View Full Version : Who distributes Red Toe Sodas?

06-28-2007, 02:27 AM
The battle against childhood obesity has become one of today's primary health issues, particularly given its long term impact in increasing the risk of diabetes and heart disease. The frontline in this battle is increasingly becoming the schools. With studies showing a link between over-weight children and the consumption of traditionally high-calorie/low-nutrition soft drinks, much interest is being focused on the beverages students consume at school. While federal guidelines are already in place governing soft drink sales in schools, state and local authorities are passing new regulations to close the gaps that still exist.

Increasingly, the choice for school food service providers is becoming one between what students want (great taste) and what they need (nutrition). Red Toe Sodas bridge that gap.

Red Toe Sodas are formulated to meet the specific regulations that apply to school beverage sales. Developed with input from both adults and teens, Red Toe Sodas provide a new option for school food service providers: A great tasting, healthy beverage.

Does anybody know who distributes Red Toe Sodas?