View Full Version : Spike Shooter!

06-28-2008, 09:07 AM
I figured since there have been no new reviews in some time, I would post my review of my new favorite E Drink!

I am sure you all have heard of Spike Shooter, the no sugar, no carb, no calories, fantastic flavor, little piece of Heaven 8 oz can. I recently got hooked on this in the red berry flavor. There is 300 mg of caffiene per can but that is not the best thing about it. 1500 mcg of B12! That is about 3x the amount that is in those 5 hour energy shots but the flavor is so much better. Now to warn you all, it does say to drink 1/2 a can first to test the effects on your body. The first time I tried Spike I drank the whole can very fast and about 15 minutes later I got a little shakey but that went away pretty fast. What followed was incredible!! All day I had energy, not a crash in site! I was able to go to sleep that night thinking that I would feel like crap the next day but I felt energized and had a great nights sleep. I know everyones body reacts in different ways so not everyone would have this reaction but it made me a believer in Spike. Now I found out that there are Spike reps here in Orlando that give you "Buy one get one free" if they are at the store. which is only 7-11 for now I found out. I will be searching for the Spike vans in the parking lots!

I know Spike is not brand new but the Orange Gold one is! It is my new favorite! I hope there are others who share my thoughts on Spike!

Happy drinking!