View Full Version : Survey: Juice Concentrate

06-19-2008, 07:01 PM
I am conducting an independent survey for the Juice Concentrate Industry. The aim here is to understand the buying needs of the industry in the areas of sourcing, pricing, and delivery.

This survey is completely voluntary.

Confidential responses can be e-mailed to J.Rodriguez@i-marcopolo.com. I promise to not share your information with anyone and you will not be subscribes to any type of list what so ever.


1) Are you presently satisfied with your current supplier of Juice Concentrate? Why or why not?

2) How did you choose your current supplier?

3) What is the country your supplier is currently located in?

4) Would you say you are currently satisfied with the pricing options available from your supplier? Why or why not?

5) Other than price, what other factors convinced you to buy from your existing supplier?

6) Presently, what circumstances could you forsee that would make you change to a new supplier?

7) Would you describe your present delivery process as lacking in the areas of tracking and shipment monitoring?

That is the end of the survey.

Thank you to all who participated.