:32 PM
I have found it difficult to find good sources for machines capable of vending 8.3 ounce cans, except for on ebay. PrimeVending.com has a real nice 10-slot machine with a front window for $2795 + $325 shipping. They also have their own company website (which is very well done) where they are selling their machines for $150 less than on ebay, so naturally I'd rather go that way than the ebay route (I assume ebay charges a fee to PrimeVending.com for using their site). I submitted a few questions about the machine from the PrimeVending.com website the other night and I have not had any response. That concerns me. However, on ebay, they have a 97% positive response percentage. Do these companies only reply if you go through ebay? Has anyone dealt with PrimeVending.com, and is $2795 a fair price for this machine?

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Red Bull Vendor
03-09-2006, 11:05 PM
I can get you a brand new machine with Red Bull Branding, Has 3 selections and holds 132 cans. $2199 plus shipping. Brand new never used with a 1 year warantee.

Prime Vending does have a good machine, however communication seems to be difficult for me also. I see that they charge extra for every column that you want to vend an 8.3 oz can for the shim kit. After the shim kit is installed, it can no longer vend any other can.

03-09-2006, 11:17 PM
Red Bull Vendor, when you say that once the shim kit is installed the PrimeVending machine can no longer vend other sizes in those slots, do you mean that the shim kit cannot be uninstalled?

I really liked the idea of not being tied to just one brand (Red Bull). My plan was to devote at least 3 slots for Red Bull (two regular and one Sugar-Free), and offering Monster and maybe one additional "energy" drink along with Propel, some frappacino, and whatever else. However, if these people do not reply to questions I may have to go another way.

Can the machines you're referring to vend anything besides Red Bull? You sent me a picture of that machine earlier this week and it looks like it is a Red Bull-only machine. Also, what kind of currency does it accept? It looks like it is small enough that I could move it by myself without any fancy equipment.

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03-10-2006, 05:43 AM
I can get you vending machines with custom formats as per your specifications (ex: 3 slots 8.4oz, 2 slots 16oz, 12oz, etc.), custom currency, and custom artwork (waterproof vinyl wrap). Drop me a line at info@rageliquidenergy.com if you're interested. FOB Montreal, Canada.