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01-06-2007, 11:05 AM
I had some papers to copy so I swung by the office today, before hand I was at a gas station & picked up a 16oz can of No Fear as they were out of my Gatorade Frost. Feeling some strong effects I read the ingredients and to my surprise it has creatine in it. A lot of creatine in it. I lift a few times a week and do sup with creatine cycles a few times a year.. but the recomended dosage of people up to like 350lbs is 5-6mg, the can seems to have 2 servings of 25mg, totaling 50mg. I'm not concerned about it from my perspective but what about other folks? From my understanding the safety of creatine isn't all that well established, I know I've read of professional athletes hospitalized from creatine side-effects, and assume that with the higher the dosage the greater the risks. I know my creatine bottle has all sorts of warnings and disclaimers on it, the no fear bottle seems to only give warning to "persons sensitive to caffeine". I can't say I'm familiar with every energy drink's ingredient list, but I do not recall seeing creatine in any other energy drink (outside what specialized products may be sold at the gym or at a GNC store). Does Sobe know something about the safety of creatine that I don't? I'd be interested seeing what kind of supporting documents they have that convinced them they could mass market a drink with no warnings on it that packs enough creatine to make Arnold Schwarzenegger have a flashback. Does anyone know of a similar drink? Are other mainstream energy drinks stacked with creatine? I think it may even be illegal in some countries. Thoughts on this?

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01-06-2007, 11:11 AM
Your information seems to be skewed. Creatine intake for a healthy adul t male can be in the range of 5-6g 2x per day if it is esterfied. If it is a common monohydrate version of creatine it can be up to 75 g per day. Not mg.
Moreover, creatine becomes unstable after about 7-10 minutes in liquid. It turns into creatinine. It is virtually useless at this point for creatinine is basically used up or spent creatine.
I have wondered for years why no one has called out SOBE on this bogus claim of creating drinks with creatine in them.

01-06-2007, 11:44 AM
You are abosolutely correct! I was thinking supplements contained milligrams, not grams. This is a negligible ammount, but I admit does make for a great step in specialized marketing.

Thanks and sorry for the long post!