View Full Version : Pepsi with sucrose (sugar)?

06-27-2008, 09:52 AM
I only recently became aware of the HFCS/Sucrose matter and thanks to places like these I was able to educate myself on the subject.

It's been an interesting ride -- Kosher Passover products, Mexican Coke at CostCo (my wife sent my brother-in-law on a scavenger hunt to find it only to realize it was only SoCal), sodafinder.com, etc. Well through luck the regional bottler where I work has switched to sucrose, so I have a source for Coca Cola products. 90% of the sucrose information I've been able to find relates to Coke.

But what about Pepsi? I confess, I'm a Pepsi drinker historically. I've seen that Pepsi also puts out Kosher product for Passover, and that they introduced a variant in the UK that uses sucrose. But is that it? Have any of Pepsi's regional bottlers switched to sucrose as Coke has? Is there a reasonable internet source for sucrose Pepsi? I now find that I need to know just how it tastes.

I find myself becoming obsessive, reading the ingredient list of bottles as I buy them, I must look strange. I have seen sucrose and HFCS product mixed on store shelves, so I have to look.

06-27-2008, 04:46 PM
You might try some grocery stores that carry Hispanic items, Mexican Pepsi, if you can the glass bottles imported any more these days, if often still sucrose. However I heard that imports of Mexi-Pepsi all but stopped a couple of years ago after controversy due to the microscopic amounts of lead paint found in the painted-on labels. I know I haven't seen any in the stores in Denver I used to buy it at in quite a while.