View Full Version : 40 Shasta Flavors?

11-17-2009, 01:32 AM
Wow, I visited the official Shasta website and it claims they have 40 flavors. We've got Shasta around here but certainly not close to 40 flavors. I've seen (and drank) Creme, Rootbeer, Cola, Black Cherry, Grape, Orange, Tikki Punch, Apple, Strawberry, Moonmist, Cherry Cola, and Lemon Lime. I don't see Apple as one of their flavors any more but it used to be. We also used to have Strawberry Peach which was heavenly. Some of the ones I really enjoy are Creme, Black Cherry and Grape. Tikki Punch is good but falls short of Tahitian Treat. The Cherry Cola might be the worst soft drink of all time. Anyone else have any odd Shasta flavors in your area?


11-23-2009, 06:36 PM
Just the usual flavors here in Oregon,
I have not had red apple Soda since the 70's, I miss that Shasta flavor the most.
I recently bought Jones Apple soda, it was OK, but not like the Shasta Red apple. :(

11-27-2009, 02:15 PM
In WA we have a variety of Shasta, but it often rotates in and out. We do have Apple and Tiki Mist at the present time along with the usuals. I agree with your assessment about the cherry cola -Shasta could do a far better job!

11-27-2009, 04:24 PM
I saw some Pineapple Shasta at the 99 cent store yesterday in a big bottle. I think a three liter which I'd never buy. It's funny about the Cherry Cola by Shasta. Some people I know just love it and others are like me and think it's terrible. I usually love Cherry Cola, even Coca Cola but the Shasta tastes worse than Cherry NyQuil.