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10-03-2008, 12:07 AM
Ok, I tend to simplify things a bit too much sometimes.

But, it seems to me that creating a successful beverage isnt really THAT tough. IF you have the guts to just go for it.

Here is why I say that. Lets take bottled water as an example.

It seems to me that all bottled water is pretty similar. There isnt much a quality difference between any of the waters on the market. And really, how hard would it be to formulate something that is just as good as VitaminWater?

Unlike cars, look at the difference between a Lexus and a Ford.

It seems to me that if you wanted to create a water or sports drink, all you need to do is brand it properly.

Properly branded, you can get stores to carry your product and get it on the shelves in many local stores. You can dsirtibute yourself once a month and make some decent money on the side.

It seems to me, that branding is the key.

Now, I know Im naive. So please tell me where I am missing something.

10-03-2008, 05:08 PM
I think you're missing the fact that you're only looking at half of the spectrum.

I could fart in a Mason jar and call it a gag gift and mark it up a buck or two. But how do I get it in mass into the market?

Who's going to promote your beverage for you? Who do you plan on selling it too? How do you plan to stand out against the 30 other waters on the shelf?

All said in done, if you find three stores to buy a case of each and you get one little slot to sell in with 30 plus other flavors, what's going to make said customer want yours compared to all the others?

How do you plan to spend your time, making batches of product, or trying to sell it driving all over the place?

I think you're right, anyone can come up with a product, happens everyday, but how do you plan to sell it? Just as new companies appear daily, the same amount fail daily.

Just a thought..