View Full Version : Results of my Chicago road trip!

07-22-2007, 07:05 PM
First off, lemme say a big thanks to everyone who posted in my other thread about where/what to eat. It was awesome!

Second, Chicago has by far the WORST drivers I have ever seen and I drive regularly in Detroit and Toronto. I saw TWO accidents on I-55 and I was only on the freeway for 5 miles! One was a freakin rollover. People run red lights, honk and rage on each other, it was CRAZY! I was so tense driving, that my shoulders are all jacked up.

Anyway, not too much exciting on the soda front. Jewel-Osco had 3 for $11 get a 4th non-carb free. I picked up 2 Cherry Zero and Pibb Zero and got Minute Maid Cherry Limeaid. I went to WalMart and got a 12-pack of Manzana Sol in cans by Pepsi and various Jones Cane sodas. I also picked up some more Pepsi Summer Mix and Diet Pepsi Max. We literally drove from store to store looking for Barqs Red Cream. Looked at every store from Jackson MI to Chicago. Found a 20oz bottle at Love's truck stop but no cans. I collected about $20 from friends and co-workers to get them all 12's of Barqs Red Creme. I was SO mad that I couldn't find it. I looked at another thread and everyone was saying it was all over Chicago and Indiana. I dunno where they shop, but not anywhere I found.

Found a lot of crazy junkfood. New Doritos, Vitners Puffcorn, etc was exciting and delicious. We tried Italian Beef and Hot Dogs which were very good and we went to Giordano's for pizza. It was so good we ordered 2 more half-baked for tonight's dinner.

Other than the crazy drivers, the no Barqs and getting home at 3am and having to work at 9am, it was a fun day. Thanks again

07-22-2007, 11:43 PM
Where exactly did you see the Pibb Zero?