View Full Version : Any Daredevils out there??

12-20-2006, 05:46 PM
I just got my hands on the Daredevil and Daredevil Lighter Fluid (the light version) energy drinks. This is some good drink right here. If you haven't tried this one (and I've tried this one and about 350 other ones) find yourself a can. Very good taste and very good pick-me-upper... smile.gif

12-20-2006, 08:44 PM
The graphics on the can and logo look cool !! GOOD LUCK WITH THE PRODUCT if you are affiliated !!


12-21-2006, 12:04 PM
We picked up DareDevil Ed here in Northern California.(So the guy who started this post is probably for real) Besides the cool name and graphics, the formula and taste are awesome. DareDevil has a real good citrus taste to it. Where DareDevil really seperates itself is the formula: No HFCS, 250 mg of Caffeine, 2500% of B12,And all the other bells and whistles. The owner of DareDevil has a solid background in Sports Nutrition, so he knows what works and what doesn't.
If a product is going to make a run in the 16oz, it's gotta be better than what is out there. I think DareDevil fits that bill. We'll see.....

Nick Laugher
12-21-2006, 01:00 PM
I really enjoy Daredevil, one of my favorite tastes for sure.

12-21-2006, 07:01 PM
Hopefully i can find a can in the New York area i like to try it out ..I BELIEVE DAREDEVIL HAS A DIFFERENT EDGE THAN OTHER ED'S AND I HOPE THAT IT WORKS FOR THEM ...But like you said it is remained to be seen !!