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06-30-2007, 07:31 AM
“It’s a perfect match connecting the hottest active lifestyle brand with the full resources of the world’s best beverage company,” said J. Darius Bikoff, Glacéau founder and chief executive officer. “To best understand today’s announcement, you really need to go out, buy a bottle of Vitamin Water and try it for yourself to see how well it works.”

Vitamin Water

How long did it take to work for you?

Last time I checked your body processes these ingredients and it takes some time, so is Vitamin Water as fast as two minute noodles? Could this explain the $4billion price tag.

Back to the Future snapshot:

During an earlier stint in the marketing department in the early 1990s, Ms Minnick had developed drinks to compete with the likes of Snapple, only to be thwarted by executives who saw them as a diversion from selling cola. "Senior level managers said: 'Every time I put a case of your stuff on the truck, I have to take Coke off, and that's not something I'm willing to do,' " she recalls.

Looks like Ms Minnick needed a rapper to supervise the operations of loading the trucks, my 2cents worth X 25 shot to "see how well it works".