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01-01-2010, 08:56 AM
Can someone please tell me where I might be able to find some 16 oz returnable glass bottles? Would love to go to locale coke plant and have them filled. I miss the glass soda.

Thanks for any help.

01-01-2010, 04:05 PM
You might have some issues with the 16oz returnable bottles. The following is a list of concerns that I would take into consideration:

1. Where do you live at? (This will tie into what I later have to type)

2. Have you checked with your local coca-cola bottler to see if they still maintain the machinery required to fill returnable bottles? This is important because many bottlers (all of the bottlers of national brands--coke, pepsi, etc. as far as I know) sold their machinery off for scrap value or sold their equipment to companies in foreign countries. The equipment needed would include a bottle washer, an adjustable filling machine and capper all set up to handle 16oz bottles--this is never too awfully time consuming but some companies never handled 16 oz bottles so I am stating that.

3. Have you checked out Coca-Cola bottling company in Winona, MN? They are an independent Coca Cola Bottler and are the last Coca Cola bottling company (as far as I know) that still bottle 16 oz returnable bottles of Coca Cola, Diet Coke, and Sprite. The 16 oz bottles can be bought in the local grocery stores of the Winona area.

4. How many bottles were you looking for? It is not worth a bottling company's time and effort to set up their bottling line (assuming they still have one) to only run a case or so of bottles--you would need the minimum of 30 cases of bottles to at least make it worth the bottler's time.

5. Also, if you can go to a local Mexican Grocery Store, many of them carry 16oz (500 ml) glass bottles of Coca Cola that are bottled in Mexico. The Coca Cola is still produced with real sugar down there and it has a different taste compared to US produced Coca Cola. It can cost anywhere from $1 to $2 a bottle in the SW Wisconsin area.

If anybody has anything else to add to this message, by all means add it.
I think I covered it fairly solidly.

01-02-2010, 02:37 AM
thanks for the info. The Winona coke was the plant I had in mind. I live in the cities now, and haven't been down to Winona for a long time. I didn't think the stores would still carry glass, but makes sense though. Looking for Mello Yello in glass.

As far as the Mexican Coke goes, it's good but the bottles have printed on them not returnable. Could they returnable even though they say they're not?

01-02-2010, 06:15 AM
It's funny you ask about the Mexican Bottles--the Chesterman Company in Sioux City, IA bought a bunch--semi truck load--if not more, of bottles from a South American country--I think it was Bolivia for the folks in Winona to bottle for them. Winona was bottling 10 oz Coca Cola and Orange Soda for Sioux City up until a couple of years ago when Chesterman decided to pull the plug on this form of packaging. However, these bottles they acquired from Latin America were rounded at the bottom of the bottle and would fall off the filling equipment because the base of the bottles was narrower than any of the normal bottles they use in Winona.

The Mexican bottles are just like these Bolivian bottles. Thus, while they are thick enough to handle going through a bottle washer and bottling line, the good folks in Winona will only throw the bottles out. And, if they ever decided to accept them for filling, the bottles will need to say returnable on them. They legally can not accept bottles for use that do not say returnable. Some of the Mexican Coca Cola I have been getting is saying non-returnable on the bottles.

Dr. Galaga
01-04-2010, 09:18 PM
Yes, you can go to the grocery downtown Winona and pay 20 cents a bottle deposit for the 16 oz. bottles (the only carry Coke and Diet Coke). I was just there a few months ago returning some. If you want 6.5 (only Coke) or 10 oz. (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, or Mellow Yellow) bottles refilled at the plant you will have to bring empties.