View Full Version : Want 35% OFF Monster Energy Drinks and Clothes??

01-10-2009, 03:46 PM
It's so easy. Follow these steps:
1- Click the link below.
2- Join the Monster Army Reserves(Has NOTHING to do with a REAL army)
---After step 2 you will get your 35% discount.----

Want more from Monster Energy?
Follow these steps AFTER you complete steps 1 and 2.
3- Apply for sponsorship. Monster Energy is always looking for new athletes to sponsor.
4- Hope you get the sponsorship. Because if you do you will be getting FREE Monster Energy Drinks by the case load.

CLICK HERE (http://monsterarmy.loopd.com/members/monster/recruit.aspx?utm_campaign=PTR_monster_recruit&utm_medium=Viral&utm_source=quadfactor&utm_content=Army)