View Full Version : Pepsi vs Coke sugar 4th ingredient

Mr Zabe
12-25-2007, 10:56 PM
Is it me?
I have noticed a more defined sweetness in the
Pepsi I have been getting here in Chicago.
The last few fridge packs (produced on 11/23/07)
have tasted a more "clean" sweet taste.

I know that sugar is listed as the fourth ingredient for almost a year.
Yet, I have noticed a difference. I drank a few cans of Coke last weekend.
Yes I know Coke has totally different flavor notes. LOL I could IMO
taste that the HFCS sweetness was just not as "clean" as Pepsi.

Just my observation. Maybe Pepsi has tweaked the ratio of HFCS to Sugar in
it's Pepsi brand?????

12-26-2007, 03:50 AM
Maybe there they do. Not here though. I was hopeful that the expensive 10oz glass bottles I posted about previously that are available here in Wyoming now would be good, but they don't taste anything special to me. They weren't bad, but nothing like the sucrose-only AD Heusing returnables that I fondly remember, that went out of production 6 years ago They sell these 10 ouncers here (like 4.59/6pack) at a grocery four blocks away from me here, but at that price and at that taste, I'm not going to be buying any more. However, if in Chicagoland they have something better, and it ends up into those NR glass swirl bottles you posted about a while back you can get at Sam's Clubs there, I might have to make a trip there after in the springtime!