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09-10-2007, 07:41 AM
Are there any people out there who actually like VERNORS or DT VERNORS ale? I LOVE Canada Dry, and even a couple of the store brands out there, but VERNS?!:eek:
I hate even being at work on the days we make the stuff...
Your eyes burn, after taking a few breathes, you start to feel a burning, tickling sensation that causes a constant cough.:eek:
I can't even begin to describe the smell. If a bottle busts and leaks, that's pretty bad. But when it's concentrated, emitting it's toxic fumes, waiting to be bottled...
I think they have to repaint the walls, the vernors fumes cause the paint to bubble and flake off...
I think the only people that buy the stuff are those wishing to unclog a drain because it probably does a better job than drain-o.:(
Just a random question...:confused:

10-02-2007, 05:51 PM
Next time, stay with the kiddie drinks,

10-02-2007, 09:20 PM
Vernor's is a unique soda.. nothing like the run of the mill ginger ales such as Seagram's, Schweppes, and Canada Dry.

Personally, I think it's awesome, and I always buy some 12oz glass longnecks of it when I am in Ohio (I usually find it at the West Point Market in Akron or Jungle Jim's in Fairfield).

10-08-2007, 01:08 PM
I love Vernors, Reminds me of my childhood.

10-08-2007, 11:19 PM
I saw a "By special request" sign by a few cases of Vernors Ale today at Publix. I guess some people do want it.

10-29-2007, 09:46 AM
Next time, stay with the kiddie drinks,

Everyone, including me, are entitled to their opinions.:)
Obviously there are people out there buying it (though not many) to sustain the production and sale of the product.
As far as 'kiddie' drinks...what would you consider that to be?
SF R*, Caramel Creme Pepsi, and Cinnabon Coffees are my current favs (besides the obvious DP) are these 'kiddie' drinks?
What are 'adult' drinks suppose to taste like? Name a few so I will know.

11-18-2007, 11:23 PM
Vernors may not be for everybody but it is a popular drink in Michigan where it came from. It's actually not that uncommon to even find it in restraurants on tap here.

12-10-2007, 02:54 PM
Can't say I have tried it or even heard of it till now. Is Washington DC last on the list for everything?

12-16-2007, 10:19 AM
I can't stick up for Vernors or Seagrams. IMHO old Ale81 (a late one) is by far the most natural tasting ginger ale. Everyone has a different idea of what a ginger ale should or should not be. As far as beverages go, ginger ales vary the greatest in crossbrand taste in my opinion, as much if not more than colas.

03-26-2010, 12:22 AM
I guess part of it comes down to whether you like a drier, lighter ginger ale or a darker, heavier, sweeter ginger ale. I love Vernors and Diet Vernors, and know many others who also do. But I grew up on it and have liked it forever.

03-26-2010, 03:46 PM
Vernor's is awesome. Canada dry is a watered down imitation of ginger ale imho.

03-26-2010, 10:04 PM
Regular Vernors Ginger Ale and Regular Dr. Pepper are my two favorite sodas
And I was born; raised; and still live in Michigan.
So I guess Vernors is a Michigan and/or east coast thing...

03-29-2010, 07:24 AM
I really like Vernors Ginger Ale. Everyone I have given it to to try has really liked it as well. Of course my mother is from Michigan and she introduced it to us. It definitely has a strong unique taste. It's good stuff.

06-09-2010, 02:32 AM
Vernors rocks! Its one of the GREAT ginger ales.

My favorites are Canada Dry, Shweppes, and Vernors.

Ale81 is OK...but its too weak. The flavor is good, but it needs more carbonation or something. Ginger ale should have a good *kick* to it. It shouldnt be weak.

Just my opinion of course.

CCE Girlie
06-14-2010, 09:04 PM
I am a die hard Coke brand drinker----except for Vernors. I grew up, up north and love it! When I moved to the Southwest and tryed Schweppes and Canada Dry I almost died. It tastes horrible compared to Vernors.
I think it is personal preference----but I LOVE it.

07-05-2010, 10:10 PM
I remember when Vernor's was in the yellow can.

07-07-2010, 09:24 PM
I think it is unfair to call Vernors "Ginger Ale". Vernors is Vernors. It is beyond and above the "Ginger Ale" classification.

07-26-2010, 01:30 PM
I love Vernors, Reminds me of my childhood.

I saw a "By special request" sign by a few cases of Vernors Ale today at Publix. I guess some people do want it.

09-14-2010, 02:37 PM
I was drinking a bottle of Vernor's just a few minutes ago, yes, I like it, and I noticed that there was a notation on the bottls: "Barrel aged 3 years." What part of the formula is aged 3 years. Surely not the whole mixture, it'd go flat long before 3 years past. What is aged, the syrup? The flavorings? I'm curious.


Dusty Fisher
11-28-2010, 09:55 PM
I agree with the others... Vernor's is a unique and interesting soda. It's got far more bite and characters than most ginger ales. It's more in line with a ginger beer, but not quite there. I can't drink it all the time, but I get a bottle or two a year and prefer it over most any other ginger ales.

Pepper Doc
01-01-2011, 01:18 PM
Vernors is Ginger Beer NOT Ginger Ale ! I sell both. They are NOT even suppossed to be close in taste. They are both made with ginger root.