View Full Version : Ski along US127, Kentucky

Dumas Walker
06-13-2009, 12:31 PM
A couple of weeks ago, I took a trip along US127 through parts of Kentucky. While traveling, I stopped at a few places along the way to see if they carried Ski in that area. I was also looking for Double Cola, although I was pretty sure I would not find any (& I didn't).

Here are some of the places I looked:

Frankfort - Didn't find it - I have looked here multiple times (not just this trip) in multiple places, and have never seen Ski. Closest I have seen it to Frankfort is at Terry's 5 & 10 in Versailles (original flavor, in cans).

Harrodsburg / Salvisa - Didn't find it - I looked in a couple of smaller stores, and a Kroger, and did not find it. The Highway 127 Food Center in Salvisa did have some other soda flavors not common to this area, including Big Red Vanilla Float, Peach Nehi, and Pina Grande (Big Pineapple).

Danville - Didn't find it - Due to bad weather approaching, I didn't get a chance to check any smaller stores, just Kroger, Food Lion, and Wal-Mart. I did also check Cracker Barrel to see if they had the Orca "Nostalgia" pack that includes Double Cola (like the one at Cost Plus World Market). They did have a Nostalgia pack, but it was the Dad's/Nesbitt's pack.

Junction City / Moreland / Houstonville - Found it - Due to the weather, I didn't get to check Junction City proper out real good. However, there is a place called Don's Food Mart just across the Lincoln County line from there. They had Ski in 12-pack cans, as well as cold cans and 20oz bottles (original flavor only). They also had Frostie Orange in cold glass bottles, which I have never seen in this area before. I stopped at a couple of other places along this part of 127 and did not find it available, so it is not everywhere in these parts.

Liberty - Found it - Ski is pretty common here, and I will mention only the places I looked. I did not look anywhere that I did not find it. I would expect to find it in other stores, too. Found it at IGA (diet also, caf-free in vending machine only), Save-A-Lot (original only, diet in vending machine), and two smaller stores (Marathon Food Center - original & diet, Jack's Express - original). Aside from a vending machine, the only place I found caf-free was at the A&D Supermarket at Houstonville & Rule Streets. They had original, diet, and caf-free in 12 packs. They also had original in 24-packs, 2-litres, 6-pack-bottles, and cold 20oz single bottles. In addition, they have a working Double Cola cooler unit, but no D/C was in it or the store. :( As a side note, the IGA also had plenty of Faygo, which I don't see often.

Dunnville - Found it - There is a place called the Dogwalk Market that has Ski in original & diet. If there are other stores in that area, they probably also carry Ski.

Albany - Found it - I didn't not actually make it down there during this trip, but last October I was there, and it is common here, too. You can find original, diet, and caf-free just about anywhere that sells much soda. IGA, Cumberland Corner, and the Hilltop (if it is still open) are places I've purchased it in the past.