View Full Version : New 7Up Holiday Packaging

10-26-2007, 08:45 PM
Has anyone seen the holiday packaging for 7Up and Diet 7Up? I was actually pretty impressed that the company was acknowledging Christmas and updating their packaging.

With a soda that seems to have been relegated to third place by the awful Sierra Mist and dominant Sprite, I think it's pretty great that 7Up is still attempting to stay current. But hey, I'm easily impressed.

Anyway, the regular 7Up packaging is clear and has the red dot replaced by a red ornament, and there are small snowflakes, ornaments, and stars adorning the rest of the packaging. There's also scene with a snowman towards the back near the nutritional value side.

I haven't gotten that good of a look at the Diet 7Up packaging, but I do know that's it's a bit different. If I'm recalling correctly, the red dot has been replaced by a snowball, and the snowflakes, ornaments and stars that adorn the rest of the regular 7Up packaging are also on the Diet 7Up packaging. I'm not sure if the snowman makes an appearance on Diet 7Up either.

I'd post some pictures, but I'm not home at the moment.