View Full Version : Looking to start a beverage company - canI get some advice?

09-25-2008, 01:32 PM
Hey everyone, Im new here and this is my first post. I searched for the info i need bt couldnt find it - so excuse me if these qestions have been asked.

I am looking to start a beverage company. A small operation, from scratch, to start. I can create the beverage in my house, pasteurize (if allowed) and bottle it there as well.

Distribution will be tough but I will go around to appropriate stores as well as sell on the net.

Im in the research phase now and, although I have a million questions, Ill just stick with a couple of specific ones, and one broad one:

1) Do I need any kind of a license to sell non-alcoholic beverages?

2) As far as pasteurizing, Im sure whether I do it on my stove (ok, dont laugh, like I said i am starting small) or a commercial unit, all that matters is that I hit the required temperature for required time (I know I might compromise freshness and taste). But, is that ok for legal purposes? Does the govt need to inspect my process? Does anything need to be certified to make sure that I am doing what I say I am?

3) Generally speaking what are the best ways to start small?