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11-15-2007, 12:39 PM
I was wondering what you guys think about investing in Hansen's Natural Corp (ticker HANS).

They missed quarterly estimate this past quarter and the stock got slammed. Basically they say Monster sales growth is outpacing the sales growth of the energy drink market. Java has been coming more online for them, and they are looking to push prices up a bit for Java from what I understand. There is some worry that they may canabalize the regular Monster energy drink sales with Java, which is not a positive because Java is a lower margin product for them. They are hoping to alleviate a bit of the canibalization by getting product in the RTD coffee doors at the convenience stores instead of in some stores where they Java and the regular Monsters sit side by side.

They have spoke of working themselves in Europe, but I don't know the details of this exactly. If any one has more light to shed on the international front or has a general opinion about the company, I'd be happy to listen up.

11-15-2007, 05:14 PM
Personally I think it is stil a good buy. Although the high on the stock was in the $68 range and has since come down I think it has great LONG term potential.
Monster is gaining shares everyday as well as dollar volume. They offer way more than the category leader as far as flavor & size are concerned. Not to mention a better overall marketing strategy(presently).

Monster in Europe I believe will do well with some changes to packaging and perhaps tweaking the marketing message. I also believe that if Hansens really wants to up the anty they should reformulate and conquer Indochina!!!