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11-14-2009, 11:10 PM
Hi guys,

First of all, thanks for the help with my last post (MJ Commemorative Gatorade). I was fortunate to randomly find a Walgreen's in Elkton, MD yesterday that had a few bottles left of the Championship Red (Berry).

Still on the sports drink topic, my wife returned from the local Acme (Suburban Plaza, Newark, DE) with Powerade Zero: Orange. No real need for a photo because there's nothing radical about the packaging, although it does have the ION4 logo and an ex date of July 19, 2010, so it's clearly new. There's no mention of Orange anywhere on the Powerade Zero site, nor on the Coca Cola company site; both continue to just list the original 3 PZ flavors (Strawberry, Mixed Berry, and Grape).

Anyone have any info about the Orange? Are any other new flavors being rolled out in addition? If so, where/when should we look for them?

Finally, quickie review: Much like the other 3 Powerade Zero flavors, the Orange also tastes quite a bit like liquid Jello. However, this flavor is pretty smooth, and ranks closer to the best flavor (IMO, Strawberry) than the worst (IMO, Grape, although I'm biased against most Grape flavors).

One other note: The main competition for PZ is clearly G2. I've always felt the newer flavor roll outs of G2 (Lemon-Lime, Strawberry-Kiwi, and Blueberry-Pomegranate) had fuller flavor than the original 3 releases (Fruit Punch, Grape, and Orange). To that note, from memory I would say the Orange Powerade Zero holds up quite nicely to the Orange G2. If I get the chance I'll pick up an Orange G2 soon to make a more current comparison.

11-15-2009, 06:31 AM
There are actually two new flavors - orange and lemon-lime. They weren't due out until next year, but for some reason that was pushed up. Consequently, they aren't authorized in a lot of chain stores yet - in Cecil County we just have them in Redner's. And Powerade is 69 in Redner's, but the salesman didn't order enough Zero - I stopped by there last night and got the last three lemon-lime, and I looked at our backstock - no more Zero. Just lots of regular.

Of course with the new year, and peoples' resolutions to lose weight, exercise more, etc, there will be a push with Zero - "New Year, New You." And as current stocks of the original three flavors are depleted, they will be replaced with ION4 formulations.

And speaking of Powerade, for some reason Arctic Shatter is lagging behind all the other flavors with the new labels/reformulation and renaming to Arctic Cherry Shatter. Every store I go into in around here, it's the old labels/formulation (that's the one flavor we don't carry in MD).

You'll be able to make a more fair comparison to G2 in the spring when some mid-calorie versions of Powerade are released. They're oriented towards youth and youth sports, and the packaging is 12oz bottles (the 10 pack we now sell will go away, and this new formula will replace it with 6 and 12 packs).

I don't know if you like Fuze, but there are two new mid-calorie flavors of it out as well. Again, not a lot of chain authorizations, and I haven't seen them in any convenience stores yet. They are citrus prickly pear and raspberry camu camu - under a new line called Defensify. The ingredients used in the formulations have immunity defense properties, some of which are natural traits of the fruits used. (I sound like a press release).

11-15-2009, 07:08 PM
I found lemon-lime at the Pleasantville Country Maid on 273 in New Castle tonight.