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02-28-2007, 11:18 PM
Please offer options to verify new supplier/buyer information for drinks? We saw in the Bev forum for 2006 that there was supposedly some scam in South Florida. Can anybody comment or add to this subject, thanks!

TMI Logistics/Redstar Logistics
03-01-2007, 02:38 PM
Please offer options to verify new supplier/buyer information for drinks? We saw in the Bev forum for 2006 that there was supposedly some scam in South Florida. Can anybody comment or add to this subject, thanks!
Yes, please read our letter to Climax concerning their poor communication and research:

16 February 2007

Good day!

Several of our clients and friends have alerted us to some wildly inaccurate statements made by the Climax Energy Drink (Lenny and Lyle?) through the BevNet discussion board concerning our request to purchase and know more about the product at the end of last year on BevNet. Also, it appears that his web site for Climax is no longer or was never up and running?

The following are our comments about our inquiry to purchase Climax Energy Drink. Since the web site was not running we called by phone and e-mailed to an AOL account without success in having a reply from him. Today we were alerted to this discussion board’s comments and slander from a client in Cancun, Mexico. Next time reply directly to us to avoid the slander and speculation. Fair, balanced and good communications are preferred over slander.

Memo to Climax Energy:

You need to be much more careful with what you say and publish. Maybe you need to talk to your attorney about this subject in detail. It is wildly inaccurate at best and slanderous at worst case for your comments on the BevNet discussion board..

I have been in the beverage business for over 25 years. I have gone through the process of obtaining my basic wholesalers import permit from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms for TMI. This is a particularly stringent and exhaustive investigation from federal agents that includes examinations and searches for any criminal or financial wrong doing to exclude applications from obtaining this license.

My business focuses the duty free segment with bonded warehouses. We have prior arrival notices with both US Customs and the FDA, monitoring by BATF, video monitor inside and outside of the warehouse and etc. This is of public record and verifiable by any interested party that has a minimum of real business experience in the importation and exportation of beverages in the USA. Yes, I also travel up 120 days out of the year for business.

If you had bothered to check with US Customs, the bonded warehouse, with me, shipping firms, my bank at HSBC Miami, and etc. then you would realize that your statement was completely wrong about a scam. We take our due diligence with prospects seriously and do more than a superficial call to the Better Business Bureau. This is why I e-mailed and called on numerous occasion to you without even the courtesy of reply from your side.

We were looking and purchased Climax (Xi Climax (http://www.xiclimax.nl) ) in cans, not BIB from you. Maybe you would have some real sales if you spent more time speaking with real buyers like TMI instead of slandering prospects on a BevNet forum.

We buy container loads of beverages. That is ocean container loads in 20’ and 40’ sizes. Our main clients are cruise lines, resorts, and other duty free market buyers. Yes, we are constantly looking for new items and occasional spot purchases as well. The request for Climax was from a large distributor that we sell to in the Caribbean. It appears that we were fortunate in not wasting anymore time dealing with an arrogant and inexperienced company likes yours. However, it still does not excuse your published slander.

Additionally, you should go to the Division of Corporations for the State of Florida (Division of Corporations - Florida Department of State (http://www.sunbiz.org) ) and do a search for TMI International and Redstar Logistics. This is past and current information that is more accurate than the Better Business Bureau for any firm in Florida. Pleased pay particular attention to dates on the web site. The names of the principal and addresses are the same. We still use the same HSBC Bank near the bonded warehouse as well for wire transfer and letter of credits.

You are good at slander and alienating paying prospects. We do not and never have asked for credit when we purchase goods from anybody. We pay with wire transfers and/or letter of credits. Typically, it is faster and better for us to wire funds to a business account when pay for goods.

A simple phone call and e-mail requesting verifiable references (e.g. our HSBC Bank in Miami) would have given you an opportunity to have a real sale. Instead you have slandered and alienated a prospect.

Real communication and effort to contact TMI would have probably never allowed most of this inaccurate gossip to have started. We are and always have been accessible to provide any and all information to make mutually beneficially business transactions. TMI wants to facilitate communication and accountability to make a transactions happen and not just talk about it.

Finally, we do make spelling mistakes/editing while writing and exchanging memos. We also expect serious business people to return calls and e-mail requests especially when they stand to benefit from a sale of their goods. I hope that you have learned something positive and do not make the mistake of jumping to incorrect conclusions because you do not have the experience or desire to communicate with sales prospects. Return the phone call or e-mails if you are serious about selling your products.


Tommy Lee
e-mail: tlee@tmilogistics.com
tel. +954-536-9565
C (http://www.tmilogistics.com)

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