View Full Version : Dt. CF Pepsi 12oz Bottles

03-19-2007, 04:40 PM
You all probably already have this but we just got it here 12Pack 12oz Bottles of Diet CF Pepsi-They discontinued 12pk Bottles of Sierra Mist and conveniently replaced them with this. What lineup of 12pk 12oz bottles do you have in your area?


David J.
03-19-2007, 06:03 PM
From what I've seen of the 12oz bottles in 12 packs locally...

Diet Pepsi
CF Diet Pepsi
Mountain Dew
Sierra Mist

03-19-2007, 06:40 PM
I have also seen Dr Pepper, Diet Dr Pepper, and Diet Mountain Dew.

03-20-2007, 09:44 AM
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, MD, Diet MD, Mist, Diet Mist, W/C Pepsi, Diet W/C Pepsi, CF Diet Pepsi, CF Pepsi, and Mug are all available in this package. Which ones your particular bottler or store carries depends of course.