View Full Version : Coke Zero has been at Mc.Donald's in Canada since July 2009.

01-08-2010, 07:57 PM
We have had Coca-Cola Zero on tap since Wendy's introduced it in January 2009 to their selection of flavors. Back in June 2009 Wendy's cancelled Coke Zero on tap, they said due to lack of interest or sales. Wendy's Fountain Coke Zero tasted really bland and had no real taste or any bite to it, as Diet Coke on tap taste had more flavor and zip.
Well in July 2009 Mc.Donald's had a huge promotion by introducing Coke Zero on tap as Mc.Donald's took orange drink soda or whatever it was(I did like the orange drink every now and then, it reminded me of my younger days) off the tap. Mc.Donald's Promotion was huge all over Canada as they rolled out "Any size Soda is one dollar, for all of summer 2009"..... and they used Coke Zero, Sprite, Coke Classic and Diet Coke logo's on the soda cups that actor's held on tv, print and e-mail plus on the corporate canadian website. Well i bought a Coke Zero at Mc.Donald's that they had only on tap. The taste was, well........Great! It tasted really close to Coke Classic better than diet coke, and is much different than Wendy's crappy different tasting Coke Zero on tap. I was shocked, but i do know Mc.Donald's takes seriously the quality and taste of their fountain pop. I do agree that Mc.Donald's soda's taste better than even 7-Eleven fountain soda, it seems regular Coke at Mc.D's tastes different than any other way to taste it. It is the best taste, tasting like new coke and coke classic mixed together. I don't drink diet soda anymore as i switched to always regular soda, i feel much better and actually lost weight as diet soda bloats and pack's you full of over carbonated gas and lots of water weight gain. I do like the taste of Mc.D's Coke Zero on tap and will have some in the future.
I forgot to say Coca-Cola Canada dropped the "Classic" out of "Coca-Cola Classic" and is now one huge Coca-Cola label. I know that the US is starting to remove classic too.



01-08-2010, 08:02 PM
Classic has been removed from the front of all packaging here for a while now, it's only in small letters on the side or back of the can.

01-09-2010, 02:50 AM
Well they were test marketing Coke Zero in NY, but not sure what ended up happening with that as it was 2 or 3 years ago. As far as anything in 2009...compared to other years 2009 was a boring year for Coca-Cola for any new soda products or advertisements.