View Full Version : New Rip It flavors and site?

Caffeine King
08-31-2008, 08:48 AM
I was on the Rip Its site and saw that it was all new(or in development), and has 5 new flavors... Anyone else know of these flavors?

link (http://www.ripitenergy.com/splash/index.html)

09-12-2008, 03:56 AM
Rip It has come out with five new flavours. Along with the new flavours a new 20oz re-sealable plastic bottle was introduced.
The flavours:
Cran Jammer- cranberry goji (have not tried yet)
Moijito- Lime w/mint (very subtle flavour, Jones Soda's Monster Moijito is better)
Red Zone- Strawberry (tastes like Faygo's Red Pop)
Viva T-Kee-La- Orange with Lime (the most interesting, would buy again)
Code Blue- Mixed berry (Tastes like a cheap Kool-Aid flavour)

I paid 1.79 per bottle. I was really excited at first about these flavours, but after trying four out of five, I feel a bit dissatisfied.