View Full Version : EDMA (Energy Drink Manufacture Association) needed?

02-16-2007, 05:05 PM
OK, I need to throw this on the table for feed back???

As we see this category grow there are a large number of different EDs being launched and I strongly feel if treated the right way, we as ED manufactures in a whole can use it to take a much larger market share as the category deserves, so here it is;

1. Create a bill to set a standard to what can and can not be called an ED.
2. Create a creed to the consumer and to the retailer to protect, educate, and warn of the effects.
3. Create subcategories so the consumer can recognize what the drink is intended for and this will also expand the category to allow more independent brands penetration in the c-market.
4. Create a network of lobbyist to help protect the ED manufacture through laws rights and grant funding for the association as a whole.
5. Set forth a board of members made up of the elite of the industry to mandate actions of the association.

The EDMA would function like any other, working to build the industry in a safe and profitable way while still maintaining consumer's interest and demand.

Now As most I'm not the best at wording things but there it is in a nut shell. I would like to hear from you???

Post: this is a claim on 2/16/07 I posted this idea as my own... as dumb as it may sound.

02-22-2007, 07:22 PM
So I finilly puit out something worth talking about and it gets no play, Come on!!! Someone be a Simon Cale and let me have it...... I would at least exepct to here from someone????

02-23-2007, 01:56 PM
I'll give it a shot.

1. By creating a definition you may limit the category. Energy is different for different people. I like my energy balls to the wall make me get out of my chair type energy. Others prefer a small pick me up so they don't nod off at their desk.

2.How will this be dispensed. Will ED manufactures have to place it on every label? Will they post signs in the retail outlets? Who will pay for it and how will it be conveyed to the public.

3.By Subcategoires do you mean like strong, stronger, strongest? Sugar vs Sugar Free? The ED market is already a niche market, why would we want to carve into smaller markets even more? You would be limiting sales to pinpointed demos, something that doesn't work weel in a volume based industry.

4.The manufacturer should know the laws of producing drinks. Unlike say the Auto industry the government, to date, does not have so much control over us that the laws are changing on a yearly basis. Furthermore, This can be taken care of by the Soft Drnk Manaufacturers association(like many other things on the list)

5. Great Idea. We can meet in Palm Springs every quarter to play Golf on the Association Dues we collect. LOL