View Full Version : Jones Cane Sugar in bottles in Canada!

05-05-2007, 03:16 PM
I found a 12-bottle variety pack today at Loblaws/Zehrs!

I work at Zehrs and we have always carried the 12 bottle variety pack, and when the cane sugar version was announced, I kept my fingers crossed for it to come to Canada as well. I saw the shelf only had 1 12 pack left last week and I checked again today to see it had been restocked, and this time with CANE SUGAR! Woot! ;)

The package is the same as before, same flavours, but now says "Sweetened with Cane Sugar and Love" Root Beer, Cream Soda, Blue Bubblegum and Green Apple. 12 bottles for $10 canadian (no deposit) is a pretty good deal. All I could find on my trip to the US was an 8-pack of cans of Blue Lemonade or something. I am so pumped, I know what I will be drinking at work every day :)