View Full Version : Fanta Strawberry

01-14-2010, 11:00 AM
I honestly just cant seem to find Strawberry Fanta at all. and no, i am not talking about Strawberry Fanta from the US. I had it in mexico, and belize when i visited there in glass bottles. It was amazing! i have been to anywhere i can possibly think of, and still cant seem to find anywhere that sells them. I even went to Jungle Jims (which happens to be an international market the size of 4-5 super walmarts... and no dice. Found original strawberry redpop faygo, and orange faygo but simply not strawberry faygo. Is there anywhere that people have found it in the us? i tried even online places to order rare colas or sodas, and none have faygo strawberry... it seems like a conspiracy, really...